Chapter 14 – New Power
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I forgot to say, I prefer slow paced Yuri :)

3rd POV

After Tatsumaki takes her leave, Rena immediately slides the curtain that shows the figure of a humanoid cat that is covered in bandages.

"Ah, Nyan, you slowly recovered I see..." Rena immediately sat beside him.

Nyan sighed.

"Heroes getting stronger day by day... there's even a hero who can beat us without shedding a single sweat... Rena, as I thought... we gotta do something about this" Nyan spoke while looking at Rena.

"Indeed" Black Sperm added.

"Black Sperm! where have you been? I'm worried you know," Rena said.

"Didn't need your worry. Anyway, she managed to beat my golden form. And because of that, I lost many cells stock and need to refill them." Black Sperm explained.

'Heh~ so that's why I didn't find his golden form anywhere...' Rena pondered.

"Anyway, about that, you don't need to worry. Soon, the gathering of the monsters will begin" Rena speaks to them calmly.

"The gathering of the monsters?" Nyan curiously asked.

"Yes... they called it, Monster Association..." Rena answered with a smug face.

"Monster Association..." Nyan muttered.

Suddenly, some part of the roof collapsed.

Rena's expression turned into a shocked one. While Nyan just calmly muttered something.

Rena immediately closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands to not let the dust get into her eyes.

But, after a moment has passed, she immediately opened her eyes because she realized nothing came in touch with her hands.

Her face immediately turned into a shocked one.

What she saw was the rubbles that should have fallen instead floated while being coated with a black aura.

"Eh..." Rena slowly bringing her hands close to her face and saw her hands now glowing a black aura.

Not only Rena that shocked, Nyan and Black Sperm were also shocked at what they just saw.

"Rena... you... have psychic power?" Nyan shockingly asked.

"NO, I ALSO DON'T KNOW THAT I HAVE PSYCHIC POWER!" Rena crazily denied while shaking her head left and right over and over.

"I-I See, which means... there's only one conclusion that leads us to this situation" Nyan calmly analyzes the situation.

"Rena... you... have other powers that you are not aware of by yourself" Nyan said it bluntly.



"EHH?! SO I HAVE ANOTHER CHEAT?!!" Rena shockingly screamed.

"Cheat?" Nyan tilted his head.

"Ah, no... nevermind that. So basically, I have another power that I'm not aware of?" Rena claimingly asked.

"Yes, as I said" Nyan nodded.

"Hmm... I see..." Rena muttered.

Rena then swings her hands left and right and sees the reaction of the rubbles that are covered in the black aura.

"Ohhh, OHHH!!" Rena can't help but smile at her new gotten power.

'Hmm... Not only monstrous strength, she even got the same psychic power as that damned terrifying Hero... To what extent will you become strong... Rena...' Nyan pondered.

Nyan closed his eyes for a moment.

Then he smiled.

"Rena, can you show me the extent of that psychic power of yours outside?" Nyan happily asked.

Rena's eyes sparkled.


Then both of them go outside. And of course, with Black Sperm too.



Hero Association HQ (A City)

The figure of Tatsumaki can be seen flying through the hallway with her psychic power while being followed by a bunch of S Class Heroes.

"TATSUMAKI!" The Commander hurried his pace to Tatsumaki and the other S Class Heroes.

"Ah, Sitch? if it's about me, don't worry" Tatsumaki keeps her pace and ignoring the worried Sitch.

Sitch immediately followed her and the bunch of S Class Heroes.

"It's good if you're okay but, to think you were lost to that monster... It's unthinkable" Sitch spoke while wiping his sweat.

Tatsumaki frowned.

But she immediately calmed down. Because she remembered the thing that Rena said.

"Humph!" She turned her face to the side.

"..." Sitch and the other S Class Heroes suddenly become speechless.

After they reached their destination, Tatsumaki and the rest immediately entered the room.

Y City

"Rena, are you ready?" Nyan screamed from afar.

'Okay Rena, what you must do is, just raise the ground beneath Black Sperm okay? Just raised them a bit, and your task is over. Don't make some mistakes, and just trust yourself. Rena, you can do it!' Rena thought spoke while sweat starts flowing slowly from her head.

"It's my first time using psychic power properly but, I'll do my best!" Rena nodded and clenched her fist.

Rena closed her eyes then starts her focus. She controls her breath for a moment and suddenly, her body coated in the black aura and makes her slowly levitating.

After a moment has passed, she slowly opened her eyes.

Nyan and Black Sperm suddenly realized there's something wrong with her eyes.

Her eyes are glowing. 

Glowing red and golden colors at each of her eyes.

She then slowly raised her both hands. Making a sudden earthquake due to her sudden action.

"Umm, Rena?" Black Sperm curiously asking with many sweats visible from his head.

The ground starts to crack crazily.

After Rena's hand reached a certain point, the ground starts floating.

But not just the ground beneath Black Sperm, the ground beneath Nyan also starts floating.


Finally, after Rena's hand has reached its peak, Nyan and Black Sperm suddenly realized, that the entire Y City had floated.

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