Returning to your Roots
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That bitch Alysia took your stuff! You aren’t going to be happy until you take it back. After helping Liana get dressed, avoiding her kisses and attempts to rub against you a few times, you finally start heading back out into the labyrinth. This time, you have a trail to follow. Her trail!

Actually, you have no clue how to follow her. By the time you’re about ten feet from your door, you have no clue where she is. In fact, you’ve been in this dungeon for one day now, and you’ve barely moved a hundred meters.

You take a deep breath, and walk off in the direction you think Alysia went, which is the direction you came from. You return to the room where you broke Liana’s mind and killed her sister. You pass the closet full of clothing. You come up to the safe room you had spawned in for your second go. It has been half a day since you found that naked man in there, and now you have a means of defending yourself. Out of curiosity, you push the door open, and see a naked girl huddled in the corner.

“Ahhh!” She let’s out a cry when she hears the door open, closing more into herself.

She looks like she has been significantly traumatized by this place You had to agree that this place could easily be traumatizing. You can’t get a look at her face, and she hasn’t even looked at you. Her body is shaking, it’s very pitiful.

What will you do?
  • Go In and Rape Her in a Safe Zone Where She Can't Resist Votes: 10 14.9%
  • Talk To her From the Door. Votes: 36 53.7%
  • Send Liana in to try to talk to her. Votes: 5 7.5%
  • Close yourself in the safe room and talk to her. Votes: 8 11.9%
  • Ignore her and continue on your search for your missing stuff. Votes: 8 11.9%
Total voters: 67 · This poll was closed on Aug 24, 2019 07:50 AM.