Departed norm – Erosion
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Drought and flood.

Ebb and flow.

Leech from the earth and bind to the sky.  The wall that bars the flames yet absorbs all.  Harness your inner beauty and cast the world in your spectra.

Wards of the emperor - Guardians of the fallen - Elemental arbitrators.

I felt my consciousness break down.  A light pulled from my body.  Spasms wracked me as it was, stripped of my defenses.  In their place, wedges were driven through me.  In spite of my panic they formed an unshakable platform.  Fear gave way to composure.  There was a creeping beneath my skin, filling the cracks and stoking my attentions.

This isn’t.. . | , ,,so bad.

Where the plants took root, water began to fill.  Blades of twisting currents burrowed deeper, clawing and worrying the earth.  Piece by piece, each element was unbound and surrounded.  Lifted and carried into the flows.

Layers of settlement, wear and complexity peeled back.  Deepening the space and unlocking secrets and bonds from the land.  Aloft in their ancient stanzas.  Divided from the sun, from land, from air.

Until there was only water.  Yet there was everything.  Set apart yet impacting one another.  Waves of force permeated the waters, moulding countless structure in their wake.  Through this, potential bled out from one object to another.  Roots from beyond the physical world.  Connecting and branching between one another until the flood reached it peak.

Eddies began to rise and carry parts through different elevation.  Water draining from below and setting the constructs upon each other.  Contacts formed and these remote connection began to ripple and bind.  A pressure and condition unique in their landing.

The drafts reached their limits.  The claws and pools of water withdrawing and evaporating from the depths.  Wind and earth reunited to a vengeful firmament.  Embrittlement and atrophied, found were the delicate planes and constructs of the surface world.

When again the water flowed, the prior formations dissolved readily, feeding their next generations.  Self-evident to their faults.  Rivers tinged with the colors of their past, and omens of the future to come.

The sun pierced the veil.  Burning through delicacies and tempting the hues of land and sky.  The surface was driven back, but not so unwittingly.  Seeds and repositories fell, catching in the roots and blocking the plague.  Wear and fatigue were collected as a sign of retention to be.

A rainbow, a network of design about the flow and flare alike.  The latent elements held at bay, yet spoken for in ramification.

Well that was unexpected.  Here I thought I was on a vacation from writing and this just… happens?  Whatever happened to the jargon I lock away in my closet?

(We cleared that space IRL.  Never underestimate the impact of clutter and aesthetic.  These are where the weapons of the waking mind are handled.  When you stockpile, take a good long lookout for usefulness.  Make the space your own and motivation your first priority.  Stress brings problems into the world.  Neglect perpetuates them.)