Chapter 16: Happy cooperation!
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Although Hui Ying said this calmly, Inside she was very surprised because.

She didn't feel any spiritual fluctuation from the clothes that Ye Jingyi was wearing but it was able to withstand 60% of her attack with just little damage.

No wonder he wanted to make this for self-protection, It can certainly protect him from danger at critical times.

Of course, it also depends upon the cultivation of the attacker. If she as a Peak Nascent Soul cultivator attacks him with all of the power she can still destroy it.

But why would a nascent soil or higher realm cultivator attack him, A mortal with no cultivation base?

"This thing you are wearing, Did you make it yourself?" Hui Ying asked this question.

Today she was surprised by Ye Jingyi again and again. First, it was a potion and now this.

When she brought Ye Jingyi it was only for his Divine body and the fact that they had dual cultivation.

But now she felt that Unknowingly she had picked up a treasure, Can improve medicinal potion even without cultivation base, And now there is another Combat suit he made that can block the attack of Nascent soul Cultivator.

She saw a value in the combat suit If it can be mass-produced. And every disciple can get this…

"Yes, I made this, But it cannot be mass-produced because I lack necessary materials and Energy sources." Ye Jingyi knew Hui Ying's thoughts, So he directly told that he cannot produce them right now.

And what he said is true, If there are necessary materials he can mass produce it, But he cannot do it now.

First comes self-protection, And if something becomes too common it will lose its value, He knows this.

There is no such existence of technology in this world, He is not willing to make nano suits for others, He is not a saint.

Of course, he can make Nano suits for the people he trusts like Hui Ying, Although he spends little time with her, He feels that he can trust her, Mainly because they have a special bond.

And he needs her help if he wants to set up a base in the cultivation world.

Yes, He wanted to make a power of his own in this cultivation world, Since has come here he should achieve something.

After that experiment, he knew that technology and Cultivation could be combined.

With technology, cultivation would become easier, And with Cultivation technology can become much more powerful.

He has already decided the location of the base in his mind. He is going to make a base in this sect, Which Hui Ying mentioned many times.

And he is going to collect more data about cultivation and this universe.

Ye Jingyi felt excited thinking about this, It's like he is going to clash two civilizations together.

What will be the outcome in the end?

"Do you mean as long as there are materials you can make more of these armaments?" Hui Ying caught the meaning of his words, He just lacks materials now, so if there are sufficient materials he can make more of these armaments.

"Yes, I can make more but only for you, not for other people." Ye Jingyi didn't deny her but said this.

Hui Ying was startled after hearing him, But then she understood his meaning, "It's good that you are cautious, Don't tell anyone about this armament of yours, Save it as your trump card for a critical situation, And I have no use for this armament, It cannot protect me."

She knows if people knew about this armament, They would rush to grab it.

Although she didn't think that there are people like that in the sect it is better to be cautious just in case.

Greed makes people blind, They will not care about the relationship after they see the benefit.

She knows the nature of the cultivation world, But inside she felt happy because Ye Jingyi showed this to her.

That means he trusts her, Which is enough to make her happy.

"But I can make more potions, If you want, I can cooperate with you, For that." Ye Jingyi felt that if he wants to develop quickly, Then he can't just depend upon Hui Ying for spiritual energy.

He needs more power generators, Even if they are of low cultivation it's fine.

With numbers, he can make up the difference, Therefore he wanted to exchange Potion for people.

Of course, he would not take them. He is not a human trafficker, But he could borrow them in the name of research. It's a win and win situation for both parties.

Hui Ying's eyes brightened after she heard this. That potion is a good thing, if she can get it for the disciples of her hall then it will be good.

Hui Ying understood that Ye Jingyi wanted to cooperate with her, But she wanted to know details about this.


Ye Jingyi nodded and explained the cooperation.

The cooperation is simple. All he needs is materials and people and he will make a potion for Hui Ying.

And he would only borrow people for spiritual energy, But the people themselves should be trustworthy, This is his main requirement.

In this way, he can get research data and collect enough AMT for emergencies and will have a steady supply of energy for production.

Hui Ying felt that cooperation is simple and easy for her.

She just needs to send people to supply Spiritual energy like today and provide materials for potions, And the materials themselves are not rare.

She can get them easily, And she will get Potions. With just a little effort she can get potion easily.

But she feels that Ye Jingyi is making a loss, He has to do all the work and she is taking the benefits in the end.

But there is no way she has to consider her disciples too...

"You will make a loss if you do this." In the end, Hui Ying still said that it's too unfair for Ye Jingyi and wanted to add something to the agreement.

"You are already mine, So how can I make a loss?"

Hui Ying, "..."

It makes sense, She had no way to retort this sentence, Anway let's do this.

Even if he is lost she can compensate him in other ways.

"Okay, let's do it!" Since the decision is being made then there is no need for hesitation.

"Happy cooperation!"

"Happy cooperation!"

Both of them shook their hand, And now Hui Ying is representing the sect to cooperate with Ye Jingyi.

"Now that the cooperation is set, We need some celebration.." Ye Jingyi smirked and didn't let go of her hand and pulled her into his arms.

"No…I still have some work to do.." Ye Jingyi didn't give her time to speak and sealed her mouth with a kiss.

After kissing them for a few minutes he released her.

Her clothes were already in disarray, And her face was red as a tomato, she was panting for breath.

She tried to push Ye Jingyi away and said," I still have work remaining to do, Otherwise master will scold me."

Ye Jingyi whispered in her ears, " You played with fire before, Now it's time to pay the bill you want to run? It's not possible."

He pressed her on the bed and started kissing her again….

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