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“I need allies.” You shrug. “I need someone who can help me level. In exchange, I’ll do the same for them.”

“You already have her.” She nodded to Liana distrustfully.

“I found her like this. I think she was used as a sex toy by someone and broke…” You lie, scratching your cheek.

Liana gave you a side glance, but thankfully didn’t say anything or try to refute you at all. You still aren’t 100% sure how much of her environment she gets.

“Ah!” Alysia let out a cry. “But you were…”

“Eh? Didn’t you as well?” You gesture to her, still naked except for the blanket.

She let out a cry of shock and then blushed. “That’s right…. I started getting really horny when I got to this room and suddenly, I couldn’t stop myself…”

“It’s the same for me!” You lie some more, and for her it was pure torture, so you can see about what happened.

“Wh-what about that trap net?” She asked suspiciously.

“That’s just common sense. Do you want to be caught naked by an Adventurer? That’s why I acted swiftly with your boyfriend there. He had a dangerous look in his eye.”

“Oh… I guess that makes sense…”

“So, what about it, will you join me? I haven’t really started hunting yet. We’re also still on the 1st level. Well, I’m level 3 now… so I can do a bit.”

“I guess…” she blushed. “If you turn around and let me change.”

“Yeah, fine…” You turn around.

“Ah!” She let’s out a cry… you-you’re behind is not covered!

You were holding the blanket up to your front, not behind you.

“Eh? Why are you looking? Are you a pervert? Or…. Perhaps you like what you see?”

“I-impossible…” She muttered. “Don’t tease me like that, I’m still shaken up.”

“Ah… but you’re cute when I tease you…” You laugh.

She flushed. “A-actually, I think that spell reset. I’m starting to feel… let’s get out of here before this goes further.”

It seems she’s still excited. Well, it wasn’t like she hadn’t been worked up. They also say that people who experience loss feel horny afterwards. She could be seriously down to fuck. Then again, by pushing it, you’re risking ruining the atmosphere you gained with her. In time, she could become dere-dere.

What will you do?
  • Keep flirting and push her into sex. Votes: 6 10.0%
  • Now that she is calmer, strike with more sex magic and finish making her a slave. Votes: 6 10.0%
  • Leave the dungeon and start exploring. Votes: 22 36.7%
  • Follow along that the curse got you, Trick her into watching you have sex with Liana. Votes: 26 43.3%
  • Take it out and have her watch you masturbate. Votes: 0 0.0%
Total voters: 60 · This poll was closed on Aug 9, 2019 12:04 PM.