Chapter 12 – Tornado Of Terror VS The Trio Of Nightmare
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Me drawing Rena's sketch :

My laziness : Hi there!

Me : ahh sh*... here we go again...

"Die!" Tatsumaki releases her power on the flying stones. Making the stones fly toward us at a high speed.

We immediately dispersed. Making the stones hit the ground and immediately explode on the spot.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

I managed to land quietly but, The ground on my below starts shaking crazily. And suddenly, it collapsed.

"Eh?" I dumbfounded.

I immediately fall into the collapsed ground without anybody noticing.

"WHYYYYYyyyyyyyyyy......." I screamed but as I thought... no one can hear my scream.

Back to the battle,

Nyan suddenly appears behind Tatsumaki and gonna slashes her with his big claws while making his usual big grin.

Tatsumaki realizes that then she waves her hands to the side.

Nyan was immediately coated in the green aura and tossed to the side then slammed into the wall.

The green aura suddenly disappears from Nyan's body. Making him fall and hit the ground hard.

"[SPERM TSUNAMI!]" A big wave of Black Sperms comes to Tatsumaki while crushing the buildings that blocking their way.

"Humph! That weak-like attack..." Tatsumaki slowly closing the distance of her both hand and suddenly, the waves of Black Sperm are covered in the green aura and seem to crush each other with no sign of stopping.

Finally, both Tatsumaki hands finally touching. Making the waves of Black Sperms crushed with Tatsumaki's green aura and turned into a small black wall then explode.

"Hmm?" Tatsumaki can sense a presence inside the cracking ground below her. heading to the building beside her. 

She then realizes Nyan was no longer there.

And suddenly...

*crack* *BANG*

Nyan appeared beside her with his usual big grin.

"[FELINE RETRIBUTION!]" Nyan scratches Tatsumaki using his super strength in an instant.

Tatsumaki immediately erects the psychic barrier around her. Making the attack from Nyan causing no damage to her.

"Tch!" Nyan immediately dashed to the cracked wall but...

"You're slow!" Tatsumaki grasped her hand. And suddenly, a green aura can be seen covered Nyan's tail.

Tatsumaki immediately pulled her hand and Nyan also got pulled by the momentum.

Tatsumaki immediately swings her hand up and down several times. Making Nyan also got flung away up and down several times while hitting the ground.

Tatsumaki ended the swing with a spin on top of her head then she releases the grip of her hand. Causing Nyan to get thrown away with an insane speed and slammed into the further wall soo hard that makes him instantly lost consciousness.

"Next" Tatsumaki said mockingly.

Suddenly, a golden figure can be seen dashing to Tatsumaki with incredible speed and jumped to her front.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Golden Sperm spoke with his punch ready to release.

"Humph" Tatsumaki erects a green barrier around her.

Golden Sperm immediately released his punch and clashing with Tatsumaki's green barrier. Causing an explosion and smoke to appear from the impact

The smoke finally disappears. Leaving the figure of Tatsumaki and her cracked barrier.

"Whats?!" Golden Sperm shocked.

"That's all? Humph, weaklings" Suddenly, Golden Sperm's body coated in Tatsumaki's green aura. Tatsumaki then waved her hands to her front. Causing Golden Sperm to get flung away by the action and slammed into the wall.

Golden Sperm jumped from the wall and landed on the ground. Then he immediately dashed to Tatsumaki's spot.

Tatsumaki immediately moves the stones using her psychic power and arranges them into two big stone balls.

Tatsumaki immediately launched them to Golden Sperm one by one.

*Boom!* *Boom!*

Golden Sperm destroyed one of the big stone balls with his punch and another one with his kick.

But suddenly, both of the stones re-created themselves into one bigger stone ball. Of course, with the help of Tatsumaki's psychic power.

The big stone balls fly towards Golden Sperm once again but get destroyed once again.

The cycle continued for about 2 mins. Ended with two giant stone balls created.

Tatsumaki then broke the giant stone balls, into small pieces then attack Golden Sperm with that.

A barrage of small stone balls attacking Golden Sperm with incredible speed but also countered with Golden Sperm's kick and punches.

Sadly, one of the stone balls managed to land a hit on Golden Sperm's head and making him lost concentration that another stone ball managed to land a hit too. Several stone balls start hitting Golden Sperm too in a different direction. 

Tatsumaki ends her attack by clenching her fist, which makes all the stone balls gather in one place and bury Golden Sperm.

"Humph, get buried and die!" Tatsumaki spoke with a mocking tone.

"No one... can beat GOLD!" Golden Sperm screamed inside the pile of stone balls.

Suddenly, an explosion occurred inside the pile of stone balls that buried Golden Sperm. Leaving the standing figure of Golden Sperm in the mass scattered stone balls.

Golden Sperm immediately jumped and preparing his attack.

Tatsumaki erects her psychic barrier to defend from Golden Sperm's attack.

"DIEE!!!" Golden Sperm launched a barrage of his punch to Tatsumaki's psychic barrier. Making banging sounds every time the punch land a hit on her barrier.

"DIE!DIE!DIE!DIE!DIE!DIE!, DIEE!!" Golden Sperm ended his barrage with a powerful punch as his last attack. Making the psychic barrier of Tatsumaki shattered.

But, instead of being happy, Golden Sperm was shocked at what he just saw.

"Second... layer..." Golden Sperm shockingly speak.

Tatsumaki waved her hand and Golden Sperm got flung away by the action then slammed into the ground.

Golden Sperm slowly standing but suddenly, he feels a high pressure pressing his body down and making him kneel.

"Kugh!" Golden Sperm struggling with the pressure that pressing his body down.

"No more playing. It's time to get serious" Tatsumaki speak while slowly waving her hand down.

"HAAAAA!" Tatsumaki then fasting the pace of her wave.


And Golden Sperm instantly turned into dust...

"Humph, weaklings..." Tatsumaki turned back and slowly flying forwards. But suddenly...


"Hmm" Curiously, she turned back and looked at the source of the sound.


"I AM BACK!!" I screamed.

"You..." Tatsumaki frowned.

'Can't believe there's the subterranean base below here. I think soon it will change into a monster association base? Well...' I pondered

"Hmph, I thought you've died first but, looks like I was wrong... prepare yourself" Tatsumaki straighten her hands.

"Hmm? Ah... I forgot we're in a battle"

I then glanced at my behind and saw Nyan lost consciousness while leaning against a broken wall.

'Hmm, he's fine after a few days' rest. And...'

I looked everywhere but can't find Black Sperm's figure.

'Maybe he ran away because he can't win? well, I know him well so he probably will be fine,' I pondered.

Then I glanced at Tatsumaki but suddenly, my body was coated by a green aura that seemed to be Tatsumaki's.

"Perish..." Tatsumaki trying to clench her fist but sadly, she was unable to do it.

"Whats?!" Tatsumaki trying to clench her fist once more but, the result is still the same.

"Hey, watcha doin?" I curiously asked.

But looks like she was too focused on her fist that she seems like doesn't hear what I'm trying to say.

I sighed.

I closed my eyes then I took a punching stance and gather the power in my right hand.

I take a step back.

"[Secret technique Saitama series]..."

I then opened my eyes.

"[Serious Punch]..." And immediately launch my attack.

Tatsumaki suddenly backs to her sense and immediately erect her psychic barrier around her. But this time, not only one or two-layer. She makes it ten layers.


The impact finally met with Tatsumaki's psychic barrier and immediately, all of her barriers shattered into pieces and make her body embrace the impact of my punch.

Tatsumaki immediately vomited blood and lost consciousness. Her green aura suddenly disappears, and she finally falls.

But before she hit the ground, I caught her.

"Phew..." I then glanced around my surroundings and found nobody can be seen.

'Now now, what should I do I wonder...' I pondered while looking at the unconscious Tatsumaki

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)