Chapter 10: Shrine of the King(Bonus Scene)
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A ruse inside of the night, a clever play it has been. A former knight thinking much ahead, claiming the urn before their arrival. No matter so, this revealing his location nonetheless. Two orbs remaining in place, a balance between them. One residing within the past, an old resolve slowly making its way into reality. An abomination they are, embracing those imperfections and selfish desires. Even if it is but a somber morrow, those emotions ever so deep inside continuously breaking through towards a brighter tomorrow. Resting her vision upon the altar, the young woman finding something peculiar about the setup. The vampire seeing her approaching it, the devil well in awareness that her senses has been keen in the past. Now the question is, what can be of such importance? 

"What is wrong?" he slightly props his head.

Within the eternal night, one must be able to play its game. Cruel it is, despair around each and every corner. Foolish it is to be expecting anything less, at least this being of a partial truth. Those emotions far inside of her, almost as if something is screaming at her. Experiences no longer in her memory, but forever upon her soul. Dreadful it is, but also guiding it is towards her. Cyra looking at the front of the altar, her vision upon the empty space. Positioning her arm in a thinking posture, trying to put together the pieces here. Her eyes evermore serious upon it, this sickening feeling grabbing at her. Resting her eyes on the slight crack in the altar, that spot where the urn once has been. This catching her attention very much so, the young woman feeling a sinister force grabbing at her. This hatred deep inside of her meeting it in kind, this may no doubt be another trap. The vampire walking up to her side, looking at her for a moment, soon turning his attention towards the altar.

"You see it, don't you?" she questions, slightly grinning.

"The seal has been broken...but a mark has been left in its place..." He folds his arms, his expression becoming slightly more serious.

"Which means...we walked into a trap..." Cyra turning, looking ahead to the exit.

The crack emitting a powerful crimson light, mesmerizing yet dreadful it is. Those two resting their eyes upon the vanishing exit. This occurrence being far from a coincidence at all, a ruse leading towards a trap. Clever really, to go so far as to prevent an enemy's advance. Facing in the direction of the altar, that light growing brighter and brighter. Negative energy swarming around, the vampire slightly pulling away, blocking out the intensity. Cyra resting her vision upon the malevolence spiraling high above, this sinister energy evermore sickening. Reviver crying out, a warm light wrapping around Cyra and the vampire, that weapon shielding them from the powerful energy. Darkness expanding into a void, rushing towards them. Shielding themselves from the assault, both closing their eyes. It is strange, not feeling any pain, but a gentle breeze. Both soon opening their eyes, finding themselves on a platform high in the sky. An arena of crystal beneath their feet, this being quite a way to go in order to stop another.

"Where...are we...?" Cyra slowly looking from left to right.

"To disrupt the balance of our dimensions, just how far will they go...?" the vampire stepping back, grinning in unease. 

An arena so high, a world not being of the humans, but somewhere much further. That harsh wind crashing against the two, a loud cry exerting from afar. Cyra and the devil having an idea of where they might be, in the world of Jotunheim. A rift no less, and a powerful trap it is. Hades having quite a hand to play, even if he cannot directly be on the battlefield. Cyra and the vampire looking on, seeing a massive beast flying through the clouds. The creature moving with such intense speed, both resting their eyes on a mighty creature. A massive dragon rushing high into the sky, malevolence brightly burning from it. Pure black from head to toe, standing more like a humanoid, scales extending from its body like weapons. Such causing some unease inside of the angel, the night holding many mysteries, and this is perhaps one of those. A beast bathing in malevolence, a pure blood of all things out there, those eyes glaring at the two far below. A frightening chill running down the spine of the devil, that vampire glancing in the direction of Cyra.

"I don't know about you, but my life insurance does not cover a dragon...especially a psychopathic dragon..." He blankly states.

"I doubt this is the time for your petty problems, stand aside." Her vision calm upon her enemy.

Gazing upon her at the moment, that one meeting yet another challenge. Every step of the way, there is another conflict at hand. Even if she must take on the hatred of the worlds, then so be it. This being one more step ahead, in order to realize those desires far inside of her. That one returning from the deepest of shadows, endless emotions rising to the surface. The devil turning his attention to the dragon flying high above, that malevolence clashing against the maiden's own. Revealing her pure white feathery wings, such pride extending far and wide, feathers falling to the arena below. The vampire and the dragon looking on, witnessing her ascending just above the field. Floating upon her side, the young woman directing Rebellion at the beast, her eyes penetrating deep into the monster. 

"I continue to wonder why there can never be an end. Come, I shall act as your executioner." She calmly declares.

Those words of hers reaching the vampire, an answer that he can never give her. Conflict evermore eternal, her birth being the cause, yet that never being a solution. After all, everything is a choice, one can simply turn off the switch, ending the fire. No matter so, such cannot be. Extending her blade, the dragon doing the same with its claw, both being cautious of the other. Rushing at the dragon, breaking through sound barriers, the vampire blocking out the intensity of the shockwave. The dragon meeting her action in kind, both clashing against the other. The claw of the beast against the blade of the angel, their eyes upon the other. Darkness emanating from the young woman, devouring the malevolence of the dragon by the moment. Slightly pulling away, shockwaves ripping through the area.

Adjusting its stance, the dragon spiraling even higher into the sky. The beast tearing through the clouds all around, Cyra pursuing the monster with great haste. Spreading its stance, expanding those mighty wings, energy of negativity building from its jaws. That angel approaching the monster, the dragon launching its mighty power at her. Concentration of malevolence nearing the young woman, soon rapidly expanding. Small floating orbs of darkness surrounding her, the maiden's eyes unfazed by the intensity of this development. Continuing onward, flying around the many approaching assaults, explosions of darkness ripping through the area. This battle of such uncertainty, this foe slowly bringing out the one residing inside of the deepest of despair. A will far within resisting the challenge ahead. 

Striking through the energy all around her, emerging on the other end of the assaults. The dragon flying back a bit, witnessing the many violent explosions. Looking upon her, those eyes of the young woman locking onto it. Those crimson eyes burning such confidence, Cyra floating there in place, slowly lowering her blade. Such an action taking the vampire by confusion. Looking on, seeing the maiden facing the dragon, watching the malevolence brightly burning from her. Taking a step forward, his eyes slightly widening, realizing this all too well. This feeling she is giving off, dread, sorrow, determination, desires. That dragon angrily growling at the angel, a menacing roar escaping it, this crushing pressure all around it. Widely expanding its wings, the dragon rushing at her, leaving illusions in its movements. Hostile it is, perhaps even fear of the opponent it is facing. 

Why is it that I feel this familiar feeling...? Is it because I am the eternal night...? No, it is much more than that...

These many emotions inside of her, hatred slowly coming out to the surface. That heart desperately trying to maintain itself, those endless desires reaching into reality. Her senses heightening by the moment, malevolence burning even brighter from her. Raising her offhand, grabbing the head of the beast in an instant, the monster being unable to resist, stopping in its tracks, uncertain on who or what she is. A monstrosity, this much is for certain. Such an action taking the vampire by much surprise, his eyes trembling a bit, that time drawing closer and closer with each passing moment. That one from so long ago returning the longer the night is continuing on, those crimson eyes of hers penetrating deep into her foe.

"One existing in the deepest of abyss, those desires driving your nature to return to the surface..." The vampire distantly thinking.

Her arm burning in malevolence, darkness ripping away at her body. The energy emitting brighter and brighter by the moment, emotions pushing to the surface. Dreadful it may be, so much coming free all at once. One that embraces their imperfections and selfish desires, becoming corruption itself. Even if it is but a somber morrow, then it is okay. So long as one is continuing to resist, then there is always hope. That heart may be in pain, the soul shackling down to the land. Despite it all, that image eternally branding itself upon the souls of countless. That beast trembling at the sight of her, this fear gripping at its heart. 

"If you believe I will fall so easily, then you are surely mistaken..." Her head hanging low. 

Grief ever so far inside, a heart struggling to maintain its softness. Mixture of emotions swirling deep inside of her, those many feelings coming to the surface. A pulse resonating from deep within, her eyes slightly widening, these familiar emotions crashing against her. It is strange, perhaps even a bit comforting, but dreadful as well. Painfully screeching, the dragon unable to break free of her grip. Crushing down on its head with her hand, the beast screaming louder and louder. The pain excruciating upon it, blood streaming down its face. Expanding her wings, the maiden locking onto the platform below. That resolve evermore powerful, that hatred deep inside of her eyes. An endless conflict, her heart despising every moment of it, the screaming of the beast becoming louder and louder.

"What is she doing...? I should probably move away..." The vampire slowly backing away.

Rendering her elbow into the skull of the monster, the impact devastatingly hitting the beast. Releasing her grip, the dragon falling from the sky. Resting her vision upon her hand, that darkness burning even brighter. That sorrow, those endless emotions clawing its way to the surface. Turning her attention to the falling dragon, the young woman descending to the monster, rendering a fierce kick across its face. The beast accelerating towards the arena even faster, revealing Rebellion, looking upon it for a moment. That weapon coming to her aid when there has been none other, one residing in the deepest of abyss. Her vision clear, her resolve setting in stone, the angel locking onto the dragon that is continuing to fall.

"Even if my memories are gone, remember your superior well." She hurls Rebellion at the dragon.

That weapon rushing towards the monster, colliding straight into the chest of the dragon. The beast crashing into the arena, the field shattering from the impact. The vampire falling through, his vision resting upon the young woman ever so high. That anger deep inside of her eyes, malevolence eating away at her by the moment. This endless conflict gripping at her heart, this pain extending all the way towards him. Desires ever so deep inside, hatred manifesting evermore clear. One wishing to put down her arms, yet never being able to do so. The vampire and dragon falling even further, the beast loudly roaring, plummeting to the depths so far below.


Expanding her wings, Cyra quickly descending, grabbing the vampire. The devil hanging there, looking on, seeing the beast falling into the endless abyss below. The young woman extending her other hand, Rebellion appearing before her. Taking hold of the weapon by the hilt, her vision resting on her sword. Turning her attention to the dragon, her eyes expressing no pity for it. Yet another avoidable conflict going much too far, to ascend so high, and yet this never being enough. Those emotions gripping at her heart, that soul desperately trying to break free of the shackles binding it to the land. Cyra and the vampire witnessing the dimension shifting around them, everything soon turning black. The light returning soon enough, both finding themselves outside of the Shrine of the King. The maiden releasing the vampire, and the devil falling towards the ground.


The vampire falling upon his back, wondering why she cannot be a bit more gentle. Perhaps that will be asking for too much in all honesty. Given that this is her after all, for him to expect anything less will be more of a dream in all reality. Her heart once filling with so much love, now with nothing but hatred. These desires so long ago slowly coming about, despite it all, that heart trying its best. Reprehensible her actions may be, but this is her path forward. Difficult it may be, painful even, but that is okay. That will to oppose what is reasoning forever taking hold, that darkness slowly returning to the abyss.

"Ever heard of a gentle landing...? Ugghh..." The vampire slightly groaning in pain.

Looking at the shrine, her gaze evermore distant. The young woman wondering what else the endless night can be hiding inside of it, infinite in mystery it is. Closing her eyes for a moment, these dreadful emotions inside of her, despite it all, perhaps it is becoming a bit easier. The angel soon opening her eyes, turning away from the shrine. Looking upon the path ahead, her wings dispersing, leaving behind a trail of pure white feathers. The maiden landing upon her feet, and the vampire standing up. The devil scratching the back of his head with his right hand, well in awareness that she is doing her best. That smile from days of yore turning into hatred, one with so much love now filling with selfish desires.

"Can we agree not to stay in a place too long...? Especially if there is a stolen object." He groans.

The angel glancing back to the vampire, paying him little to no mind. Indeed his behavior is much too familiar, but one in which she can do without for the moment. Even so, the devil making quite a valid point. Staying too long in one place might be more of a danger, the night having endless possibilities after all. Around each corner there can be traps in place, the longer it is continuing on, the more dangerous it is becoming. Despite it all, these desires inside of her, those endless emotions willing to meet the challenge at hand. Perhaps then, she can finally rest at the end of it all, to simply put everything behind her.

Yet another one of those beasts...the more that I encounter, the more that I feel my past returning. Even so...I only wonder...can I really face my past...? Some part of me wants to forget, but the other part wishes to remember more than anything. Wherever this endless night shall lead, I will continue fighting against it...