3 September 2016 – Cloudy
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3 September 2016


Dear Diary,


Today is Sunday! Do you know does that mean? No school? That is also Saturday! Sunday means that daddy is finally free! He can play with me today! This is a very special entry, you know! I purposfully written this entry before the end of the day to convey my excitment as daddy promised to bring me to the zoo today! This was supposed to be my birthday gift this year! I have been waiting for this for months already! I can't wait!

Kawagase-kun had previously boasted how his family brought him to the zoo and they had seen so many large animals! A girafe, an elephant, BIIIIIG snakes! Ones that could not fit in your arms! There are also plenty of weird animals, a big fish that is not a fish, they call a dolphin. Now, I can also boast to others that I have seen such animals! No one would call me an unwanted child and daddy a useless father anymore!

Anyways, I ran out of my room today! I jumped on daddy's bed, up and down! I yelled out in excitement "Daddy, we are going to the zoo, today right? When, can we go now?" as I kept bouncing up and down. Daddy woke up and looked at me with tired eyes. He said in a sad voice, "Sorry darling, daddy is very tired today. Could we do this sometime next week, if possible?"

My mood was instantly deflatted. But, I understand that daddy has been very busy this week. It is okay, we can always go there next week! Are you surprised by my word choice, diary? I have learned this word on Friday from our English teacher Thomas-sensei. Thomas-sensei is a very nice, bright and very very handsome young male teacher! He is almost as handsome as daddy, almost!

Moving on, the rest of the day is not as exciting as both you and I expected it to be, diary. I just sat at home and completed my homework. Look at the sky from the window of our highrise apartment when I was done with most of it. When I looked at the clock, it was already three in the afternoon. I noticed that both daddy and I have yet to eaten lunch yet. I slowly went to the kitchen as I grabbed two cup noodles. I filled the small metal kettle with some water and turned on the boiler. Daddy has told me to eat this whenever he is too busy and I get hungry. He does not allow me to touch any knives and asks me to be careful when heating up things. Anyways, I prepared two cup noodles! Not only for myself but daddy too! I hope he will be surprised by this when he wakes up!

I prepared my meal and ate my cup of noodles. Chicken curry flavor, yum! Umi is a strong and independant girl, you know! The noodles tasted nice despite this being over the dozens of times I have eaten this, my favorite flavor indeed. I feel like I was kind of forgetting something here. Hmm, I will probably remember it when the time comes.

Time slowly passed as it was now four-thirty. The door slowly opened as daddy came into the room. Oh crap, I forgot to wake daddy up! I looked at daddy and then at the cup of noodles filled with boiling water that had long cooled down. I was getting kind of nervous.

Daddy looked at the cup noodles on the table and then at me. He probably noticed the eaten cup of noodles that was placed nearby where I usually sat. He gave a slight smile and asked if that cup of noodles was for him. I nervously nodded once. He then patted my head as he slowly took a seat by the table and started eating the cup of noodles. You know it was already big and soggy, right? How could you still eat that? I asked him at one point.

Daddy did not say a word but continued to give me a sad smile. He then rubbed my head with his large hand while thanking me for the meal. He then asked if I had any problems with my homework. What do you mean by problems? I have tons of them! Daddy thus helped me with my homework (especially maths) for the rest of the day.

In the end, everything ended well. Oh, did I mention that today was a rather cloudy day? It probably wasn't a good day to go to the zoo anyways! See you next time, diary!


-Katou Umi