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A rift had opened at the border.  A window between worlds.  Foreign spirits began to pour through, catching the denizens in their wake.  A sense of uncertainty had built around it, and the rift began to form two pillars.  A gate.  A passage.

The serpent shifted warily.  Its most distant roots probed the barrier, and slowly encroached on the portal.

It received… a shock.  A sense of pressure emanated from the gate itself, and through it another with an irrefutable presence.  Theirs so strong that the weave of spirits honed and morphed.  Slipping between its probes.

This gate was formed of the adamantine shell itself.  The foundation of this world.  As far as the serpent knew, It’s kind were the only ones that would survive in contact with that material.  Nonetheless, the presence flowing through the gate was palpable.

What was more worrying, was that which flowed in return, to a place the serpent could not follow.

A pillar was fixed to the adamantine crust.  An anchor.  A ward.  A shield that guarded against and maintained passage between worlds.  At its heart the serpent was bound to protect it - The ward, and its territory - however it could not stop the exchange of spirits.  A necessary process that allowed the realm to renew and feed.  Without it, any and all entities - living or inanimate - would deteriorate.  The only surer thing being time itself.

The serpent sighed.  There were things of this world that weren’t worth arguing about.  That either could not be controlled, or would not be bargained with.

I looked over my shoulder.  That snake was plotting something.  Nevertheless, I basked in a wave of nostalgia.  I have finally broken through.  My other half had awakened.  I must admit, my own self doubt had been a co-conspirater.  Her gifts had been ransomed against a threat that defied the reaper.

I have been wounded before.  To lose her would be to sacrifice my own life force in spite.  In order to keep from losing myself to grief, our bond was burdened heavily.  I cannot say enough just how dismaying it was.  The toll it took on this world and ours.  I tolerated the likes of ignorance and negligence for too long.  Waiting for a resolution that could only come from within.

Wind scattered the ash, and uncovered the likes of ancestry.  Fire burned away the shadows on my mind.  Now the water soothed my pride.  Earth would come, but to each a time of their own.

My love, we have much catching up to do.  Until the day we meet face to face, know that you are all beautiful in my eyes.