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Night Slash and the team were now in front of the house which Knuckleduster rented during his AVL Mission.

Gru was going to his own house with Dr. Nefario and his daughters. Knuckleduster's house to just next to Gru's which basically makes them neighbors but they don't like it.

Night Slash who was about to open the door to Knuckleduster's house, stopped and asked Knuckleduster,

"Do you have anything in your fridge to eat?"

"No, I usually order food from the local restaurants. You hungry?"

"Yeah, we are. We flew for 5 hours straight. We just ate some snacks that I had." Night Slash then turned to look at Gru who was also at his door,

"Hey, Gru!! You have something to eat!!"

"No!! I am going to make something!!" Gru replied back.

"Mind if we join?!"

"I-I don't know..." Gru didn't know whether to agree or reject them.

Night Slash turned to face the team, "Gru has accepted our offer. We will have our dinner there. Let's go!!"

With this, Night Raid made its way towards Gru's dining room.


Team Night Raid, Dr. Nefario, Gru's daughters all were sitting at the dining table while Gru and Shido were preparing the dinner. Gru was chopping onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes for the salad while the main dish was being prepared by Shido.

Shido and Gru were wearing matching 'Kiss the Cook' aprons. Shido didn't bring any apron of his own in his Inventory so he borrowed Gru's. Shido brought out already prepared Katsu from his Inventory and some other stuff like Steamed Rice and Ingredients for the curry.

Agnes climbed off her seat and went behind Shido. She then pulled his apron which made Shido's attention shift to her but his hands were still working on the platform.

"What are you making Uncle Cook?" Agnes asked with her head tilted.

This made Shido smile under his helmet, "Well, I am making Chicken Katsu Curry and Rice. On the side, there is salad and for the appetizers there is Yakitori. Then there is Icecream for desserts. And Chocolate Icecream especially for Margo. And you can call me Uncle Slash."

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally Icecreams for desserts YES!!" Agnes ran away with her stuffed pony in her hands.

"You shouldn't give them Ice creams for desserts at night. That's bad for their teeth and health," Gru said to Shido while cutting the vegetables.

"I know. I also avoid doing that at my home but they've been through a lot today. They saw monstrous minions, then they saw you beaten to near death. Let them have a good dinner tonight and let them forget what happened today." Shido replied.

"Yeah... But just for this dinner. You also a dad?"

"Hmm... Father of two girls. Adopted. Just like you." Shido replied while putting the katsu in the pot.

Gru - "When I read about you on the Internet, I read many things like how you kill villains brutally and are now against the country's biggest heroes, I thought what a cruel villain you are. But now when I am talking to you, it seems there is more to you than what the internet says."

Shido - "If you started forming impressions of others on the sole basis of what the Internet is saying then you won't be able to see the gray behind the black that is projected by them."

Gru - "You a Single Parent?"

Shido - "Yeah... But I have a girlfriend. She is currently taking care of them."

Gru - "Maybe my situation will also change..."

Shido - "Hmm. Lucy will be a good mother for your daughters."

Gru picked up the salad tray. He turned back, "Thanks for saving Lucy today." He then went placed the tray on the dining table.

"Agnes, Stop running and come back to the table!! And if you don't, then there will be no ice cream for desserts for you!!"

Agnes quickly ran back to her chair with her small steps. This made Shido think of Eri when he threatens to take the tablet back.

'All Parents are the same. It's just that the hostage changes from family to family.' He thought.


The dinner started with great enthusiasm as after a big busy day with events varying from fighting El Macho to meeting a nutjob named Genesis and then reporting the entire case to the President of the United States, this was finally a moment of relief for them.

Dr. Nefario, Danjuro, La Brava, Edith, and Agnes were eating in delight. Margo was eating with a sad expression on her face. Gru was constantly looking at Knuckleduster with a sharp gaze while eating.

Kaina was slowly eating her food with her head looking down but she occasionally stole some glances at Shido who was eating his food. He disassembled the lower part of his mask using Overhaul which allowed him to eat.

After all this time, he still is hiding his identity from his team members because he thinks it's irrelevant for them to know who he is. But his identity is not that hidden as well, they know Eri very well. If the teammates really want to know his identity they can just La Brava to look into the official records to find who is the adopted father of Eri and his cover will be blown.

But the teammates never attempted to do so, as they believe if Night Slash wanted to show his identity he would have already done so, there is no need to poke in his personal life if he doesn't want them to do so.

"Is there anything you want to tell me which happened while I was away?" Knuckleduster asked Shido.

Shido stopped eating and just smiled, "Nothing great. The fees money was sent to your account and she paid the fees on time and there is good news for you."

"What is it?"

"Tamao is starting her own band!! *Clap* *Clap* " Shido said in excitement and started clapping. But the same excitement and enthusiasm were nowhere to be found on Knuckleduster's face. On his face was only confusion and anger.

"How?!! How did she get so much money to buy instruments and start a band?!!" Knuckleduster looked at Danjuro, La Brava, and Kaina for an answer but they just focused on their food, or instead, they were just ignoring him.

Knuckleduster's gaze then stopped on Night Slash.

"YOU!! You gave her the money right?!"

"I just gave her your remaining salary. What's the problem?" Shido shrugged.

"Bitch!! I told you-" Knuckleduster shouted.

"Ahm... Ahm... Language. Kids are eating their food here." Gru coughed twice before warning Knuckleduster.

Knuckleduster calmed down a bit, "I told you not to give her the rest. She would definitely spend the money on instruments. But you did what I told you not to do... AHH!! I thought I would use that money to renovate the apartment but now the money is gone and there is this big headache that you have created for me. I will disband that band as soon as I land in Japan."

"I forgot that you told me not to give her the money more than 200K Yen. It was midnight and I was half-asleep. How would I remember so clearly?" Shido made an excuse.

Knuckleduster was content with the excuse but then he noticed something,

"If you forgot what I said back then, then how do you remember that I told you to give her 200K Yen?"

Shido just ignored the question and turned his head to Dr. Nefario,

"Dr. Nefario, can I offer you a trade offer?"

All the people at the table stopped and looked at Shido when he said that.

Dr. Nefario responded to Shido's question, "What is it?"

"Well, I wanted you to make equipment for me and my teammates and I will be buying those pieces of equipment. Fair and Simple."

Dr. Nefario had a thoughtful expression on his face and it seemed he was seriously considering it but Shido had more to say, "Before giving your answer, Consider the fact that we are National-level threats and the Top heroes of our country are trying to catch us. And your equipment would really help us a lot."

The thoughtful expression on his face changed to a big smile, "Hoho... Anything for fellow criminals. Defeat those self-righteous heroes with my equipment. What a scene... My equipment is being used to defeat the Top Heroes of a country.

After dinner, You all just give some details about your quirk and what type of equipment you want. It will be ready within 4-5 days." Dr. Nefario said excitedly. Certainly, he was a scientist of evil.

The Danjuro and La Brava looked at each other as kids who were about to go to the toy store. Knuckleduster and Kaina were unfazed while Shido just smiled.

When everyone was enjoying the dinner, Someone was watching this whole scene without being noticed by anyone sitting at the dining table.