Chapter 16 – Monster Association
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Hey, I'm back, do you miss me? :>

Underground of Z City

3rd POV

The night is approaching...

At a time when almost everyone in the city were already fallen asleep.

The figure of Rena and the other monsters can be seen walking together and heading into one place. The place called the underground of Z City, the former Subterranean base that even the Hero Association isn't aware of their existence. 

During the walk, Rena and Nyan can hear all the gossiping from the monsters.

And they said...

"Pst, hey look, it's The Trio of Nightmare" Some random monster talk with another monster in a low tone.

"Yeah, can't believe I can see my idols from a close distance" The monster replied with tears flowing from his eyes.

And so, the conversation continued.



Meanwhile, Rena can't help but release a menacing pose because of how nervous she is.

*menacing* *menacing* 

"What with that pose, Rena..." Nyan asked curiously.

"Ah... Nyan... as you can see, I never get to hear someone talking about me in this close distance so, I can't help but get nervous" Rena explained.

"..." Nyan dumbfounded.

"What?" Rena asked. Menacingly.

Nyan sighed.



30 minutes have passed. Finally, they reached their destination.


The Underground of Z City


"Thank you for your presence in this meeting. I welcome every one of you to this humble place" Gyoro-gyoro welcomed everyone.

The monster immediately starts their chatting.

"I'll just get to the point. Heroes... No, the Hero Association is starting to get in our way these days. And I, don't like it, at all. So that's why..." Gyoro-gyoro stands up from his chair.

A/N: I'll just think of gyoro-gyoro as a male in that form.


The monsters start focussing their gaze at Gyoro-gyoro.

"Of course, I'm not planning to attack them for now. We will slowly gather our forces and destroy the Hero Association once and for all!" The monsters getting noisy by their happiness.

"We, can't let ourselves suffer any more than this! DO YOU REMEMBER OUR SUFFERING? OUR HARD WORK? THAT JUST WASTED BY SOME RANDOM PASSING HERO?" Gyoro-gyoro says as he makes a hand gesture.

The monsters start to grit their teeth.

"We... Should pay them back. We... should pay them back more!. I... WILL MAKE THE HERO ASSOCIATION SUFFER, I WILL CREATE THE MONSTER ASSOCIATION! JOIN ME! AND WE SHALL MAKE THEM SUFFER OUR WRATH!" Gyoro-gyoro raised his voice.


"KILL HEROES - KILL HEROES - KILL HEROES-" The monsters keep repeating the same word until they all calmed down.

"Fufufu~ Orochi-Sama... now it's your turn to give them your speech" Gyoro-gyoro sat back in his chair.

The ground suddenly shakes.

"What happened? Earthquake?" Some monster is confused about what happened right now.

"Everyone, I introduce you, the leader of our Association..." Gyoro-gyoro spread his hand.

Suddenly, a giant monster appeared at Gyoro-gyoro's behind. The ground was immediately swarmed by snake-like monsters as that giant monster made his appearance.

Almost all the monsters present can't help but gasp at Orochi's appearance.

A large and ominous-looking monster who is mostly humanoid. Has several large spikes piercing through his head, cracked skin, hollow eyes, and multiple sets of pointy teeth inside his mouth. His shoulders, wrists, and fingers have the appearance of monstrous snakeheads with pointy teeth, with the latter ending in large claws. His knees have the appearance of snake skulls and his clothing consisted of a large cape connected to a circular, veiny joint in the center of his chest and a piece of cloth covering his lap. And has a long, spiky tail.

Monster king... Orochi...

'Hmm... This giant monster is quite strong. Can Rena beat it?' Nyan pondered.

"Hehh~ so that's Orochi... Huh," Rena spoke with her menacing pose.

"What's wrong, Rena?" Nyan glanced at Rena.

"That giant monster... not strong as I expected" Rena spoke.

"I pity him that he got beaten with only just one punch," She said.

'By Saitama' Her thought.

Nyan's eyes widen. Then he giggled.

"I see..." Nyan smiled.

Orochi slowly walks with his giant feet. Every step he takes, he always causes an earthquake. Every move he makes comes with a strong breeze of wind. He is the monster king, Orochi...

"I'm your leader now... don't disappoint me," Orochi's voice reverberated.

Almost all the monsters can't stop shivering, and only some of them don't.

Just like that, the meeting continued.




The meeting lasts for almost an hour. The monsters leave one by one, until the place ushers into silence. It's not long before Rena and her friends follow suit.

But before Rena and her friends set their foot near the exit, Gyoro-gyoro stops them.

"Excuse me Dark Monarch-Sama, may I have your time please?" Gyoro-gyoro asked.

They stopped walking and looked at Gyoro-gyoro's figure. Rena glanced at Nyan and Black Sperm then back at Gyoro-gyoro.

"Of course, they are also invited," Gyoro-gyoro nodded.

Rena took a glance at both of them and saw Nyan nodding his head.

"Lead the way," Rena tells Gyoro-gyoro.

Gyoro-gyoro leads them to the room.




"This is our first time meeting, if I am correct", Gyoro-gyoro says as he takes a seat.

"Yeah, this is our first time" Rena replies.

Gyoro-gyoro nodded.

"I've seen your achievements, Dark Monarch, as well as your friends' achievements", Gyoro-gyoro spoke. 

"And, all of your achievements have actually, amazed me... So I have a proposal for you" Gyoro-gyoro says, walking towards Rena.

"Would you and your friends like to become one of my executives?" Gyoro-gyoro asked.

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