Water – Melt (demo)
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This has been perhaps the most vexing arc to get off the ground.  In absence of the infrastructure between creatures of magic, myth and fantasy, It’s been particularly hard for new characters to take root.  (Same with sci-fi and mecha though.  Their individuality determines how resources are expressed, how they behave, and what parts of the setting are tapped into.)  I don’t call a chapter complete until I’ve captured that dynamic, and afforded them definition in their own right.

(Don’t worry, this chapter does not contain any spoilers - outside of features previously sampled.  It’s more of a teaser for upcoming content, hence the drafts and demo’s file.)

The reefs give way to trenches and sheer faces.  Upon them roams the tidal waves and steady currents, but with them dives the surface of the ocean.  A torrent that never breaks, held fast to earth behind, yet shifting and rippling like the cloak of a giant.  These walls move, apparent to the naked eye, surging and pivoting with supernatural grace.  Cavities deep within the earth, they flow, and likewise their limits as they meet extend far into the heavens.  Cutting the skies and prying the land.  The dance of the curtain only becomes more elaborate as it nears the heart of the sea.  Splitting reef and rock, smashing them against one another and smothering them against the cliffs.

Within these ravaging waters sits a pearl.  It breaks the surface, and holds within bright meadows and cheerful folk.  A peninsula extends to where the shallows narrow, and this is where arms cross.

A thump of flesh and whisper of air.  A groan and a shout, as their dance rivals that of the tides.

Sally parries a blow to the chest, and deflects another overhead.  She rushes back as phantom blows set beneath her skin.  Her breath is labored, but carefully staggered, as the opponent continues to push.  Blocking at her side and shoulder, then spinning over a sweeping kick, Sally felt the pressure mounting.

“You won’t get away this time!”  Charging again, they raised a chamber kick to press against her guard, then pivoted, sending her reeling off to one side.

Sally was sure they took a chance on that dizzying attack, but as luck would have it she saw them approaching with a hammer strike.  Twisting her center, she measured the approach with an open palm then swiveled her hips.

Her feet connected with the ground, and she managed to catch and receive the blow short of her abdomen.  The other’s eyes widened in surprise as their momentum was lost.  Sally relaxed her focus, and allowed the recoil to draw her closer.  Then a heartbeat later, She swept forward, pressing a palm heel to the opponents face.  They stumbled back, and soon enough found themselves planted firmly against the ground.

“Do you yield?”

“Y- uh, Yeah.”  Released from the hold, they rise to their feet, “How did you become so agile?”

Sally smiled, “Lots and lots of practice.”