Chapter 2 – Crisis and Distraction
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At first, it was just a crack, a mere tiny gap in the enormous spell formula, but that insignificant crack is enough for Camilla. Through that small opening, she breaks the whole thing quite easily with just a brute force.

No matter how sturdy it was created, every spell formulas are all similar to that of an antique watch, once you break the outer shell then a simple nudge on one of the gears would be enough to break the whole thing.

The ability to find a weakness in a spell formula was not something a normal mage could do. Even for an experienced spell caster, this would be an extraordinarily difficult task, but as a half-blood, she has a natural talent in this.

And just like that, the whole magic circuit is breaking down.

An enormous amount of mana that condensed into the magic circuit dispersed violently as the spell exploded.

Thankfully, other than creating a gush of wind the explosion wasn't something too flashy, so it was not supposed to catch anyone attention.

"You wretched subhuman."

Watching her magic circle break apart, Elise cursed. Her wavy golden hair dancing with the violent wind.

It's her again.

Why it was always her?

And why it always ends up like this.

Her golden eyes were glued at Camilla who is standing between Rio and her. Their eyes locked with each other, but Elise can clearly see the fear in Camilla's eyes.

In Elise perspective, Camilla is nothing but a shameless woman who always tries to seduce Rio. She hates her so much because of that.

Yet at the same time, Elise also feels deep respect of Camilla honest personality. Camilla is always straightforward with her feelings, at the very least, unlike her timid self, Camilla didn't afraid to confess her feeling to Rio.

She herself aware of her own shortcoming, she lacks the courage to say what she truly meant and instead she always said something hurtful as meant to protect herself from shame. This leads to her being labeled as a woman who has an unnecessarily sharp tongue.

The same thing goes between her interaction with Rio. If only she can be a little bit more honest with herself, things wouldn't go this way.

Elise never wanted to do something like this either, this desperate act is all rooted from her helpless and fear that Rio will be taken away from her. While she still struggles with herself, the image of Camilla together with Rio haunted her and pushed her to this point.

Everything is jumbled into one unreadable mess inside her head, at this point, Elise didn't even know what's her feeling to Camilla.

"... I won't let you do as you please."

Camilla prepares her own spell as she declared so. Part of her long black hair is slowly turning into lighter color until it's completely white, her eyes which also brown-colored before are now glowing red.

Horns protruding from her forehead and curved upward toward the sky.

Along with her physical changes, her mana increased almost two-fold of her usual amount.

But despite all of that, her showy transformation didn't amuse Elise at all, because in her eyes the overall magical powers of hers didn't fluctuate to the point that would amaze Elise. Insignificant increase for a petty spell, that is what Elise see.

From the perspective of high blood mage such as Elise, the spell that forming on her classmate friend is nothing but a small pebble that pose no threat to her.

Camilla might be a half-blood of magic races, but that lineage is pale if compared to Elise's, if they are truly to clash with magic then the fight will be surely heavily one-sided.

There's no chance of Elise would lose this fight.

Yet Elise can't muster her strength.

Both of them know who is going to win if they are to fight, Camilla can't even dream to win against Elise in a magic fight, but Camilla still courageously standing against her.

"Ellie... Why?"

Behind Camilla, Rio finally gains his conscious back. He, with a staggering movement trying to stand up.

What... What should I say...

Her already muddled mind is now becoming even more chaotic as she thought hard to answer his question in panic.

Now that her plan is utterly impossible to continue she is clueless of what to say to him. She was forcefully trying to bound him with magic, no matter how much excuses she had this wouldn't change.

Tears start to well up on the edge of her eyes.

He's going to hate me.

"Rio, are you okay?"

"C-Camilla? I'm fine."

Because her drastic change in appearance Rio did not realize it was Camilla, but after a feeling of uncanny familiarity and other minor resemblances, he finally sees through her transformation.

The view of the two of them holding hands together clicks something inside of Elise. Don't touch him you whore!! Unconsciously she readied one of her spell, one that she should not be pointed to anyone as it wouldn't stop at simple harm. It was a spell meant to kill.

Just before everything reaches that point of no return, the door to the rooftop suddenly opened. Almost at that very instant both Camilla and Elise erase their magic.

To be seen by common people when conducting magical activities is a grave offense in the eye of the magic association common law, one that even someone from prestigious family such as Elise couldn't ignore. That is even more so for Camilla, for her it was something that could separate her head from her body.

Whilst two of them were frozen still, a figure finally showed itself on the other side of the door.

Rough looking upperclassmen passed through the door busily fiddling his phone, it appears that he hadn't noticed the three of them.

Both Camilla and Elise heave a sigh of relief.


Maybe conscious of their intense gaze, the upperclassman is now looking at the three.

"What is it? Do you get caught two-timing?"

"Ah? Err, no.."

Still haven't fully awake yet and did not have a clear idea of what is going on, Rio didn't know what to say to his senior teasing question.

At this opportunity, Elise wipes off her tears and try to run away from the two.

Rio tried to call her out but Elise has no intention of stopping her rushing feet, she had enough for today. She wants to go home and cried silently on her bed.

Right before she passes through the door the senior that still standing next to the door caught her hand. She tried to shake him off, but unfortunately, his grip is too strong for her.

"Unhand me you mongrel!!"

"Don't run off now, you still have things to say right?"

With teary eyes, she glared at him. What she didn't expect is that his void dark eyes are way scarier than she anticipated. There are black bags under his eyes, proof of his unhealthy sleep-deprived lifestyle that even intensifies his eyes that seem stuck perpetually in scowling expression.

"C'mon now don't look at me like that, I'm not going to do anything, in fact, I'm actually doing you a favor." He then looks at Rio who is running towards them "You're cute, I give you that, but I'm not into another man's woman."

"Y-you- ah!"

Before she could comment on his unexpected words he yanks her hand and pushed her forward which cause her to lose her center of balance, before long she realized that she was going to fall.

But before she reaches the ground someone holds her from behind, it was Rio. There was no contempt that Elise feared in his clear blue eyes, he was looking at her with a worried gaze.

"You two need to talk properly with each other, alright? Make sure anything like THIS never happening again."

"Listen to this, alright? I don't know what is the issue here, but in case you're not aware yet people can't read minds and they have a bad habit of making speculation as they please, so unless you say it clearly people won't know what you're thinking."

Maybe pressured by his gaze or maybe because unexpected lecture he giving them or perhaps a little bit of both sides, but three of them are standing still listening to their senior weird sermon about relationships and emotional instability of teenagers.

Even Camilla who coming to them quite late isn't spared from his lengthy speech.

"Now, spare me some drama and do it someplace else, alright? This rooftop is my nap spot so do me a favor and go find another location. Unless you have another question then you can find me here."

The situation is somehow resolved weirdly for three of them as they lost their momentum.

Despite there are still lingering awkwardness between them, three of them walked home together afterward.


Looking at the three from above Luke sharpen his senses to its fullest, he could no longer feel any mana from three of them.

"What the heck was that..."

He slumped his back to the fence, he was tired as a person can be.

"No calls, I guess I make it through..."

He was never so relieved looking at his phone doesn't ring.

If there was a phone call, perhaps he would be ordered to kill a human for the first time in his life.
The order that he cannot refuse.

Crisis averted I guess.
After rereading I always had an urge to rewrite, I wonder why. (´・ω・`)