Chapter 11 – Secret
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Hello, I'm starting to fix the grammar mistakes in the previous chapters so, the update will be a little bit slow, from usual. And ofc, this chapter will be updated too in the future

1st POV

'Why is Saitama here... well it's the City where he lives but... Why is he here?' My thought spoke while sweat starts to flow from my head a little.

"Umm... did we ever meet?" Saitama asked.

'Is he in the middle of his training? How strong has he become? Can he beat Boros now?...' My sweat started flowing faster.

"Umm... hello?" Saitama waved his hand in front of my face.

'More importantly, did he see me transform? No, I think not. Because we already bumped into each other before that happened' My eyes started spinning.

"Hellooo???" Saitama closing the distance of his head with mine.

'If I remember it correctly, he was the sole reason why I reincarnated into this world in the first place. Yea, it's all his fault!' My eyes started spinning even faster.

Saitama scratches his head.

'Which means... there's only one thing that I can do... Yes, only one simple thing... Come on Rena, you can do it! I believe in you!' I made up my mind.

"Ca-..." I stopped for a moment.

"Ca?..." he raised one of his eyebrows.

I take a step back. 

Suddenly, I do the 90⁰ bowing style jutsu from my previous world, Then I raised both of my hands where there was a pen and paper already available.

"CA-CA-CAN Y-YOU GIVE ME YO-YO-YOUR AUTOGRAPH PLEASE?!" I screamed while my body shook nonstop with unstoppable sweat coming from it.



A moment has passed.

I slowly raised my head to peek at Saitama's face.


"What, so you're my fan? Why didn't you say so earlier..." Saitama slowly picks the pen and paper from my hand then he starts writing something on it.

"Here" Saitama gives the pen and the paper back to my hand.

"Ah..." My shaking hand slowly picks the pen and the paper from Saitama's hand.

"THANK YOU SO MUCTH- AKH!" I bit my tongue.

"akhhhhhh" I let out a silent scream with tears flowing out from my eyes.

"Are you o-"

I then turned back and ran as fast as I could.

"..."  Saitama dumbfounded.

'Fan... huh...' Then he smiled.

'Can't believe I have a fan out here... is this the power of being a hero?' His smile turned bigger.

Then he laughed.

'If I beat more monsters, would the number of my fans rise?' Saitama pondered for a moment.

Then he went back to his training.



"Puah! As I thought, cold water is the best!" I speak after drinking the can of cold water I bought from the vending machine.

"Hey, Rena... about the weak-looking person earlier, who is he? You seem to know him a lot to the point where you would ask for his autograph" Nyan asked me while still in his cat form, licking his paws.

"Hmm? Ah, Saitama? Well... I kinda know him but..." I stopped my drinking for a moment.

'What should I do... should I tell him the truth?...' My thought spoke while sweat starts to flow from my head.

Nyan realized that.

"What are you hesitating for? Rena..." He jumps from my chest and immediately transforms into his true form, standing in front of me.

He then put his hand on my chin then turned my face to his. making us face each other at a close distance.

"What are you hiding? Can you tell me? Aren't we friends?" Nyan asked with a serious gaze.

'Friends...' I pondered.

"As I thought... Sorry, Nyan... even if we're friends... I will still keep this secret until the day I die" I answered Nyan with a serious gaze.

Nyan smiled. Then release his hand from my chin.

"I see... well, every monster has a secret or two that they don't want to talk about. And so do I... that's why don't worry. I wouldn't pry further" Nyan spoke with his hand on his back.

"Thanks... Nyan..." I smiled


"FINALLY FOUND YOU TWO! *pant* *pant*" Black Sperm speaks while panting.

"Black Sperm! Where have you been this entire time... also, what's with those bruises" I asked with shocked eyes.


"No, it's not time for that, hey, help me beat her" Black Sperm pointed at his behind.

""Her?"" I and Nyan asked with a curious gaze.

"Finally found you, you disgusting monster. now you can no longer run from me..." a flying little girl with a green aura speaks from afar.

'This voice!' My thought spoke.

"Ah, did you bring your friend? That's nice. Because now I don't need to be tired from looking for all of you one by one" She then spread her hand with her hand glowing green aura.

"Tatsumaki..." I immediately stand up and slowly walk to Black Sperm while unable to hide the excited gaze from my face.

"Well, well, well... what do we have here? are you here to play, little girl? If yes, then let me play with you..." Nyan spoke with his big grin shows on his face. Then he walks and stands beside me.

"Hehe, now what will you do... Hero?" Black Sperm starts to divide himself into many.

"Hmph, no matter how much trash like you gather, trash is still a trash. I can easily beat you all at once. Now come, let's finish this once and for all" The ground began to break apart and starts levitating with a green aura covers them.

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