Chapter 23 – Haunted House
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I can guess only a little of you knew about this arc in canon.

Anyway, after I done with this arc and deal with Boros's problem, I will proceed to episode 1 in anime.

That's all, enjoy!

Inside The House

1st POV

"I'M LATEEEE!!!" I screamed while running around the room. Looking for the Yukata I just stea- *cough* bought.

"Nyan, why didn't you wake me up," I asked. Still looking for the Yukata around the room.

"Huh? ah," Nyan gulped. Then continued to say, "I never thought this pillow would be soo comfortable." While sweat starts flowing from his head.

"SCREW YOU AND YOUR STUPID PILLOW!" I screamed while threw them off the house.

"NYAAAAA!!!" Nyan screamed. *star blink*


She's late, Tatsumaki pondered.

"Hmm?" Tatsumaki looked at a certain building.

"Why is there a haunted house in a place like this?" Tatsumaki said. Then continue, "Just what is the meaning of this?"

Tatsumaki starts walking towards the house.

"Oh! Maybe it’s one of those freak show places?" Tatsumaki said.

"Hey, what are you doing?" A girl voice coming from Tatsumaki's behind.

"Ah! Fubuki? What are you doing at a place like this?" Tatsumaki asked shockingly.

"I should be asking you the same question," Fubuki replied.

"No particular reason. Just passing time." Tatsumaki said, avoiding Fubuki's gaze.

"Oh really?" Fubuki asked.

Tatsumaki sighed.

"Fine, I'm waiting for someone. So what?" Tatsumaki said bluntly.


"So, why are you here?" Tatsumaki asked, folding her arms.

"Patrol, I’m on patrol," Fubuki replied.

"Patrol?" Tatsumaki raised one of her eyebrows.

"Yes, there are a lot of attendees at this festival right? That’s why the Fubuki Group must exercise our strong and powerful leadership to protect this special event." Fubuki explained.

"Huh, so you’re still continuing on with that boring crap," Tatsumaki said bluntly.

"Well, in either case, Big Sis, don’t tell me you’re actually thinking of going into the haunted house?" Fubuki asked.

"Huh? No-"

"Or should I say, you WANT to go but you’re too scared to?" Fubuki said with a mocking tone.

"HUHHHH NO WAY!" Tatsumaki screamed.

"No, it’s totally fine. I’m sure even S Class heroes have something they’re scared of. It’s just natural. I’m also scared of ghosts, to be frank." Fubuki said while shaking her head slowly.

"There is NOTHING that scares me. In fact, I was JUST about to enter the haunted house before you came along. HUMPH!" Tatsumaki said while resume her walk towards the Haunted House. And enter it.

*storm off*

"Well, now I feel bad for Big Sis..." Fubuki said. Then sighed and back to her patrol.




"What’s that? This is…AHHHH! THIS IS JUST A NORMAL DOLL!" Tatsumaki screamed.

*creepy noises*

"That’s also a doll, right?" Tatsumaki asked herself.

And suddenly, she saw a person walking towards her.

"Wait, what? Someone is coming near me! What is that kappa balding thing? AHHH something hit me! What is that? A balding samurai? Hey, what the? Just wait there!" Tatsumaki starts panicking.

"Sorry about this, but I’m not going to let you hurt me, so just stay a nice ghost while I just slowly creep by you and-"

Tatsumaki uses her psychic power.


"Hey, do you know that if you raise your arm at this hour your pants will disappear?" A random Hero said.

"Really? lemme try," *raised an arm*


His pants disappeared.



"Wow, you're right,"




"I wish that Tatsumaki isn't mad," I said while running with an insane speed.

Slowly after, I arrived at the festival. But Tatsumaki is nowhere to be found.

"No... way..." I fall to my knee.

Did Tatsumaki get soo mad that she already left?

I keep pondering, until I saw the figure of Fubuki, Tatsumaki's little sister passed by.

"WAIT!" I screamed.

She stopped her walk then looked at me.

"And you are?" Fubuki asked.

"Have you seen Tatsumaki here?" I asked, ignoring her question.

"Ahh, you must be the person big sis waiting for. If you're looking for her, she just entered the haunted house over there," Fubuki said, pointing the haunted house.

"EHHHH?!!" I looked at Fubuki shockingly.

She shrugged.

"Don't ask me,"

I quickly ran to the haunted house without looking back.




"Wait, what? WHAT? How come it’s still moving towards me? Why doesn’t my psychic power affect it?" Tatsumaki said, looking at her hands.

*spooky noises*

"No… no way… are you a real ghost? What’s the meaning of this?" Tatsumaki said while taking a step back.

And at the same time

"What’s this feeling? It’s as if my clothes are pulling itself tightly around me. Ow! My hair got stuck in it. Ouch! If it keeps on pulling like this my hair roots will—! Just wait a sec. Guess I need to just stand horizontally like this?" Saitama said.

"What happened? Huh? It’s coming towards me! What the hell is that? No, I’m leaving! I’m leaving this place!" Tatsumaki screamed, preparing to leave.

"Damn, this hurts. And it’s so dark I can’t see anything. What is going on?" Saitama asked to himself.


"AHHHH!" Tatsumaki screamed.

"Eh," Saitama confused.

Slowly after, a running step can be heard by both of them.

"Don't worry Tat-Chan, I'm here, ORRAAA!" I jumped then kicked the mysterious person.


"Ouch, what the?" Saitama reacted to the kick.

WHAT!? NO EFFECT?! even if I didn't focus on the kick just now, the effect was supposed to be enough to make even an S Class hero get blown away by the impact. Who is this guy?

"No, it's not the time for this, Tat-Chan!" I quickly grab Tatsumaki's hand.

"Fuee, Rena?!" Tatsumaki said in surprise.

Then we both flee from the spot.



"What the heck wrong with those guys... screamed and even kicked a person they just meet, geez..."

*walkie talkie noises*

"Oh, looks like I’m getting a signal," Saitama said. Then mumbling at the walkie-talkie.




*footstep noises*

"Wait Rena, *huff* *huff*," Tatsumaki said while panting.

Ah, I forgot that human doesn't have that much of stamina.

I quickly released Tatsumaki's hand.

"I think we're fine now," I said, giving Tatsumaki a drink that I keep in my small bag.

"Puah, This haunted house has a real ghost!" Tatsumaki said, wiping her mouth.

"A REAL GHOST?!" I was shocked at Tatsumaki's words.

"Yeah, my psychic power didn't work on him," Tatsumaki explained.

"Ah... I see,"

No wonder my kick didn't work on him. I pondered.

"Anyway, umm, wanna go to the festival now?" I asked.

"Oh sure," Tatsumaki replied.

Then we both walked together to the festival. While I also preparing myself to confess my feeling to her.

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Saitama's hair at that time,




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