SS – Devotion (1)
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Hey! I left you on a bit of a cliff last chapter. But I couldn't find the motivation to continue that chapter. Instead I felt motivated to write this side chapter. It will cover the changes that miles has gone over and his devotion to the ones who showed him the light. That means he will go a bit nuts later on! It relates to the current arc(don't know if I can call it that) so the side chapters should be over by the time the Neo arc is. An announcement relating to the chapter updates, I am considering writing on my phone again. The reason for the long delays is since I have been writing the series on my computer lately. When I had consistent uploads it was on my phone. The quality and structure of the chapters is usually better when I write on the pc so I'll leave a poll regarding this matter.

A short 20 or so years ago, Elementum Island was filled with battles. It was an environment where only the strong could survive. Perhaps due to the current peace, or maybe due to the parents’ wariness and fear of the past; in only 20 years it has been almost all forgotten. However, one person still holds it firmly in his memory, as a time of pain and suffering.

Miles Bass, a sound power holder. However, unlike the others of his type his power had a unique twist. It could be used to communicate; It was essentially telepathy. While some might rejoice in olden times, in a world with modern technology, where the strong rule, he was deemed useless.

Around the age of 7 years old, when kids start to harness their powers, miles was faced by constant harassment from classmates. He could not do anything to stop them, he was stuck being subjected to pain for the others twisted enjoyment. Or so it seemed to him, those kids only did what the adults did, there was no malice. Miles saw it as an evil act and resented their actions.

Even at home he was subject to punishment. His own parents despised him. They were saddened by how weak and pathetic their son was. Many questioned how things turned out that way, after all, his parents were well known for their strength. To give birth to such a useless son was simply unfathomable.

As a result, Miles was forced to adapt from an early age to the harshness of reality. He had to learn to outsmart his peers. From a young age, he took up research as a daily activity. He would not succumb to the circumstances. At first, this worked wonderfully. He used words and traps to trick the other kids. He used his surroundings to the fullest to get away and keep himself safe.

However, as time passed and the kids grew, the strategy became less effective. With time, his peers grew accustomed to their powers, they could control it better and were as a result stronger. No matter how far he ran, no matter how hard he tried, they still managed to catch him.

It was a daily routine for him to go home all beaten up only to be cursed out by his parents for his weakness. He learned despair at the young age of 10.

He struggled and struggled to attempt to catch up to his peers. His research had not brought results, he was only 10 after all. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t escape that vicious cycle.

On the verge of giving up, one day while he ran away from some classmates he bumped into someone. He was a tall man, he had a rather distinguished face, it suggested extraordinary calmness. He fell on his butt after accidentally running into him.

He quickly apologised and tried to be on his way, he could not afford to stall. Not to mention that man was likely to beat him up too.  Or so he thought.

“Hey kid hold it!”[Tall man]

“I apologise but I must go!”[Miles]

He dashed off only to be immediately caught by someone in front of him. It was one of his classmates, he specializes in speed.

“Miles, aren’t you in too big a rush? We merely called out to you, and now you caused trouble for the mister too!” He snickered as he said,”Looks like we will have to teach you a lesson after all”[Classmate 1]

“H-H-How… How did you catch up”[Miles]

Miles stuttered as he fell backwards trying to run from where he came.

“It’s too easy to catch up to useless trash like you, aren’t you getting tired of playing this game?”[Classmate 1]

“He’s right you know? Sit still will ya? I am already tired of running!”[Classmate 2]

Miles was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder and thrown against the ground by the second classmate. Miles tried to call for help from anyone nearby with his telepathy in a moment of desperation.

Unfortunately, like any other time, he doubted it would yield results. How ironic, he had the power to communicate but nobody would listen. He had no friends after all. His family did not care for him, as a matter of fact, once they found out about his defect, his mother was once again pregnant. They had planned to replace him.

The man was simply observing, seemingly analyzing the situation.

“Hey, You should stop now. I’ll handle this.”[Tall man]

The man let out a strong killing intent towards the kids, miles included.

“Aah… sure…”[Classmate 1]

Miles’ classmates quickly ran away leaving Miles to deal with the man and his murderous aura.

“I-I’m sorry!” [Miles] He cried on his knees, he dared not look up.

‘Is this how I die?’

“HAHAHAHA! Don’t worry, I have no bad intentions. It was only meant to scare those kids away. Now we can talk.”[Tall man]

Miles finally looked up at the man with his fuzzy vision, he saw a charming smile coming from the distinguished figure.


Miles slowly slowly got off his knees while still trembling.

“Do you know why I helped you?”[Tall man]


“I saw your potential. You can do great things, you see,,,” He seemed a bit hesitant but decided to continue anyways,”My friends and I are going to end this. We will create a more peaceful and equal world. Sounds crazy right?”[Tall man]

Miles was yet to look at the man’s face as he listened. After a long pause, the man continued.

“I know you can help us with that goal. Others may not have noticed it but… I can see your unwavering determination. Many would have given up the moment they are faced with an obstacle. But you seemed to have persevered, I am afraid if I didn’t help you would soon give up though… A bit of a contradiction but I hope I made the right choice. Keep on doing your best to survive, when the time comes I hope you’ll help us better the future. We’ve been gathering many like you, people with aspirations for change.”[Tall man]

Miles was confused. Change the future? Could he really do that? How could he do it. He looked at the man’s face looking for an answer to his unsolvable riddle.

However, the man was preparing to leave, he was walking away exuding an aura of confidence. It felt as though his words may come to pass after all. That was all miles needed to see in order to strengthen his will. He decided to work harder, he would find a way to fix his weakness.