Chapter 52 – Rubbing in The Face
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Jay walked inside the interrogation room, looking at Garrett, who was comfortably sitting on the chair, not worried at all. He sat down in front of Garrett, "you seem to be enjoying your stay."

"I won't be staying here for long. But you? You might be staying here forever. Even your billions of dollars or technology can't save you," Garrett mocking said to Jay.

"Is this envy that I am hearing? Oh wait, could it be because of the organs that have started failing?"

Garrett's smile got wiped from his face, making Jay cross his legs, watching him with a smile, "how do you think Hydra will feel when they hear that you are the reason why they blew their cover?"

Garrett leaned forward, "Hydra? Kid, you have gone crazy. No, you were always crazy."

"Don't bother. Those Cybernetic Prosthetics in your body were what gave you away long ago. It's just that I didn't have trust, influence, or even money to fight against Hydra. And look, here we are, me becoming a man with tens of billions of dollars in my pocket. Which I used to make this, Bus. A very costly bait for you and Hydra to bite into."

Garrett frowned, "You are the one that has been attacking SHIELD. You are the one behind Ghost and Captain America!"

Outside, in the observation room,

Fitz and Simmons were nervously sitting, hearing the feed, looking at frowning Coulson and Melinda, "Sir, is that true? He is behind the attacks?"

Coulson shook his head, "I don't know."

Monica was sitting opposite to them, her waist turned to see the feed. She glanced at the two, "Is that what you are thinking about? You should be focusing on the fact that SHIELD was infiltrated by Hydra. Or rather, Hydra still exists."

Melinda nodded, "be quiet and listen more."


"Well, it's not like I could go to Nick and tell him that there is Hydra inside SHIELD. Hell, I wasn't even sure if Fury is not a member of Hydra. So, I had to take a different route to see who is what. Do you remember that old story about me? That I was the one that came closest to capturing Primo? It's not true," Jay happily looked at nervous Garrett.

He mysteriously smiled, "I wasn't just close to catching Primo. I caught him. What do you think happened then? He told me that he has been reading memories of SHIELD's agents and marking them. Everything that has happened since then, and everything that is happening now. It is because we decided to wipe Hydra out, this time properly. Especially, Captain, he's not happy that you brainwashed his best friend and turned him it an assassin."

Garrett scoffed, "you really have lost it. You are delusional."

Jay shrugged, "do you know I was so happy when you were the one to come here? It was for a simple reason. Your organs are failing, and you need Cybertek to stay alive. Guess where is Captain in the mood to attack if he doesn't know where his best friend is being kept. You have about an hour before Captain attacks. Think about it, Hydra, or your life."

Garrett scoffed, "like you will let me go!"

Jay glanced at him, "then die. I am sure I will find something at Cybertek."

Jay shut the door of the interrogation room, moving towards the next room.

He opened the door, looking at Skye sitting in front of Grant Ward, "did you want to ask something?"

Skye shook her head, "nothing. He was just trying to convince me he is from SHEILD, and you have gone mad. Not only that, SHIELD can help me find my parents. I only have to free him."


"What and?"

"Are you going to free him?"

Skye walked out, "I don't have a death wish. I'll probably be dead the moment we leave Bus."

Jay smiled, sitting down on the chair, watching Grant Ward with a smile on his face, "Oh boy. I can't stop smiling today."

"And what are you so happy about? Capturing a few SHIELD agents? This won't last long."

Jay let out a sigh, "yeah, yeah. I keep hearing that, but you guys don't seem to understand. The only reason an organization like Hydra was able to survive was that you were hiding inside SHIELD. Now that everyone knows that you exist, we will start picking you off. One by one, until there is nothing left. If you want to save yourself, then you think about what you should do," He stood up, walking out of the room.

When he got to the briefing room, he could see many eyes watching him with a lot of questions, "right. The explanation part. I hate this. How about

we take this to the lounge?" 

Shortly, In the lounge,

Jay poured a drink for himself while Fitz, Jemma, Coulson, Melinda, Monica, and Skye read the reports in front of them.

When he sat down, drinking scotch, watching them, "so? Anyone has anything to say?"

Melinda frowned, "you are trying to tell me that you were the one attacking SHIELD?"


"And you used the fact that SHIELD couldn't catch Primo to make them call you back and then create this team so that you can draw out these Hydra agents?"


Coulson shared Melinda's frown, "you could have just told us."

"Told you? I was just a Level 7 Agent. I should have told you that Hydra has existed inside SHIELD, and high levels of SHIELD might be Hydra. And I think this because a criminal that has been attacking SHIELD for years said so?"

Skye laughed, making others shoot a look at her. She shrugged, "What, even I know that isn't going to work."

"In my research, I found out that Hydra is vaster than I thought. And has been around for longer than I thought," This ring in Jay's hand shined, and the environment around them changed. Faces, photos, symbols appeared around them.

Jay focused on the symbols, "this is Hydra's nature. For thousands of years, it has been existing inside other organizations. But its symbol has remained the same, with few changed."

The older symbols started highlighting the octopus-like face, "Steve, Natasha, Iron Man, and Ghost are taking care of Hydra inside SHIELD. Natasha is helping them. We are going to deal with Hydra that has been hiding outside SHIELD, starting with Cybertek."

"Wait, Natasha and Tony are involved?" Coulson looked at Jay in shock.

Jay changed the files showing the reports of Project Deathlok, "yeah. If I found a video of Winter Soldier killing Tony's parents. Tony isn't happy with Hydra assassinating his parents, especially his mother. Who knew he was such a mama's boy. Well, the only why Pierce is alive is because I haven't told him that Pierce was responsible."

Monica narrowed her eyes, "Is someone coming to pick the captives up? Or is there another reason why you are keeping them here?"

"Them? I am hoping that STRIKE team or Winter Solider. One of them comes over to free them."

"STRIKE team? Tell me it's not so?" May held her head in worry.

"Yes. STRIKE team is full of Hydra members."

"I don't mind to sound pessimistic, but how are we going to take on such a big organization," Jemma read reports while others were focusing on different things.

"Hm, about that," Jay scratched his cheeks, "for muscles, you have three Enhanced. For brains, we have you, Jemma, Fitz, and me. For plans and execution, we have two special agents, Coulson and Melinda May."

While Jemma and Fitz were happy after hearing compliments. Monica was confused as she pointed at herself, "Three Enhanced? I thought I was the only one?"

"Yeah...about that," Jay smiled, and the next moment a long black coat appeared on his body, with a hood on his head, "I am one too. A Sorcerer, to be precise."

"That armor!!! You are Wizard!"

"Sorcerer," Jay corrected, but no one was in the mood to listen.

"You are Wizard!! I am a big fan!! I actually ran away because of you!" Skye held his shoulder, shouting, causing everyone to quieten down and look at her.

Even Jay looked at her worriedly, "you ran because of me?"

"I mean, I dared to run because of you," Skye tried to explain.

"Not helping," Coulson said.

May glanced towards him, without a change in her expression, "and the third?"

Jay stroked Skye's head, "this one. If she wants to be, that is. She has the potential."

Skye looked up, "You are serious?"

"Yes. There is a place I know. It might be your origin, or it would at least give you some clue about your heritage. If you are ready to wield power, then tell me. I'll take you. For now, we are going to attack Cybertek." 

"We are? Yes, we are."