Chapter 13: Additional Condition
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Ye Jingyi realised why she is so confident, It turns out that there is something called Spiritual Fluctuation.

He read this in the Book before but he was not quite clear about the concept, Without actually seeing this.

From Hui Ying words he realises that these potions have Spiritual Fluctuation.

But the one he has made does not have Spiritual Frequency.

But it does not mean that It cannot help in Cultivation.

Its effect is even better than the one made by spiritual energy.

It's that process of making both of them are different.

"Oh? Are you sure about that? The. Why don't we add another condition?" Thinking of this he asked this, But his face showed a trace of panic.

Since you think that this does not works then don't blame me for taking more advantage.

Hui Ying saw a trace of panic on his face, She was happy inside do you think you can fool me with this?

Do you think I will ask out just because of an additional Condition?

Naive! You are too tender to fool me!

Hui Ying thought to herself proudly, Yet she didn't know that she fell straight into Ye Jingyi trap.

"Why not? Let's add another condition, The loser will have to follow the winners order unconditionally, do you dare to bet?" Hui Ying raised the condition this time.

She wanted to use this Condition to make Ye Jingyi enter Closed-door cultivation. For 100 years, No it will be too long, 10 years, yes 10 years should be fine.

He cannot do anything to her during that time.

Ye Jingyi was dumbfounded after hearing the condition that she proposed. It's practically assisting him.

He didn't know whether to be happy or speechless after seeing, This will make the bet in his favour.

Poor Hui Ying is practically increasing her punishment.

"Let's go, why not? But are you sure?" Ye Jingyi pretended to wipe the sweat from his forehead and appeared flustered.

Hui Ying felt happy seeing this, Looks like the win is in my hand now.

She saw that Ye Jingyi wanted to say something again and said, "Don't waste the time now, I will use the potion you made to see its effect then the facts will be clear about who won and who lost."

She said this and opened the bottle hurriedly and poured the lotion on her hand.

Although the potion of this level cannot benefit her she can now its effect after using this.

That's enough for her, After she won she will tell Ye Jingyi to go into Closed-door cultivation for 10 years.

In 10 years he should reach the Core Formation realm.

At that time it doesn't matter if he tinkers with Alchemy and tries to become one.

She felt that Alchemy is not a profession for Ye Jingyi because his flames are violent.

It's not good for cultivation if he uses those flames for Alchemy then all the material will become charred in just a few seconds.

His Flames are more suitable for battle, It does not mean that he has no future in Alchemy.

But it will take a lot of time and effort to achieve something.

After she poured the Lotion in her hand, She carefully scanned the lotion with her spiritual sense.

But she could not find any traces of spiritual energy in this.

Sure enough, Looks like my win is confirmed.

"See, I won this has no spiritual energy in it, So how can it help the cultiva--" Halfway through her eyes were wide open and she was dumbfounded.

She looked at her hand with a dumbfounded look.

Just now she felt a trace of spiritual energy entering her body through her hands.

That's why she felt incredible, A potion with no spiritual energy can help her absorb spiritual energy.

And in such a short time, on top of that, she didn't feel an itch or discomfort on her skin.

That means what Ye Jingyi said is right, This potion has no side effects.

She still remembers the first time she used this potion she gave up because of the discomfort and itch.

That would it took her a long time, But with this potion, she is sure that she can enter the Body Forging stage in just 10 days.

That is the value of this potion, And Ye Jingyi made it without spiritual energy, it's incredible!

"What it's working, right?" At this time she heard this sentence.

She replied subconsciously, "Yes, and the effect is better than you described."

"That means you lost right?" She heard this sentence and was dumbfounded.

Yes, she lost!

She looked up and saw that Ye Jingyi was looking at her with a smirk.

She had a bad feeling when she saw this smirk.

What bad plan he is brewing in his mind?

"Wh-what do you want?" She panicked when she saw him walking toward her.

"Oh? Do you want to go back on her word? Sigh, I can't do anything about that, You are a mighty cultivator and I am just a mortal! I cannot even protest." Ye Jingyi gave a sad sigh.

Hui Ying ground her teeth when she saw this, He is forcing her even further by saying this.

Now she realised that she has been fooled by Ye Jingyi for the whole time.

he knew that the potion will work, But he pretended to panicked.

It was all routine to make her fall into the trap.

"Who said I am going back on my words? Tell me! what do you want me to do?" Hui Ying bit her lips and decided to be cruel.

Anyway, she lost everything to her, It's doesn't matter if he does anything again.

"Let's go inside or do you want to do it he-"

"Let's go inside" Hui Ying shouted with shame, This person is crazy, He wants to do that outside.

Shameless! Pervert!

After she walked inside nervously, She saw that Ye Jingyi closed the door and walked in front of her.

Hui Ying grabbed the corner of her clothes nervously.

She heard him saying, "Kneel!"

She was dumbfounded when she heard this, kneel?

She looked up and saw that Ye Jingyi has an excited smirk on his face, She felt flustered for some reason.

She recollects that she once read something similar in the book that describes the relationship between men and women.

In this position, you kneel and serve your husband using your hand and...

Her face became red as a tomato, Her earlobes were red too.

Does he want me to do that? She was ashamed thinking of this.

"What? do you want to go back on your words? Now kneel and extend your hands!" 

It's the same as a book! Hui Ying thought inside, She bit her lips and decided to do it in the end.

No way! Who told her to lose against Ye Jingyi, Now she has to fulfil the bet.

She kneeled in front of Ye Jingyi and lifted her trembling hands. She closed her eyes tightly, daring not to look at the scene that was going to happen now!

She opened her cherry lips and stuck out her small tongue. 

That is what she read in the book, this is the correct method.