Chapter 19: You are trying to kill your second disciple.
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Ye Jingyi walked with Hui Ying and saw a hall in front of him.

It is a place where he was going to meet Hui Ying master, Nine Cloud Hall.

He was not nervous or anything before meeting her master, He was just surprised he was called so early.

He estimated that he would be called after the potion will become popular, But now he hasn't even started the production.

"After you go in don't say anything unnecessary, Just leave everything to me!" Before they entered Hui Ying said to him in a low voice and tension was visible in her voice.

Ye Jingyi frowned after he heard her, Isn't this just between him and her master? Then why is she nervous right now?

But he did not have a chance to ask the question as they have already entered the hall. 

There were several people inside the hall, Looks likes it's not a normal meet, Ye Jingyi thought to himself as he looked at all the people present here.

All of them were old people, With white hair and beard, At this moment two of the old men were quarrelling with each other.

"Master, what happened?" Hui Ying shouted at one of the old men who was quarrelling.

After Hui Ying said this, For a while, the great hall fell into silence.

Everyone looked at Hui Ying and Ye Jingyi together, Specifically, they were sizing him up.

Ye Jingyi felt that hairs stand on the end of his body, He felt standing naked in front of so many people, All of his secrets are gone in front of these people.

After looking at him for a few seconds everyone's eyes moved from him and they looked at Hui Ying.

Hui Ying master, That's is an old man wearing white robe looked at her and said, "Disciple good that you came here, This old freak wanted to take your potion for himself And wanted to swallow all of your profits But your teacher stood up for you and scolded that greedy bastard." 

Hui Ying master pointed at the old man wearing a red robe and cursed him unceremoniously.

Ye Jingyi gasped after hearing him, He didn't show a bit of mercy in front of so many people

And it's related to the potion, Ye Jingyi frowned, Production has not even started and trouble is here.

"Surname Li! Who are you calling shameless?" The old man in red robes, Shouted at

Hui Ying master Li Qiang.

"Old thief Shoi-Ming! I am calling you shameless greedy bastard! Did you heard it this time?" Li Qiang pointed at Shoi Ming the old man in red robes and cursed him again.

"You--" Shoi Mings face was red after seeing that Li Qiang Called him shameless in front of so many people.

"Stop it, Both of you! In front of disciples, you are just embarrassing yourself." At this time a middle-aged man sitting in the main seat shouted at both of them.

A middle-aged man is the sect leader of the Heavenly Cloud sect. His name is Yuan Jun.

At his time, he looked at Shoi Ming and Li Qiang and both of them quiet down instantly.

This is the majesty of a sect leader, Even though Shoi Ming wanted to say something he held his back, He will only embarrassing himself if he still argued after listening to the sect master.

After looking at them, Yuan Jun looked at Hui Ying and said, "Little Ying, Today you were called because of the potion that you gave to your master."

After saying this he looked at Li Qiang motioning him to continue.

Li Qiang nodded and said to Hui Ying, "Disciple after you send me the potion, After I checked the potion myself and It's amazing. So without delay, I came to the sect leader to get permission for all the materials to make the potion, But then this greedy old thief jumped out and said that he wants the prescriptions for the potion and wanted to make it by himself to swallow all the profit."

He pointed at Shoi Ming and said, After hearing Li Qiang Ye Jingyi understood the reason and looked at Shoi Ming with despise in his eyes.

But that was only for a moment, This person should have to know the market potential of the strengthening potion, So he wanted to take it by himself.

"Bullshit! Who wants to swallow the profit I just wanted to contribute to the sect, In our Alchemy hall there are over a thousand Alchemists, who can make this potion fast with high efficiency. It's waste in your Disciples hands anyway, She cannot produce Potion for the who sect with just a few people she has. And she has no Alchemist under her, so doing it will be a waste of precious materials." Shoi Ming argued with Li Qiang and started telling the reason behind this.

"Huh? Who are you calling useless? You old donkey!" Li Qiang suddenly entered into rage mode and the hall started to tremble, Ye Jingyi felt that there was a mountain on his back.

It's good that the pressure only lasted for a moment and then kt was back to normal, He looked up and saw that Hui Ying had arrived in front of Li Qiang and shouted, "Master you are trying to kill your second disciple!"

Li Qiang was stunned after hearing Hui Ying, the Second disciple? when did I accept another disciple?

Even Yuan Jun and Shoi Ming we're confused after hearing this, Second disciple?

But then they looked at Ye Jingyi because he is the only person that Hui Ming should be referring to.

"Disciple, Don't talk nonsense, I will never accept a male disciple in my life, If he was some cute girl then I would have accepted him as a disciple but sadly he is not, So no! He is not my disciple."

Li Qiang rejected when he looked at Ye Jingyi. 

Ye Jingyi felt confused when everyone looked at him, But he was dumbfounded after hearing Li Qiang, He was being rejected by an old man?