[8] My Tsundere Ex-girlfriend hates me but wants the D.
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Boru Ni Negai

Chapter 8

*This Chapter is all SMUT no plot! More plot coming up*


I stepped out of the shower and shut the door behind me. As I turned to the pink bed I saw Trunks sitting on the edge, looking out the window. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and I could see every ripple of his muscles.

"Trunks?!" I squeaked and clutched my towel tightly.

He stood up and walked intimidatingly over to me, looking my body up and down. My heart felt loud in my ears. What was he doing here? Didn't we break up?


Trunks jerked the towel from my body and flung it to the floor. I backed up as much as I could and hit the bathroom door with my back. "What are you you doing?" I stammered.

"What I should have done earlier." He said and grabbed my brown tail that hung between my legs in fear. Instantly I froze and felt weak; my limbs wouldn't budge. "Ah-" I whimpered.

"What I said about you keeping Shallot...I take all of that back. I'm not handing you over to him, ever." He said and leaned in to kiss me. Because I couldn't move I could only stand there and take his lips as they caressed mine. "Ngn.."

"I know you like it when I touch you Rhuda." Trunks mumbled as he began to kiss down my neck. His teeth lightly bit the flesh. 

It did feel good, but what he was doing was wrong. "Stop!" I  moaned out. "We--broke up--"

"No. You're mine."

"B-But why? I thought you--ahh...stop....hentai...pervert.."

My pitiful insults were only chuckled at.

His hand grabbed a plump breast and moved in circular motions, squeezing. I could already feel myself getting soaked, it was running down my leg. "This is---wrong--" I panted.

"What's wrong about this, Rhuda? In case you didn't know it, I'm the son of a prince--anything I touch I can claim."

"Ngn...what kind of thinking is that..."

He still held my tail and bent over, licking my sensitive nub up and down. It felt so good, little pricks of electricity flooding up my pelvis all the way to my breasts. "Trunks~, ahh," I wanted to grab his head and pull him deeper only I couldn't. My tails weakness fully made me unable to budge an inch. It was hard enough just standing.

His hot wet tongue curled around my opening, thoroughly soaking it. One, two fingers he pushed inside. "Kya! No!" I yelled, trying to remember how to breathe.

"It's so warm inside you Rhuda. And your little pussy is bright pink. Maybe it's blushing for me too."

"I'm not blush---ngn---haa...haaa"

If he didn't stop this I would cum. It wasn't fair. "Why," I panted, "Why do you want to....claim me?"

"I had you first. And I already told you I'd take responsibility for what happened. And I don't go back on my word." He looked up and smirked at me before making a show of his tongue flicking my tiny tip. "Haaa...aahhh...but--Shallot--" I protested.

"Shallot?" He sounded mad and stopped fingering me, glaring instead. "What about Shallot?"

"H-he---he likes me--"

"He just wants what's mine. I don't care; the only one who can touch you like this is me!"

The anger in his voice scared me and I lost my balance and fell into him. We tumbled to the floor and his grip on my tail loosened. I quickly jerked free and almost made it to the door before he appeared and yanked me back. "We're not through," he growled, tugging my tail painfully tight. 

"Ah--stop pulling it--that hurts--"

"You'll get used to it."

"--I don't want to get used to it--I'm not yours!"

That done it. I felt my feet leave the ground and he threw me onto the pink bed none too softly. I grabbed a pillow and held it out in front like a shield but it got jerked it away and ripped down the middle. Cotton flew everywhere. "You're scaring me!" I yelled.

"Good. Maybe you'll learn who's the boss." He replied and grabbed my ankle, jerking me along with the covers to the edge of the bed. His other hand grabbed my tail as he flipped me on my stomach.

"You're not the boss!"

"We'll see about that." He smacked my exposed ass cheeks and lifted my tail, pulling me to my knees forcefully. It hurt and needle like pain shot up my spine. "Kyaa! I hate you I hate you!"

I heard him growl before I felt him invade me from behind. His shaft spread my pubic bone to its limit and my mouth parted as a loud moan came out. I wished it didn't feel this good. He eased back out before shoving deeper--my stomach moving inside from the force. "Nya! Ah! No! Yah!"

"Mhm. Get used to this Rhuda..." he grunted and sped up. 

"Stop! I'm going to cum! I hate you!"

He made sure the next thrusts were rougher, and my pelvis began to tighten. "Noo~Haaa---Trunks---!"

I couldn't stop it. Hot liquid drained from inside me and my mouth parted as saliva dropped onto the cover. My release was more intense than when Shallot was inside me. "Yaaah~♥"

Trunks dropped my tail as he came inside me. His whiteness heated me inside before he pulled out and leaned over so that he was mounting my back. I fell down on my shoulders, lower half still lifted as I tried to stay angry at him. It was useless. I was in bliss.

"You make a lot of sounds for someone who hates me," he said into my ear. His arms were on either side of mine. 



Rhuda was already thawing. I could tell Father was right; all I needed to do was show her who was boss. At least I thought this until she rolled over and smacked my face. Of course it didn't really hurt, mostly noise, but I was startled. Her green eyes were tight with fury. Apparently her will was stronger than I thought. 

That was fine by me. So was mine.

I grabbed her hand and intertwined my fingers through it and kissed her damp mouth. She resisted and turned her head but I kissed her cheek and ear. "Stop--!" She whimpered.

"........." I stared down at her, just thinking. She could be my enemy--I could be fornicating with a time villian. All the better. As long as she was by my side I could keep an eye on her. And take her down when the time came. At least she was cute. It could be a lot worse.

"Don't look at me," she said and tried to push me away.

"That's enough Rhuda."

"I'm not yours to claim! I'm not even who you think I am!"

"So you admit to lying about who you are?" I asked, knowing the answer now.

She looked away guiltily. So it was true then. Rhuda was a lie--a story she made up. "Are you even from the future, I wonder.." I murmured and began to kiss her tiny neck.

"Haa..don't touch me anymore..."

Even though she said that, her vulnerable face told me different. I had rested enough; my body could go again. So I grabbed her tail once more and thought about which way to take her this time. "How would you like to be fucked?" I asked a hair away from her mouth. 

"Go to hell!"

"Hm. It's tempting but I don't think so." 

The bath. That would do.

I hauled her like a sack of potatoes on my shoulder and went to the bathroom. It's large interior never had a functional purpose other than showing off Capsule Corp hospitality. With that being said, the large and swimmable tub would now serve as a mating pool. I turned the hot water on and watched it flow quickly to the top courtesy of several jets. In no time it was filled and ready, bubbling invitingly.

"I already had a bath," she said when I walked into the tub with her.

"We're not in here to bath."

With a smirk and grab of her tail I set to work fondling her body, starting with her scalp. The water was so high I had to hold her up by pressing her into the side of the wall but it was nothing for me. She looked cute as her long dark hair drifted into the water, floating around us. Those green eyes kept squinting as she fought to stay upset. It wasn't long and her sounds turned needy--that's when I smelled her scent again, stronger than ever. "Rhuda.." I said as I breathed her in, "I'll let your tail go if you don't fight."

She didn't say anything but gave me such a heated expression I dropped her tail and grabbed her face, tonguing her tiny mouth. 

Her moans merged with mine in the water, and I felt her legs wrap around my middle. So that was how she wanted it then.

My eager shaft was throbbing so bad it hurt as I shoved it into her. Rhuda whimpered into my mouth and her hands went to my backside as she clung onto me. It was nice having her in the water, although I felt it was better when I only had her liquid around me. "Rhuda," I grunted, watching her closely, "I'm not going to change my mind. You're stuck with me."

I didn't expect her to say anything back to me so when she replied, "...Ngn...Then--don't stop!" I took my chance and pounded her so hard the tub wall began to crack a little. I could have done more, but Rhuda cried out in pain so I controlled myself.

"Trunks! Ah! I'm going to cum!"

"Cum all over me," I told her, then bit into her neck. She shrieked and her nails drug down my shoulder blades, probably drawing blood. "I'm coming! Trunks~!♥"

Her moaning my name took me by surprise--then I felt her strangling my shaft. Her tiny pussy clenched around it and I felt my own release. I groaned in her ear as I came all inside her.

After I pulled out I could see her face, she looked beautiful with her face so red and eyebrows lifted, those green eyes squinted in the afterglow. That tiny mouth was panting for air, her breasts against me rising and falling. "Haa..haa..." she huffed.

It was time to test her. "Rhuda. You're mine."

She shook her head limply, "No...I'm not!"

Dammit. How many times did I need to bond? 




I tried to tell him but he wouldn't listen. No matter how many times he made me have sex, I would never give in. And, because I kept denying him, he would have sex with me again and again.

By the end of the experience, I laid in the bed as cum spurted out from me--crying to myself. Trunks took me in his arms and held me tightly, claiming that no matter what I said, my body belonged to him. It wasn't fair. I didn't even have a choice in this. "Hic..." I cried, wanting to hurt him but knowing at my low level I couldn't even if I tried. Instead I told him over and over how I hated him--which did nothing. 

At some point I fell asleep, and when I awoke I felt strange. It was morning and light petered in from the closed window, and I had fell asleep on Trunks. He was fast asleep and I took my chance to get away from him, looking down at my body where I spied bruises and hickeys in strange places. That was right. Trunks had sex with me--too many times to count.


I liked it.

He was handsome. The shoulder length lilac hair was tempting to touch so I did, running my fingers through it like silk. What was I doing? I didn't need to do this--I hated his guts!

Yet my body told me different. Even if my insides despised him, my pelvis was aching just seeing his face. "I hate you," I whispered and leaned in, kissing him. I tried to pull away from him but I couldn't seem to do it, and so he ended up waking up and kissing me back. His arms wrapped around my shoulders and we grew more passionate, swapping saliva. 

Finally he pulled away and I saw that his cheeks were red. It was nice to see, and I hated myself for thinking it. "Rhuda," he said, "That was a nice wake up."

"D-Don't get the wrong idea!" I jerked away to get off the bed but he grabbed my arm, spun me to him and gave me another passionate kiss. 

"What idea should I have?" He asked with a smirk. I hated that smirk and I pulled my arm free. "-I'm still not yours, you know! Just because we did that doesn't mean you and I are anything!"

He pushed me to the bed and stared down at me, glaring. "Do you want more right now Rhuda?"

"I think you did it enough!"

"Did I? Then why the smart mouth?"

"H-Having sex with me doesn't change anything! You still can't claim me--"

I heard him growl in frustration and his eyes turned teal.  He actually turned super saiyan? I couldn't believe he was that mad by it. His hair shot upward and shifted pale blonde. "Then how about I kill Shallot instead?"

What? Was he serious?


He looked away from me. Maybe he was second guessing himself. But he added, "...Yeah. If you keep this up, I'll kill him."

"You wouldn't!"

"Do you know how many people I've killed, Rhuda?" He leaned further to me, "...Do you think he'd be a problem for me right now?"

"Trunks---" My eyes burned. I couldn't believe he'd go this far. "--I thought you were nice! I was wrong!"

"Nice? I'm a saiyan. We don't do nice." He said and stood straight. I watched his hair drop and fade to lilac. "We're a warrior race. Allies can become enemies if they're on the wrong side. And Shallot...is on the wrong side."

"Don't you dare touch him! I'll never forgive you!"

He paused from walking to the bathroom and said over his shoulder, "Then maybe you should change your tune."

I listened to the sounds of the shower and thought about his words. There wouldn't be hesitation from Trunks. I'd watched the show enough to know that when he put his mind to something, there was nothing that would deter him. At the time I'd thought it admirable, but now that I was here and his determination was to claim me...it was different. 

There was no other choice. I'd have to be whatever he wanted, or watch him slice Shallot like he did Freiza. I hugged my arms and tried not to think about it. Then I remembered Shallot, refusing to swing me to the mountain, and instead hauling me to the top before he collapsed on me. Would Trunks ever act that way? I didn't know and highly doubted it. 

Trunks walked out dripping wet with a towel around his goods and eyed me. "Go get cleaned up. I'm taking you to see Gohan. He wanted to meet my girlfriend."

"I'm not going!"

"That wasn't an option." 

"Just leave me alone! You've done enough!"

In anger I turned away from him and glared at the wall. He stepped over and pulled my head back by my hair and said into my face, "...What I'm going to do is fuck you so much you won't be able to walk. Get cleaned up before I stop being nice."

"I hate you, Trunks!"

He smirked and then kissed me. I wanted to raise and hit him but my body wouldn't cooperate, so instead I opened my mouth and felt my body growing hot. It was aching for more of his torture. When he was done kissing me I was left breathless and throbbing. Damn him.

"If you're a good girl I'll take you to dinner." He said and walked out, leaving me needy.