Night Talk.
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After dinner, Night Raid came back to the rented house. Knuckleduster, Danjuro, La Brava, and Kaina were sitting in the living room on the sofa, making a circle around the center table.

"Now tell me what happened in the team while I was away," Knuckleduster asked,

The remaining three looked at each other, then La Brava started the explanation,

"Well, things happened while you were away, and it was not anything close to the 'Nothing Much' that Chief said at the dining table. There have been many things going on our side while you were away, Oguro-san. I will tell you about the change in terms of reward after completing his mission first.

After you told Chief that you are getting involved with AVL, Chief called Giran and asked for a meeting to further discuss the terms of the mission. We all were asked to come to this meeting. When we arrived at the designated location...."


[4 Days ago]

"Giran, I hope you have brought him as we discussed." Night Slash said. Behind his back, Danjuro, La Brava, and Kaina were standing.

Giran was standing near his Purple Vintage Buick with a cigar in his mouth. He puffed out the smoke and opened the door.

From inside the car, a man wearing a black and gray bodysuit came out. The bodysuit covered his entire body, and he wore gray boots. He also sported two red and green wristbands.

"Here is the guy that you asked-" Before Giran could even complete his sentence, he felt a breeze pass in front of his face.


And the next thing he saw was the man in the black suit - who just came out of the car - was on the ground, while Night Slash was standing near him. Giran, who was registering what happened, quickly ran to the man on the floor.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??!!" Giran shouted at Night Slash as he checked on the man on the ground.

But Night Slash just ignored Giran's shout and continued to look at the man. The man was just lying on the ground, breathing weakly.

"That attack would've nearly killed an average person, Jin. But you are still alive and intact after that. You know what does that mean..." Night Slash said to the man.

"That means... I-I am... I am..."

"Yeah, you are real and not a copy of yourself. So how are you feeling?"

"But..." The man was about to say something but Night Slash took out a gun and shot him several bullets. Well, the bullets were made of rubber so it didn't make him bleed but some damage was done.

"No Buts... You are real, Jin. Accept the fact already. If you are finding it hard to swallow it, Take your time and we will continue after that." Saying this Night Slash turned around and walked towards his team.

He didn't heal him or anything just so that he can believe that the pain he was feeling was real and not an illusion.

While walking away, Night Slash slightly turned,

"And by the way, Welcome to the team, Twice."


[Living Room]

"After the meeting, Chief told us about Jin Bubaigawara or Twice. He said he will take Twice into the Night Raid but he hasn't thought about any role for him." La Brava ended her explanation.

Knuckleduster heard everything attentively, He then looked at Danjuro to continue the next part of the explanation. Danjuro nodded and then he started,

"After the meeting with Giran, Something happened which we had never expected... Hawks called out Chief on National Media. He said,

'Night Slash is a coward who only knows how to hide in the shadows and create mischief for society. If you really are the brave quote-unquote Vigilante as claimed by your fanboys on the Internet, then I challenge you to meet me. I will teach you what it is to be an asset to society instead of a liability'..."

"Hawks calling out Night Slash was this unexpected?" Knuckleduster asked Danjuro confusedly.

Kaina responded to Knuckleduster's confusion, "Let me tell you the entire context first. Before Night Slash rescued me out of Tartarus, Hawks met me and told me everything about Night Slash. He then asked me to convey a message to Night Slash. The message was to tell Night Slash to meet Hawks as soon as possible. I told Night Slash the message but he told me that he will meet him later.

Days passed, But Night Slash didn't meet Hawks. So him calling out Night Slash was a way to let him remind that he is still waiting for him to meet him."

"So what happened after that..."


[2 Day ago]

Fukuoka City.

Fukuoka is a large and heavily populated city on the northern shore of Kyushu. It has several landmarks including Fukuoka Tower and Japan's No.3 Hero Hawks' Agency.

On top of the Umai Building, Hawks was standing at the edge, looking at the night view of the entire city. The wind was blowing his hair and his wings slightly.

"I thought you were going to ignore me again this time, Night Slash," Hawks said and turned around.

"To be honest, I forgot that you invited me for a talk earlier but calling me a coward on National Media was really the reminder I was missing. Couldn't have found any subtler method to remind me, could you?," Night Slash appeared out of thin air. He was already there from the start but he was concealing himself using {AEZAKMI} cheat,

"Now Now... You don't have to be so salty about it. Let's talk about the important stuff shall we?"

"What is it?"

"Remember the night you defeated the heroes and escaped away from the HPSC headquarters?"


"You remember you told me about the real truth of HPSC when we were fighting? Well, you didn't tell me the entire thing but whatever. After my defeat, I read the records of Lady Nagant's Missions, and seems like you were telling me the truth. They really did kill some innocent people and their political enemies to gain an advantage against them. They did some nasty things to reach the position they are at right now." Hawks just kept on rambling about how HPSC did bad stuff and all.

"Yada Yada... So What? Don't tell me you just called me here to ramble about your realization about the HPSC. You know this is only a part of the chapter, the author didn't even consider this conversation that important to give it a chapter. So be quick with whatever you have in your mind,"

"Yeah... Well, I was just setting up the mood, You know, building up suspense. So... I was telling you that I now am aware of crimes of HPSC and there is something I wanted you to know and it might pique your interest."

"What is it?" Night Slash asked,

Hawks smiled a little, "You are searching for evidence against HPSC right? That's why you rescued Lady Nagant out of Tartarus. But what if I told you I can help you more than her?"


"You see... Lady Nagant was only tasked to do some assassinations. She only knows a percent of what I know. And..."

"And you are willing to give me this information. Correct?" Night Slash said what Hawks was about to say.

"Hmm... Yes Yes... I am willing to give this information to you"

"So what is in there for you? I mean why would you help the guy that defeated you?"

This made Hawks' smile even wider. The smile on the handsome face of Hawks may have been charming or sexy for young thirsty girls on the Internet but it wasn't doing it for Night Slash. This smile was a predicament for him about something bad.

"I want HPSC's entire being to be destroyed to the ground. Will you do it?"


"Wait, Wait, Wait. Hawks want HPSC to be destroyed. Really? Didn't Night Slash say he was like a loyal dog to the HPSC and is okay with their way of doing things?" Knuckleduster asked Danjuro.

"Well yeah. He may be okay with their way of doing things but he is not okay with him being used as their pawn it seems. But that's not important. What important is that he said he will provide us a hard disk full of scandals of the higher-ups of the HPSC or the organization. He said he will give the hard disk after this week." Danjuro explained.

Knuckleduster rested his head as he leaned more on the couch, "Anything else which happened while I was not there?"

"I wanted to ask something," Kaina said to Knuckleduster.


"Who is Night Slash?"

This question made the ears of everyone in the room perk up. Knuckleduster who was leaning on the couch had his eyebrows raised as this question was never asked or even discussed between members.

"Why do you want to know about it? Is this related to you finding that Shido guy? You are searching for his real identity? Are you secretly supplying the team's information to the HPSC? I was already suspicious of you and the more time I am spending with you, my suspicion is growing like hell," Knuckleduster who was sitting on the couch a moment ago was now behind Kaina with a knife on her neck.

"Your answer will decide whether you will be able to wear a necklace or will be neckless..." Knuckleduster threatened Kaina but there was no change in her facial expressions.

"My search for Shido-N... Shido has nothing to do with this. What I wanted to ask is, Who is Night Slash and how can he do so many things. Let's just say he can do things which are out of the ordinary but how does he know what is happening with you while he was in Japan?"

"He knows because I told him on the phone about the general situation like what was going on here." Knuckleduster loosened his grab on Kaina's neck.

"No Oguro-san, You are not getting it. Remember the call you had with Chief where he asked you about the appearance of the AVL director?" La Brava asked Knuckleduster.


"After the call, Chief was certain about something and then he started talking about the whole case. He told us about the real perpetrator, about Gru-san, the Minions, and everything and that's not all. He even knew Lucy-san will be sent to the volcano on a missile. That's why we were waiting near the volcano, just so we could save her. I don't know... but it was like... like-"

"Like he already knew what was going to happen... But how did he know she was going to be sent to the volcano?" Knuckleduster completed what she was about to say.

"Yeah... But it doesn't end there. He already knew about my identity as an HPSC assassin which is only known to the higher-ups of HPSC, He knew what that new guy Twice is going through and helped him. He knows what was going on here and even knew what will happen... I bet he even knew your identity before you even met him. I really wonder why you never asked him how does he know so many things," Kaina said to the team members.

"It may be his quirk..." La Brava tried to defend Night Slash.

"Okay, Let's just assume his quirk enables him to watch the past and the future. Then what about his superpowerful punch, bringing things out of the blue, making a tunnel using bare hands, having a pocket arsenal, presence concealment, making cars fly. How will you explain these? My only conclusion is that he has more than one quirk. And a lot of quirks I might add.

And let me clear something, I am not gathering information... But I am just curious about how can he do so many things. I always wonder who is he?" Kaina cleared her stance, but her question was genuine. This made the team members think about their team leader's identity.

"Why? Why are you so fixated on knowing his identity or how he can do so many things? Can't you just ignore the details," Danjuro asked Kaina.

The expression on Kaina's face sank and she started speaking in a heavy tone, "It is important because the only one person I know who has that many quirks is..."

"All for One," Knuckleduster said the name of the man in a grave tone as he remembered the time when he met that person.


[White House]

While the Night Raid members were discussing in their living hall. In the White House, the President of the United States, Jakob Valdis was drinking wine from an exquisite glass chalice while looking at the night scene outside the window with a serene expression on his face.

In his office, there was another person who was sitting near his desk. The person was a young woman in her 20s with black hair. She was wearing glasses with a baby-blue-colored frame.

"He is compatible with it..." Valdis slowly said.

This made the eyebrow of the young woman rise, "Really?" She asked the President.

"Yeah... I was also ecstatic when I found about that. I could barely control myself from shouting in joy and excitement. I also have my tour to promote the Equity bill proposed by the party in the House. It seems we are going to have a very busy week." Valdis told the woman.

"But this week... In this week... A-Alina's birthday--" The woman said to Valdis but her voice faltered when she tried to mention someone named Alina.

"I know... I know... It is Alina's birthday this week. How can I forget my own dead wife's birthday? I will end the tour before that and our plan will be executed on her birthday. Don't worry.

What is more important now is that we need to increase our contact with the Vigilante as we found he is compatible with it. Contact Ramsbottom and set up an informal meeting for me and the Vigilante. Lunch would be good enough,"

"Okay..." The woman said and disappeared from the office.

Jakob Valdis was still looking at the night view outside the window with the same serene expression he had earlier but the only change was tears flowing down his right eye and a small smile on his face.


[Temperory Night Raid Base, America]

In the rented house's bedroom.

After dinner, Shido was lying on a bed with his phone in his hand looking at what was happening in Japan. After all this time, he finally had his helmet off his face as he was alone in the room.

He was lazily swiping the phone screen. A whole lot of news passed which covered a myriad of topics covering National Policies to Idol's daily lifestyles.

Actually, he was waiting for a call. A call from a certain someone.

In midst of his lazy swiping game, his phone started ringing. Shido quickly adjusted his hair and then he accepted the video call.

"Hey, Fuyumi..."