Chapter 17: Heavenly Cloud Sect!
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After the huge battle with Hui Ying, Ye Jingyi wanted to start the business.

According to Hui Ying's request, he is going to make a potion first.

But before that, he has to consider a serious problem that Hui Ying mentioned to him.

What's the name of the Potion that he made?

He was surprised to hear tho, Yes what's the name of the potion?

He is not good at naming stuff, So he decided the name should be 'Strength enhancer Upgraded version'!

Ye Jingyi is a follower of the 'short and simple motto'. Although this name is not short, It's simple and easy to remember.

But Hui Ying rejected this, saying that it's too long, Ye Jingyi didn't want to drag his matter for long so he named the potion a strengthening potion.

It came into his mind that the name of the potion is not similar to the effect of the potion.

But he tossed this thought aside, Now he has more important things to do.

To make potions he needs Spiritual herbs, Hui Ying volunteered to bring the herb, But Ye Jingyi denied this and said he would go with her.

He wanted to see around, He never went out during this period, So he wanted to take this chance to learn about this world. He asked Hui Ying, "Hui Ying, What's the name of this sect?"

He heard from Hui Ying previously that the Elders of the sect would scold her If she didn't complete her work in time.

So he knew that they were in a sect.

Hui Ying was startled after hearing him. How can he not know about the sect?

But then she remembered that she never mentioned anything about the sect since coming here. It's all because of him, He always does an improper thing before she can complete proper business.

Hui Ying then started to talk about her sect, The name Sect is Heavenly Cloud Sect. It's one of the top four sects in the east of the Azure Dao Continent.

It can be considered as a powerful sect in the east, But if you look at the level of the Continent, It's just some high-level sect. It has still not reached the level of Top Sects.

The sect has existed for around 6,000 Years, So it's not surprising that there are many inheritances relating to various fields like Refining Dao, Array Dao, Alchemy Dao, Sword Dao, Etc.

There are many halls in the sect, Like Alchemy Hall, Sword Hall, Etc. Disciples can choose various halls according to their preferences, Of Course, there are tests before one can enter a specific hall like Alchemy Hall.

After listening to Hui Ying, Ye Jingyi roughly understood the structure of the sect and the continent they are living in.

Ye Jingyi didn't ask more about the world, Or it will seem that he knows nothing, If he knows nothing then how can he survive in this world till now? It will be too suspicious.

He learned from Hui Ying that there is a hall that stores information. Like a library, He can go there to learn more about this world.

But for now, they have reached the medicinal garden, Where all the herbs are grown.

He came here for two purposes, First to take the herbs needed for the potion and the other is to collect data about different herbs and plants here, To see if there is something that he needs.

He arrived near the gate and saw that Hui Ying ook out a jade from somewhere and fiddled with it for a while.

And then he saw the gate in front of him opened automatically, He was startled after seeing this.

Hui Ying looked at Ye Jin Yi's surprised expression and said with a smile, "Surprised? This Is a protection array, if someone tries to enter without authorization, The Array will activate and trap the person inside."

It turns out to be an array! Ye Jingyi thought to himself, He has made Archie record all the data and saw that according to the data this array is similar to the Electromagnetic Wall in the previous world, Only similar not the same, There are many differences but he did not have time to study now, He glanced around for the last time and entered the area with Hui Ying.

After he entered the array, what came into his vision was a huge plot of land filled with plays of various sizes.

Ye Jingyi was not sure how long it would take to manage or clean this large piece of land.

He took a deep breath and felt refreshed, It should be related to the Spiritual energy of the herbs, Which made him refreshed.

Seeing so many plants around him, Ye Jingyi couldn't want any longer and started to scan and compare all the herbs with the Help of Archie.

Hui Ying followed Ye Jingyi and explained to him the details of herb growing.

He knows that Growing herbs is not the same as planting trees or crops. They have their specific methods, Which require fulfilling various criteria to grow an excellent herb.

In this cultivation world, it is even more complicated. Different herbs need a different environment to grow safely. According to Hui Ying, some herbs even need cultivators to use their spiritual energy to let them grow.

So there is a specific profession related to the growth of the spiritual herbs in this cultivation world, Called Spiritual Masters. Spiritual Masters have different techniques for planting, stimulating herbs, removing insects and diseases, and improving the herbal medicine level.

There are even techniques to speed up the growth of a herb.

All the spiritual masters devote their lives to studying herbs and their growth.

Ye Jingyi listened to Hui Ying with great interest. He didn't expect there would be a profession like this in the Cultivation universe.

To him, they are like a research group. He would like to meet people like this.

[Today's chapter, the Second volume starts from this chapter.

The introduction of the world is given and about the sect too]