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Long hair.  While it poses its own challenges, it is - for the sake of consistency - easier for me.  Life is laced with problems.  How we confront them defines us.  Knowledge is power, yet there is a balance between conventional bias and that of intuition.

I’m here to develop that balance.

Presently, I’m being looked down on by bullies.  Would they grab my hair?  Sabotage my skill base?  Not this group.  To regarding my abilities, compromise just is.  The good and the bad.  We are responsible for what we do and do not tolerate, the mistakes that are forgiven...

A shadow is cast over me.  Instability in their stance, and bold gestures stripping away the layers before their contempt.

...and the challenges we pose.  I rose from my seat.  Keeping my head down, yet planting my hands firmly against the desk, heaving beneath my resolution.

There are those who know better than to get involved in hostility.  There are those who fear me.  There are those who lack confidence in their approach.  There are those who do not condone what I am going through.

The bully’s brow rose, yet tightened, “You wanna go, missy?”

“There are those I stand for, who make mistakes, and need the space to work out their own issues.  I’ll give you that.  I’ve made my own mistakes.  My hair?  My clothes?  I’ve done things you wouldn’t dare to speak of, and I thank you for leaving such things be.” I rise to my full height, “But this space?  This-?” I reach forward, clawing the air, “Exchange?”

In my hand, a bauble of light forms.  Trails of light linking myself and the one before me.  This is my ability.  Familiar resonance consolidation.  The reason I am so slow and reserved.

The stream between us represents the life force between our emotional states.  Pinned beneath my fingers, it shivers.  Cause and ideals clashing per the difference in our experiences.  The bully pulled back physically, but their attention was trapped.  Pacified.

“The part of you that enjoys life.  That treats and aligns with the company.  I respect you well enough to leave that up to you.” I tilted to one side, “But that means I have to trust you.  That I and the people around me are safe, that includes you and yours.  If this tirade suits you, so be it.  But for whatever you have to throw under the bus, think very carefully about who you get involved with.”

Releasing my hand, I raised both arms up and out.  The energy in the bond loosened, shedding its teeth, and sending them darting across the room in an array of energy, “This is the carrot.  Don’t mess with the stick.”


(FRC is not the same as ability steal, but it does harvest energy and structure from what people do with theirs.  Over time, elements and philosophies are absorbed and adopted, enhancing skills and knowledge universally.  Structured energy can be converted directly into focus/intent.  Major downside: 5 second universal warmup and cool-down times for all skills and attentions.  Any energy below this threshold does not gain benefits for its structure.  All forms of latent energy (trace elements) are recorded as stress.  Under relevant conditions (composition), these structures are replicated.)