25 September 2016 – Raining
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25 September 2016


Dear Diary,


It has been almost a month. I have been writing about our journey for a while. Today is the day daddy has set up some time for us to go to the zoo. He had already prepared the complete itenery and we are going to set out in the morning! I cannot wait! We have already checked the weather forecast yesterday and everything is all clear! A- Okay!

Today, there should not be any more hiccups! We would go to the zoo today! Retsu go! Mr. Zebra, Mr. Giraffe, Ms. Hippo, Umi will be coming for you all!

-Is what I would like to say. But when the both of us leave the house today, the clouds were black and angry. Daddy said that perhaps the forecast yesterday was wrong. I was really sad about this. Looking at the dark sky, chances are we would not be able to enjoy much of a trip even if we set out now. I was really looking forward to this trip. (Sad face)

Daddy patted my head as he told me that it is okay. He took out his phone as he began to search for something. I waited patiently as he began scrolling through his phone with a serious expression on his face. "Okay then, let us go to an indoor aquarium today!" he said. Therefore, the two of us took a train to the Edogawa Ward to go to the Tokyo Sea Life Park!

The journey there took about 45 minutes, but it was worth it! We both hurried as we skipped past all the outdoor attractions as we entered the glass dome before the rain started pelting down. It was a rush! Anyways, we both managed to reach the indoor part of the aquarium park before the rain fell heavily. The both of us were slightly wet from the drizzle, but it is daijoubu!

The rest of the day proceeded smoothly as we walked around the indoor aquarium. There were many colorful fishes in the aquarium which were behind large glass walls! I was surprised by the view! Who knew that a large bathtub could appear to be so beautiful! Daddy pointed out several fishes as he called their names. Tiger sharks, tunas, angelfish, clownfish, seadragon...there were many weird and wonderful names! All of a sudden, a giant floormat came up close to me as it watched from the other side of the glass wall. A manta ray, daddy said. This big ray lingered around for a few moments, just enough time for both daddy and me to take a picture with it! There were even a few dolphins that swam past us!

We walked past many of these glass walls as I looked and drawn many pictures of them. I shall place one of them into you, diary, so you won't forget about them! By the time we were done with our expolaration, it was already the evening. The rain had ended while we were walking around the aquarium. At the end of the day, daddy said sorry for not being able to bring me to the zoo despite making the promise for a few weeks. But to me, this does not matter at all. Be it the fishes or animals, nothing is more amazing than spending the entire day with daddy around!

Therefore, dear diary you do not have to feel sorry for Umi at all. Umi is very happy today! It was raining for most of the day, but Umi had lots of fun today! Talk to you soon!


-Katou Umi

Umi's aquarium trip with daddy