Out of Control!
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“Gah!” You grab your heart, “No…”

Alysia lets out a noise of surprise. “What? What’s wrong?”

“The curse in this room… I think… I think it just activated again.” As you say this, your erection grows larger and larger.

“Eeee…” She spun away. “Th-that…”

“Liana… are you also very horny?”

Liana tilts her head, but then nods excitedly. Of course, she was always horny. It has nothing to do with any curse, but Alysia wouldn’t know that.

“I can’t… stop…” You grab Liana and toss her on the bed.

Liana spreads her legs instinctively, and then you line up your cock and slide inside her.

“Ahn… her pussy is so amazing… it’s the only relief from this torment!” You say back to Alysia, who is desperately trying to not look at the pair of you.

You start taking Liana’s pussy, slamming your balls home with each thrust. Since Liana’s brain is broke, she’s always wet and ready for sex, so you don’t even need foreplay to get balls deep in her. She’s already making moaning noises and looks like she’s about to reach her first climax.

“I… I should leave…” Alysia declares. “I can’t… I can’t be caught in this curse as well!”

“No, please!” You shake your head, “Please don’t leave us! You’re the only one who has succumbed completely to your lust. You must save Liana and me!”

“H-how?” She asks, looking like she’s about to cry.

She’s completely boughten your act. Now, you need to decide what to do with it! You tell something too unbelievable and you may lose her, but what's the fun if you're not going to make her act risque? 

What will you advise her to do?
  • Strip naked and masturbate to equalize the sexual lust on both sides of the door. Votes: 4 7.1%
  • Help you carry Liana down the hall while you fuck her. Votes: 15 26.8%
  • Tell her she must join in a threesome to stop it somehow. Votes: 23 41.1%
  • Convince her she must take care of both of your masturbation without the two of you doing anything. Votes: 14 25.0%
Total voters: 56 · This poll was closed on Aug 15, 2019 06:37 AM.