16 September 2016 – Cloudy with a forecast of rain
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16 September 2016


Dear diary,


It has already been two weeks since I had you. I have been writing in my entries daily, I start to worry if there would be enough pages for us. Daddy has mentioned that he could get another diary if I am finished with writing you, but both you and I know that you are the only one who I will confide my secrets to! By the way, Thomas-sensei thought us how to properly use the word 'confide' today. I am sure it makes me sound rather smart as well!

Well, today was rather uneventful as school was mostly boring besides Thomas-sensei's class. Recess was just the usual where I would guess what is in my pink lunchbox. Sadly, today's meal was just leftovers from yesterday night as there were two soggy riceballs and some seaweed side dish along with some octopus wieners. I guess daddy was too busy recently. It is completely understandable.

One of my classmates, Ruri-chan was complaining to me about how my lunch looks so dull and boring, unlike hers. She revealed to me a large black square lunch box filled with many delicious-looking things. I am not sure what they are made of since I haven't seen them before, but the smell was good. She continued to boast about the meal her mother prepared for her on and on. She was so annoying! I did my best to ignore her as much as possible, I really did.

But then, she said it. That I was just a child that had no mother. Nobody likes me. That is not true! I know plenty of people that like me! Daddy! Thomas-sensei! You too, diary! I am not an unwanted child! She is clearly just taunting me! The rest of her group agreed with her as they continued to insult me. Stop making fun of me, when you know nothing about me!

Anyways, I got angry. I pushed Ruri-chan away from my desk. Both of our lunchboxes fell to the ground. Ruri-chan herself ended up crying because of it. The rest of her group was shocked and in the end, they brought the homeroom teacher, Minase-sensei. I was scolded by the teacher whilst Ruri was still crying. Her groupies began to make up a story of how they tried to include me into their group to have lunch together but I harshly rejected them while pushing Ruri away. What liars they are! I hate every single one of them!

Minase-sensei scolded me pretty harshly, I was almost crying by the end of it. She even told me that she would bring daddy to have a serious conversation about my behavior. I begged her not to do so. I was not feeling guilty, not one bit. Yet, I did not want to trouble daddy over my school life. Daddy already leaves for work before I wake up, and returns home after I go to sleep. I do not want to trouble him any further by making him busier! In the end, I received a scolding and threat before I was released from the staff room.

By the time I have left, it was already five in the evening. Looking up into the sky, there were many dark clouds hanging above. It looks like it is about to rain as I could feel a light drizzle upon my hands. I quickly went to grab my rucksack as I ran out of the classroom, I had to hurry home before it started to rain.

I am sorry, diary. I do not feel like talking anymore today.


-Katou Umi

I can feel my brain cells dying as I write like this, oh well. The life of being bullied huh.