Chapter 17 – Meeting Blast
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A year has passed since I've reincarnated into this world.

If I think back on it, a lot of things have happened. I managed to beat lots of heroes, destroy many buildings, and befriend Black Sperm and Nyan.

I also befriended one of the Heroes. and the strong one at that.

And our bond is getting deeper day by day!

And lastly, I feel like I'm losing my humanity by the day.

My memory from when I was still a human becomes hazy as each month passes.

Seeing Heroes and people getting killed is starting to become something that doesn't phase me anymore.

'Can I... still call myself a human?' I keep pondered over and over.

But still... can't find the answer until this day.

My figure can be seen dazing off at the rooftop of the building at L City. Looking at a giant purple centipede destroying buildings with his gigantic body.

Evacuation warnings have been notified to the people. They can't stop their panicking and starts looking for a shelter nearby.

Hero Association HQ (A City)

3rd POV

"SIR! the evacuation warning has successfully given to the people at L City sir," The man in glasses states his report.

"Good, now tell me the situation" Sitch said while wiping off his sweat.

"A gigantic monster has been found rampaging at L City, sir. Its appearance resembles a centipede. Judging by its purple color, we decided to call it the giant purple centipede. The destruction it causes probably classifies it as a dragon-level threat," The man in glasses explained.

"Dragon, huh... this is bad. Is there any strong hero available?" Sitch asked.

"Every S class hero is carrying out their respective missions sir, so we currently have no S Class Hero available" The man in glasses said with a paled face.

"DARN IT!" Sitch starts panicking and smacks the table.

'Do we have to rely on A Class?' Sitch's thought.

A moment after, only silence came out from the room.

The silence was suddenly broken by the voice of the woman in glasses.

"Sir, a call" She said.

"Sender?" Sitch asked.

"From Blast sir," She said with a smile.

The room was suddenly lit up with the relieved expression of the operators and the commander himself.

"Yo Sitch, seems like you're in a pinch," Blast said from the call.

"Blast, glad you called! We need someone to handle the giant monster that rampaging in L City right now. The other S class Heroes are on their respective missions right now, so they can't go" Sitch says as he wiped the sweat off his face.

"Ah, this giant centipede? yeah, I'm looking at it now. It's quite big but no problem"

"Then I'll leave it to you" Sitch said while smiling.

"Yeah, leave it to me" Blast says as he ends the call.




1st POV

I kept looking at the rampaging giant purple centipede monster whilst questioning about my existence. Suddenly...


I saw the giant centipede get hit by a blast of pressure that came from below. And another from his left. 

The giant centipede immediately turned to the ground to flee but was blasted again from the pressure. 

He was pushed off the ground and thrown into the sky. He got hit again and again, until he fell to the ground. The weight of his body sent debris into the air, eventually settling back on his frame. 

After the smoke left the area, the centipede could no longer be found.

"..." I was dumbfounded at what just happened in front of my eyes.

Then I remembered something.

"Isn't this!" I immediately flew to that place using my psychic power.

I dropped to the ground a little far away from the spot and I started walking towards it.

A moment later, I saw a tall man with a muscular build. Spiky graying hair and a slight beard. 

He wore bulky armor with large shoulder pads, a large cape, and emblems of his name on his chest and the backs of his shoes. His gloves had circles on the back of his fists.

he suddenly noticed my presence and immediately looked at me with a cautious eye.

'As I thought'

"We finally meet... Blast..." I said as I slowly walked to him.

"Who... Are you..." He said while frowning.

I let out a big grin.

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