Chapter 15 – Invitation
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“Yesterday, Y City had been found floating in the air with nothing left to be found on the ground. Thankfully, the city was back on the ground safely after a few seconds. But sadly, the buildings and the roads are not in good condition. The mastermind has been successfully identified by the Hero Association and is known as “Dark Monarch” from the group called “The Trio of Nightmare” that contains the dragon levelled monster from Z Ci-“ Saitama turned off the TV.

"Monsters these days are scary, aren't they..." Saitama speaks while wearing his tracksuits.

A Few Months Later

1st POV

It's been almost a year since I was reincarnated into this world.

Alot happened, and yea, I've mastered the art of psychokinesis in that time frame. And I also have mastered the art of transformation. Or should I say, erasing my horns and tail? Well, I can maintain my human forms for a week length now.

Quite a feat for me.

And as for Tatsumaki...

She always comes to my ho- I mean, the house that I lived in, every twice a week. And we become even more closer now. To the point that it's normal for us to... uh...

"Umm, Tatsumaki, how long will you stay asleep on my lap?" I asked Tatsumaki.

"Until I woke up from my sleep" Tatsumaki answered while smiling.

"But you keep saying that since 10 minutes ago..." I jiggled my hand.

"Isn't it fine? you liked me, aren't you" Tatsumaki speaks while changing her sleep position.

"But, but..." I sighed. Then continue, "Look, you make Nyan glared at you" I pointed at Nyan in his cat form that giving a death glare on Tatsumaki's face.

"Hmm? Ah, that stray cat? Rena, you should throw that ugly cat far away. Cuz you might get bitten by it" Tatsumaki opened her eyes for a moment and closed it again.

'No, he only wants to bite you' I throw a pity glance at Tatsumaki.

Then I sighed.

"Fine, you can stay on my lap as long as you want" I start patting Tatsumaki's head.

Tatsumaki immediately blushed and rolled herself up a bit.

We stayed like that until we can hear someone ringing the bell.

"Tch, they won't even let me rest huh" Tatsumaki muttered.

Tatsumaki immediately stands up.

"Sorry, Rena..."

"Ah, someone already comes to pick you up, right?" I immediately stand up.

We both walked towards the front door and bid farewell to each other.

"Until next time" I waved my hands.

Tatsumaki nodded and exited the door.




"She already gone, guys!" I screamed towards the room.

Nyan immediately transforms into his monster form.

"RENA! NEXT, THE MOMENT YOU SAW HER JUST KICK OR PUNCH HER UNTIL SHE DIED!" Nyan screamed with his veins almost pop off from his head.

"Nyan, calm down..." I'm trying to calm Nyan.


I throw another pity glance at Nyan. Then sighed.



10 Minutes Later

"Have you calmed down?" I asked.

"Yeah, somehow..." Nyan sighed.

"Good to hear" I smiled. Then continue, "Anyway, where's Black Sperm?" I glanced around the room but found nobody except for me and Nyan.

"Yo, ya called?" Black Sperm suddenly appeared behind me.


"What..." Black Sperm asked.

"Black Sperm... I will hit you if you ever trying to do that again..." I glared at Black Sperm.

"What did I do?" Black Sperm tilted his head.

"Anyway, we got a letter" He grab a letter from his back.

'Where did that come out from...' I pondered.


"A flying one-eyed monster. He using psychic power to give the letter" Black Sperm handed the letter.

'Hmm, Gyoro-gyoro? Was it the time already?' My thought spoke.

I immediately opened the letter.

'Dear The Trio of Nightmare, 

we would like to invite you to our meeting on the underground of Z City at xxxxx district tonight. We hoping for your presence at the meeting.

Regards, Gyoro-gyoro'

A big grin immediately formed on my face.

'Looks like it's the time...' I pondered.

A short chapter. Forgive me