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"I'll call you soon... " He said to Fuyumi and hung up the call.

Shido then calmly walked towards the podium where Valdis was applauding with the crowd, welcoming Shido to the stage.

Shido - who was oblivious to what Valdis was up to - played along with the act and stood beside Valdis. He didn't want to act all hostile or confront Valdis in front of such a large crowd. If he did so, then his already broken reputation might hit a new low, and matters which were limited to Japan up till now might turn international.

He just stood there without saying anything. He looked at the crowd, The People were cheering for him with their hands raised. He then saw some placards with Night Slash written on it within the crowd. This further proved that this move by Valdis was planned. And very well thought. Now Shido remembered the question Valdis asked him when he was in the helicopter,

'Then what would you do, if you get the autonomy of a Vigilante and the rights of a Hero? Would you become a Hero then?'

And he said yes. At that time, he thought that was just a harmless question but things were much deeper than he thought.

While he was thinking about this ordeal, he heard a weird laugh behind him.

"HAHAHAHA!!! You said you were not a Hero... But look at you now. World's Very First Quirkless Hero. Now you cannot complain that you are not a hero when we will play the game, Hero. But isn't it cool? You are a Quirkless Hero and your nemesis is a Quirkless Villain.

Hah~ Night Slash Vs. Genesis. I am waiting for that day. The whole world will see Shido, When two Quirkless People fight, the whole world will tremble because we are not normal quirkless people. We are Law Holders... We are the Gods of this modern era. Hmm... Why are you not reacting to me?"

Indeed, Shido didn't respond to the voice that he heard. He clearly knows the identity of this voice. Genesis, the nutjob who pesters Shido from the day he landed in America. He didn't react to any of the things Genesis said, and stood facing the crowd. He stood there and ignored Genesis completely.

"Oh~ I got it... You have seen my phantoms so many times in the morning, and now you don't know whether I am real or just a phantom. So that's why you are not responding to me? Yeah, I remember when you tried to aim at me but in reality, you were aiming at that rotten bitch who couldn't save a bullied child. What was her name? Who cares. HAHAHA!!!" Genesis came in front of Shido did all his shenanigans.

"Shido, Reply to me Shido... Why are you not responding to me... Look at you now, Shido... You are so deep in this mess now. The President announced you as a Hero. Now you are an International Personality, Contradicting the peaceful and solemn life you wanted with your family and now I am in your head. I appear and disappear. Do you think you can live with that forever? Why don't you accept to play and try to end all of this?"

'Why are you so adamant to make me play the game? And why me? Why don't you find someone else to play your game' Shido thought in his mind.

Genesis stopped moving as if he heard what Shido said in his mind, "Because you are special, Shido. You have two Laws under your control. I can count people who have two laws under their hold. You, Me, and Him. And I gave you half of [Law of Chaos]... Now you have 2.5 Laws inside you and you are still not dead. Did you still not get it? You are the first person who is able to have more than 2 Laws without dying!"

'Who is 'him' you just mentioned?'

Genesis quickly walked in front of Shido and held Shido's head in his hands, "Never. Never Ever try to say his name, Shido. If you want your family to be well and alive. Don't ever say his name. Never, Never Ever..." Fear was evident in Genesis' voice. He constantly warned Shido about the 'Him'.

"If you say his name once, he will know where you are... He will know... He will then come to you... and then... and then... AAAHHH!!!!" He moved away from Shido and started shouting.

"You ruined my mood, Shido. But don't worry, it won't hamper the game. You still haven't given me your answer and my patience has run out... So Let's officially start with the game's ⋘Phase I⋙." Genesis pointed at the sky and then Genesis' Phantom disappeared.

Shido looked towards the direction Genesis' phantom pointed towards. He saw nothing but he noticed something when he squinted his eyes. He saw a black dot moving towards the stadium.

While Shido was observing the black dot, the President was continuing with his speech,

|| I want to clarify that even though he is quirkless, He has powers from unknown sources. He sounds like those comic book superheroes who got powers from somewhere special. So the fear of his powers being discovered and put into a lab for experiments, and being quirkless restricted him from becoming a Pro-Hero, but the flame of Justice burning inside him didn't stop.

Night Slash became a Vigilante and used his abilities to clean the mud that the Judicial System of Japan couldn't clean as they were restricted by their own laws. He did what he deemed correct to do and now he is in a fight with his own country that he wanted to protect. He became the Villain in the eyes of the people that he protected all these months. He became the Mud that he cleaned for months. Is this treatment fair? No! Never! You work so hard to save something and people accuse you of destroying it... It's the worst. I can't even imagine what thoughts must've gone through his head at that time.

A normal person would've become resentful towards society as they did not appreciate his efforts, instead, they blamed him for all the crimes without acknowledging what he has done for society. But he was different than others. As I said, He was like those superheroes that we've read and seen in comics. He was selfless. He chose to continue doing what he thought was better for the society that hates him.

Last Week, He observed some abnormalities in Japan and noticed something was wrong. So he came to America in search of a Villain who he deemed as the enemy of Peace and Society. It turns out that this Villain wants to destroy the United States, the beacon of Hope and Justice, to spread Chaos across the globe.

After that, I met him and learned about the Villain, we became friends as we have a common enemy and the same ideals for the growth of this wonderful nation and world. After learning his situation in Japan, I offered him a position as a Hero, so he could continue his endeavors of Peace and Justice without fighting the Judicial System and he has accepted it. And now we are going to bring that Villain to the courts to have him served by the Justice. ||

Valdis created an entirely false narrative of who Night Slash is, what his beliefs are and what is his situation. He connected him to the superheroes of comics to make his story and choices more believable. And it seemed like it worked. The Crowd seemed agitated after listening to the story of Night Slash's selfless actions and Japan being ungrateful for his efforts.

Shido didn't listen to Valdis' false story at all because his focus was altogether on the black spot coming close to the Stadium. He then felt something was wrong so he tackled Valdis and brought him down to the floor. Valdis had his head struck with the floor which made him unconscious.

The Crowd became restless when they saw Night Slash tackling Valdis down but then they saw something crash onto the stage where Night Slash was standing earlier. It created a dust cloud, which clouded everyone from seeing what was happening.

"Boy, It looks like you officially became a hero. Won't you invite us for some drinks or a party? What a bummer," A taunting voice came from the dust cloud.


Then a red sword made a swipe which cut the dust cloud into two and revealed the one who crashed onto the stage. It was a man with slightly dark skin. He had a ponytail and a scar over his left eye. He had a sword with its blade glowing red. He wore a suit and his hands and legs looked cybernetic. And he had this small smile on his face which was like it was taunting Shido.

"Jetstream," Shido murmured his name.

He stood up and walked in front of the President to protect him from Jetstream. Secret Service Agents came quick to the President's aid and were about to escort the President out of this mess. But then the sound of gunshots was heard, and all of the Agents near the President dropped dead. Shido turned around and saw the Agents had been shot. All of them were shot in the dead.

"4 Headshots and 4 Enemies Down. One More to Go," A beautiful woman jumped onto the stage. She had black hair till her nape. She was wearing a tactical suit with red linings running around her suit. She had two handguns in her hands.

"Breeze," He recalled her name.

Then the sound of another crash resounded but it was not on the stage, instead, it came from the audience. In the middle of the audience, a large suit made of metal landed. It had three slits on its face that emitted steam and heat. He started his way towards the stage, moving through the crowd which is now drowning in chaos.


Then he saw Star and Stripes already engaged in a fight with a man of short stature and a fat body. She was using her bare fists to attack the man, But even with the disadvantages of having a short fat body, the man's punches were equally or more powerful than Star and Stripes' punches.

"El Macho..."

Grey and Yellow Smoke started filling the air. And then a song started playing.

[Song- Ready or Not || By WAR*HALL]

"♪ Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪"

A Huge Hologram appeared of Genesis with him holding the mic and singing.

"♪ You thought nothing could surprise you
You thought you'd seen everything
But you never saw me coming
All eyes on me
Ready or not ♪"

The Hologram then pointed to the crowd which was in disarray, frantically running to save their lives. He continued singing.

"♪ I'm making waves. Ready or not
You can't escape. Ready or not
I'm on my way. You can't stop. What I got
Ready or not ♪"

"♪ Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh ♪"

Shido found himself and President Valdis surrounded by the Phantom 5. He now has two options.

Fight or Flight.

And he chose the latter because he needs to save the President as well. If something happens to him, he would lose a supporter who can help him fight off AVL.

"You got announced as a Hero then wouldn't it be great for the people to know that the newly made hero has a nemesis as well... just like those comic book superheroes.

The World shall see... the Nemesis of the World's First Quirkless Hero is the World's First Quirkless SuperVillain, GENESIS!

Now, Hero. This is Phase I of the game, You are at a great disadvantage as the number of enemies outnumbers the alone you. You will find yourself in a pinch and will then Power-up like those Anime Protagonists and then Fight off these Enemies. Then find your way out and save the President as well. Ahem... It seems El Macho is busy with Star and Stripes. Well, you got 3 enemies to deal with, Jetstream, Breeze, and NRG. All the Best, Hero," Saying this, Genesis' Hologram vanished.

"Well~ Newbie Hero... Let's Dance," Jetstream rushed towards Shido.

Shido - whose first priority was to save the President first - quickly picked the unconscious Valdis and started running towards the area where the Helicopters were landed.

» » {AEZAKMI} + {ASNAEB} = {Conceal Ultima}
» » [Cheat Activated] * 2

He started running while in his concealed state to avoid the attacks of the Phantom 5. He ran, ran, and ran but then something hit his head, which almost shattered his helmet.

"Tsch... His Helmet was tougher than I thought... But the next bullet would be a Headshot for sure,"  He heard the voice of Breeze. When he was thinking how could she aim at him while {Conceal Ultima} is activated, the Phantom Genesis appeared beside Shido.

"Breeze, Ex-KGB Agent and now a Mercenary. Quirk- Breeze. I hired her for quite a cheap price. She has the quirk which allows her to see the flow of air... and currently, the area is filled with smoke and you running around is as visible to her as you are an elephant dancing on a ball."

Shido didn't know why Genesis was giving him the information of his enemies but he took the information at face value and didn't question it as he didn't have any information in the first place. He used {HESOYAM}*Rewind to repair the helmet and continued running towards the Helicopters. He tried walking in a Zig-Zag manner to avoid bullets fired by Breeze but he failed. So he had to continuously use {HESOYAM}*Rewind to protect his helmet from shattering.

After a while, he ran across Star and Stripes and El Macho who were still fighting each other using fists.

"Is this the quality of the No.1 Hero of the US now? Back in the days, even mediocre Heroes were better than you." El Macho snarled at Star and Stripes who had a bruised face and her costume was torn a bit.

"I will show my real strength!" Star and Stripes snarled back and threw a punch at El Macho which was easily dodged by him and a counter was delivered right into her face. Star and Stripes backed down a few steps.

'What a bitch! Genesis was right. I just had to taunt her physical strength and now she is not even using her quirk to fight me. Her Pride is really fragile that she has to fight me at a disadvantage to prove that her physical strength is more than me.' El Macho thought and a smug smile appeared on his face.

But then,

» » {IAVENJQ} - Super Punch
» » [Cheat Activated]

'Super Punch 50%, Titan's Crash'

A punch came out of nowhere and hit El Macho, which launched him straight towards the walls. Shido quickly undid his concealment and supported Star and Stripes who was crouching down.

"Ms. Bate, Quickly take the President to the safety. I will handle the Villains." Shido suggested Star and Stripes but the Prideful Hero was not taking it well.

"Don't be a fool, Rookie. I am dealing with the villains. I can deal with them in a minute..." She tried to make her case but Shido was having none of it.

"Then... How is it going for you? You just took a punch to your face! So suck it up and do as I tell you to do! You don't even know their names to use your quirk and you didn't use your quirk on yourself as well to heal yourself or do anything. So instead of being a liability to me, be useful and take the President out of here!" Shido shouted at Star and Stripes and pushed the unconscious Valdis to Star and Stripes.

She gulped down her pride and nodded. She then picked up Valdis and made a run towards the helicopters.

Shido then turned around and saw Jetstream, Breeze, NRG, and El Macho reassembling in front of him.

"Now the President is out of here, You ready to fight?" Jetstream asked with his usual daunting smile.

"Why his helmet is not breaking? I shot nearly 12 bullets up there..." Breeze complained.

"..." NRG stayed silent.

"Is he the friend of Gru that you mentioned? So if I kill him, Will Gru come out?" El Macho asked Jetstream.

Jetstream slightly turned his neck, "I don't know... Why don't you ask him yourself?" El Macho smiled, "Gladly." Then they all turned to Shido. "Are you Ready, Hero?" Jetstream asked.

'I've been through a lot today. Seeing Phantoms of Genesis and now I am a Hero without my own consent... Truly a frustrating day...I am gonna take out all of my frustrations on you... Sorry Guys but you are present at the wrong place and time. Complain to Genesis in hell when he reaches thereafter I am done with him. He wants to play this game so badly with me right? I will play the game.'

» » ⁅ Auto-Aim ⁆ → » » ON « «
» » {SLOWITDOWN} - Fast Perception Cheat.
» » [Cheat Activated]

» » {PROFESSIONALKILLER} - Max. Weapon Skill Stat (Hitman Level)
» » [Cheat Activated]

Shido took an RPG-Launcher out of the Inventory. A Sadistic Smile appeared under his helmet.

"Hell Yeah!"

The Rocket Launcher automatically aimed at the Jetstream and Shido pulled the trigger. An RPG straight launched towards Jetstream. To which Jetstream only smiled and took a stance, as the RPG reached near him, he slashed through the RPG and cleanly cut it in two halves. But then he noticed that there was another RPG just behind the first one, he slashed again but the barrage continued.

Breeze quickly ran away from Jetstream and aimed to shoot Shido's Heart but then an RPG was launched towards her which made her stop her attack and focus on dodging the RPG.

"Fuck it!!" El Macho shouted and drank the PX-41 serum he had prepared for the worst situation. After drinking the serum, his body went through the transformations to become a big hairy purple monster. He then ran towards Shido without a care of the barrage of RPGs exploding on his body.

Shido quickly took back the RPG Launcher and prepared his fist. he clenched his fist and concentrated on increasing the output power of the punch gradually. After his fight with Overhaul, Shido explored more about Super Punch. The Higher the Output, the Longer it takes to prepare the output. If he just randomly without focusing on the punch, the punch might have a random power output that varies between 10%-50%.

'10%... 20 %... 30%... 40%... 50%... 60%' Before he could prepare his fist for more output, El Macho was right in front of his face with his monstrously big grin.

'Super Punch 60%, Hercules' Might'

Shido threw his punch with whatever output he was able to focus up to. The Punch landed successfully on El Macho but he didn't stop his march towards Shido.

"Was that even supposed to be a punch? It barely felt anything. I could take 100 of those without feeling--" El Macho snarled at Shido but he stopped midway and crouched down holding where the punch landed. He felt extreme pain where Shido punched him. It felt like a thin sword just passed through where the punch landed.

El Macho was perplexed why is feeling pain. His body could withstand the explosion of missiles just fine then why a punch is hurting him more.

"H-How?" El Macho asked while grunting from pain.

"Snakehead's Techniques... Low Power Required to perform but Direct Pain in the Internal Organs. The Pain will transmit and dissipate..." Before Shido could complete his explanation, Jetstream jumped over El Macho and attacked Shido, to which Shido took out his own katanas to block Jetstream's Slash. He tried to block the slash with his katana using his left hand.

But the glowing red blade of Jetstream cut through Shido's Katana like a hot red knife passing through butter. Shido quickly abandoned the katana and tried to jump back as the blade was already near his chest. So he did something out of the ordinary.

» » {MONSTERMASH} - Spawn Monster Truck
» » [Cheat Activated]

A Monstertruck appeared out of nowhere between Shido and Jetstream. The sudden appearance of the Monstertruck threw Jetstream away to the ground. But then Shido saw the Monstertruck nearly cut in half.

"High-Frequency Muramasa. The Sword is known to cut through anything. When added with Jetstream's Quirk Fast Limbs and his Experience as a Mercenary and a War Criminal, it becomes a deadly combo," The Voice of Genesis resounded in his mind. He then saw his arm lying on the ground. Jetstream wasn't able to slash Shido's chest but he managed to cut his arm off.

Shido picked up his arm and used {HESOYAM} to heal his hand.

'I need to kill them one by one and I need to do it quick. No need to further stretch this.'

» » {KANGAROO} - Super Jump
» » [Cheat Activated]

Shido took a huge jump in the air and looked for Breeze. She and NRG were reorganizing for a long-range attack. He took out his Jetpack from the Inventory and flew towards them. After he reached where they were at, He took back the Jetpack and prepared his fist for a super punch. While he was mid-air, Breeze and NRG shot some ranged attacks. Breeze used Bullets and NRG used Energy Blasts to attack.

But Shido who was under a barrage of attacks used only one cheat to protect himself from all of this damage.

» » {BAGUVIX} - Semi-Infinite Health
» » [Cheat Activated]

He continued his descent and just as he was about to land his punch on NRG. Breeze thought Shido's target of Punch was NRG, so she made a bit of distance from NRG but didn't stop shooting.

» » {MONSTERMASH} - Spawn Monster Truck.
» » [Cheat Activated]

A Monster Truck appeared out of nowhere above Breeze and crushed her under it. Apart from her quirk, she was no different than an average person, so the Monster Truck crushed her to death.

NRG - who was taken by surprise due to Breeze's sudden death - got punched to the ground. Shido's Superpunch made a very big hole in NRG's Big Metal Suit. Before Shido could kill the person inside the suit, he got tackled by El Macho.

After tackling down Shido, El Macho took him in grasp between his arms and started squeezing him. It was obvious what El Macho wanted to do. He was trying to break every single bone in Shido's body or maybe break Shido into two.

Shido flailed his body and tried to get out of El Macho's grasp but failed to do so. Since the soft approach didn't work, he went for the rough approach.

» » Overhaul's Disassemble + [Law of Matter] = {Disintegrate}

His hands started glowing Purple, indicating that the Disintegrate is now activated. He grasped El Macho's head in between his hands, trying to disintegrate everything in between his hands. The hair was first disintegrated, then came the skin which was claimed to be indestructible.

The Indestructible Skin started turning Grey from Purple as the disintegration started taking place. El Macho threw Shido down but Shido made a flip while holding El Macho's head and sat on his shoulders.

"AAA!!!" El Macho started screaming as he felt a 'burning' sensation on his face. He felt as if his face is on fire. He flailed his arms around and started smashing things around him. He tried to squat Shido away but the pain was so much that it made his mind incapable of doing anything that he wanted. He was just acting on his instincts. He rubbed his face on the ground.

The PX-41 serum heightens the User's Senses which includes Pain Receptors as well which means, the serum which gave him the 'invulnerability' is now the main cause of his agony.

El Macho then rolled on his back in hopes to crush Shido but Shido was done with his 'Torture Session.'

» » Overhaul - Reassemble.

And with a single touch, El Macho's entire head started swelling, and then it exploded like a balloon. All the power drained from El Macho's body as his headless body lay on the ground. Shido came from under him. He then saw a green orb floating above El Macho's body. It had a double Helical Sign on it.

Shido was very familiar with this orb and he quickly picked it up. As soon he touched the orb, the orb dissipated and entered Shido's body. He then started receiving several system notifications.

------[You have acquired the Ability: Super-Power by defeating Boss: Eduardo Perez (El Macho)]------

------[Super-Power: Super-Power grants its user immense physical strength. It enhances the user's physical strength for short bursts of time. The enhanced strength is enough to lift a tank above the head easily.]------

Reading through the notifications, Shido got the general idea of El Macho's quirk. He never thought El Macho was a Boss-level Enemy. But now that he has got his quirk, he knew that the villain was more than met his eyes. Maybe the use of PX-41 serum made him a Boss-level Enemy. he breathed a sigh of relief as he killed him right away without further playing with the Villain.

'I turned from an Agility-type fighter to a Power-type fighter. I need to change my fighting style to match my new powers but I will think about that later. Because...'

He turned towards Jetstream. He saw a lava-red human was hovering near Jetstream. He looked like the Human Torch from the Fantastic 4.

The two felt anger as the other party just single-handedly killed two of their members. Shido couldn't see any expression on NRG's face but what he could see was Jetstream standing with a serious expression on his face. His usual smile was not there.

'Is this NRG without his suit?' He thought and planned how to attack them and then he remembered something.

Shido started running towards the two. NRG - seeing Shido running towards them - stretched his arms forward and shot Energy Blasts which were more powerful than the blasts he made while wearing the suit. It was clear that the Suit acted as a tool to restrain NRG's power.

One of the blasts just touched Shido's arm and the arm was charred black like charcoal. Shido noticed in his HUD that the energy blast that he received just now ate away his Armor bar as well as take away 15% from his health bar.

'Earlier blasts didn't even make a scratch in the Armor bar but now he is outside his suit, and a single blast took away the Armor bar. He was holding back this much.' Shido thought to himself and used {HESOYAM} to heal his arm and fill his empty armor bar.

» » {SLOWITDOWN} - Fast Perception Cheat.
» » [Cheat Activated]

He continued his run towards the two while dodging the energy blasts. The trajectory of the blasts was readable when Shido used Fast Perception Cheat twice.

Seeing Shido dodging the Energy Blasts, NRG started flying towards Shido. Jetstream also started running along with NRG. Shido smirked as the two came towards him and now he could execute his plan.

Shido brought numerous smoke bombs out of his Inventory. With that, the entire space was filled smoke. NRG and Jetstream couldn't see what was happening so they took a vigilant position, covering each others' back. Jetstream closed his eyes to observe the movement of anything around them. NRG just looked around in hopes to find something. He collected energy in his hands for an instantaneous Energy Blast.

Then a sudden, NRG felt something approaching him, so he shot an Energy Blast in the direction he felt something moving. But when the thing was close enough, he saw what the thing which approached him was. It was a Fire Extinguisher. Actually, there were 3 fire extinguishers.

The Energy Blasts made the Extinguishers explode right in front of him which made the content of the extinguishers spread over NRG. This decreased the heat exuded by NRG's body. Then from the smoke, Shido appeared with his fist ready for a punch.

» » 'Super Punch 60%, Hercules' Might.'

Shido punched NRG - who was taken by surprise again - but something unexpected happen. Shido's punch, instead, of making contact with NRG's body, just passed right through it. Shido passed right through NRG's body and was met by Jetstream waiting for him behind NRG.

Jetstream had his eyes closed and a small smile was on his face. He took a stance of slash. He raised his sword and slashed at Shido. All this was in slow motion as perceived by Shido. Shido closed his eyes as if he was waiting for the slash to end his life.

'Hell, I refuse to die here!!!'


A series of explosions happened.

A few moments back when he closed his eyes, It wasn't to accept the incoming death. In reality, He let multiple hand grenades out of his Inventory and was waiting for them to explode. The reason why he closed his eyes is that he didn't want to see such an explosion from up close.

After the explosions ended, Shido just laid on the ground. Completely exhausted, Bruised, Bleeding. His suit was damaged and totally torn apart. It looked like Shido was wearing a rag.

He laid there with no thought of standing up and going to look for NRG. He then noticed his Health Bar which was at a staggering low at 10%. Which meant one thing. He was close to death. One more attack and he will die.

Knowing the enemies are still alive and may strike at any point, He used {HESOYAM} to fill his health and armor bar to full again. But he didn't repair his suit.

After standing up, he saw cybernetic parts of Jetstream lying here and there along with blood and some pieces of charred flesh. This was enough to tell that Jetstream didn't make it out of the explosion. He saw Jetstream's sword lying on the ground. He picked it up and looked at it.

'High-Frequency Muramasa... Genesis said this sword can cut through anything.' Shido thought and looked for its sheath. After finding the sword's sheath and putting the sword in it, Shido took the HF Muramasa in his Inventory.

He walked staggeringly in between the smoke and rubble which is the aftermath of the explosions, trying to look for NRG. He needed to kill the last one of his attackers to truly end this fight. Even if his body is repaired from the damage of the explosions, his mind is still a bit shook and thus he was having difficulty in walking.

He looked around and saw the damage the fight has done. The stage where the fight started is no more, the arena is now deserted. Rubble and Chaos everywhere. He could not find a single person in his vision as a mountain of rubble blocked his vision.

"Help! Please Help Me... Ple--- Please... Anybody there! Please..."

Then he heard the sound of someone crying for help which took his attention away from looking for NRG.

He slowly climbed the mountain of rubble to see where the sound came from. When he reached atop the rubble mountain, he saw the source of cries that he just heard. It came from under a wall which was lying on the ground. He understood that someone was trapped under the fallen wall.

Shido quickly picked up the wall and threw it aside quite easily with his newly occupied ability 'Super-Power.' When he picked up the wall, He saw a woman holding a little girl in her embrace. The woman was crying aloud, asking for help in her crying. He saw the woman's leg bent in the wrong direction, indicating it was broken and the little girl in her arms was bleeding profusely from her head.

Seeing the sunlight falling on her, the woman saw Shido in front of her. She recognized the person in a tattered suit in front of him as the Hero who was introduced by President Valdis in the rally.

She crawled towards Shido, even if her leg was hurting, She still crawled towards Shido while holding the little girl in her hand. She dropped down several times but still tried to walk towards Shido.

Shido came forward and held the woman.

"Hero... Please... Please save my daughter... Please, Hero... Save Her... Please... I don't want her to die... Please save her," The woman pleaded to Shido while tears were dropping down her eyes continuously.

Shido looked at the woman's daughter and picked her up. However, when he checked, he noticed that the girl was not breathing. He looked down where he saw the mother looking at him with hope in her years. He didn't know how to break this to the woman that her daughter is no more.

"I-I... I am sorry..." Shido stutteringly apologized as he cannot help her.

---⋉ 58% ⋊---

---⋉ 59% ⋊---

---⋉ 60% ⋊---

The tears - which were held back by the hope that her daughter will be saved - started flowing out. She hugged Shido's legs.

"She is alive... She is alive... Take her to the hospital... They will tell you that she is alive... They can save her... Please... I don't have anyone other than her whom I can call a family... She is the only hope that prevents me from killing myself... Her father died last year... I cannot suffer another death of a closed one... Please save her... " She bawled and tightened her grasp on Shido's legs.

Shido looked at the girl. This made him remember the dream where he held the dead Eri in his hands. Crying similarly to this woman. This made him understand what the woman was going through.

Without thinking much, He fused his hand with the girl's head.

» » {HESOYAM} + [Law of Time] = {HESOYAM}*Rewind

A green light started glowing over Shido's hands and soon it covered the little girl. The Blood which spilled over her head started flowing back to her wounds. The Muscles which were ruptured started connecting back. The Skin which was torn started closing back.

A few moments later, the Green Light died down and revealed the little girl with no wounds and clean clothes. It was like nothing happened to her during the whole fight.

Shido then placed the girl in front of the woman. He didn't know whether the girl will open her eyes or not. If she was alive when Shido applied {HESOYAM}*Rewind then she will live but if she was dead at the moment of Rewind, then the {HESOYAM}*Rewind just restored her body, She won't open her eyes forever.

Shido touched the woman's head and applied {HESOYAM} which healed the woman's broken leg and all the injuries she had. Even if her injuries were healed, The woman still cried. She cried looking at her daughter motionlessly lying on the ground. She touched her daughter's face.

Just as she touched her face, the girl's eyes twitched. The girl then groggily opened her eyes. The mother quickly picked up her daughter when her daughter opened her eyes.

When the little girl opened her eyes and looked around, she found that her mother is hugging her and Shido was standing near them. When she saw Shido, a large smile appeared on her face.

"MOM! Look, The Quirkless Hero is here... Quick! Please take a picture of me with him!" The girl exclaimed to her mother in excitement. She then tore off from her mother's embrace and stood near Shido. Meanwhile, Shido was thinking of the odd and funny title he has now, The Quirkless Hero: Night Slash.

The mother wiped off her tears, with a smile on her face, and took out her phone. But she found out that the phone was broken. She awkwardly smiled at her daughter showing her the broken phone. This saddened the girl.

Seeing this, Shido smiled under his helmet. He took the broken phone from the mother's hands and used {HESOYAM} on it. The Phone returned to how it used to be. He then gave the phone back to the mother. The Mother opened the Camera app. When she was adjusting the camera, Shido picked up the little girl.

The little girl looked at Shido for a moment, then she asked him.

"Mr. Hero... If you are wearing the helmet, then how can I know that you are saying cheese when mom is taking the picture?"

The Mother had an awkward smile on her face as her daughter asked the silly question. Shido smiled as the girl reminded him of Himiko. He used his finger to disassemble a part of his helmet using Overhaul, which made his mouth visible.

"Is this ok?" Shido asked the girl.


"Say Cheese," The Mother said.

"Cheese!" * 2 Shido and the girl said at the same time.


The picture was taken and Shido gave the girl back to her mother. He then repaired his helmet and helped the mother and daughter to come out of the rubble. Just as he came out of the rubble, he saw Star and Stripes leading a squad of commandoes to help the people who were trapped under the rubble or were hurt.

Star and Stripes saw Shido who was helping the mother and daughter. She ran to Shido.

"I will handle this. The area has been searched thoroughly and The Squad will be rescuing the survivors. You don't have to worry about the rescue. I have it all under my control," She told Shido.

Shido looked at the girl and the mother and nodded to them. He then looked at Star and Stripes, who for some reason didn't have her usual prideful look on her face. She was not looking down on Shido which was a bit weird. But what weirded him the most was that she was looking at Shido with respect.

Shido didn't pay much attention to this and asked her straight-forward while ignoring the respect she was showing, "How is the President?"

Star and Stripes didn't question Shido's intention of asking the question as the President claimed Night Slash as his friend. So she answered him honestly, "He is currently admitted to a hospital. Good thing is that he only suffered a minor concussion and that's it. All thanks to you."

Listening to her answer, Shido looked around. He couldn't find NRG and since Star and Stripes said the area is thoroughly searched, that means NRG was successful in escaping. The possibility of his death was not possible as he couldn't find the Big Metal Suit of NRG as well which means he escaped with his damaged suit.

"If there is nothing to do for me, then I will be taking my leave." He said and took out his jetpack and left the Los Angeles Sports Arena in the midst of Reporters and Commandos, to the Temporary Base of Night Raid (Rented House).

He left the Arena oblivious to the huge waves that he has created in the world while fighting the members of the Phantom 5.