Sun and Shadow
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Based on a true story.

There once was a boy with big dreams and a bright future.

One day the school he went to hosted a rally for all the new students.  There was a lecture that dragged on and the boy became restless-

-catching the attention of another boy in a blue shirt.  The boy asked him what he was up to.

The golden boy smiled brightly, explaining all the devious things he’d rather be doing.

The blue listened, then asked, “What else?”

The gold paused flat footed, then spun a tale of devious schemes, each more perverted than the last.

The gold ran out of unique ideas early, but managed to throw a new spin on each pass until the rally ended.

As the crowd stood up, the blue tilted his head and asked, “Hey, do you want to meet after school?”

The gold thought for a second, then nodded, “Sure, just let me check with my folks.”

The blue was invited to the gold’s house.  The gold gave him a tour, showing the blue everything his home had to offer.  The blue nodded along, letting his gaze wander.

Eventually the gold had his bases covered and the two wandered the home.  Eventually they came to the workplace of the gold’s father, and the blue picked up a device from the desk.

He punched a short code and then held out the device for the gold, “Well?  Go on.”

The gold had frozen.  He felt like an intruder in his fathers shadow, and the code he recognized was to be used only in emergencies.

The two stood in silence until one of them, slowly, replaced the device.  Lights flared across the windows not long after long and the scheme was brought to light.

The blue was made to apologize for his actions and the two never saw each other again.

The device was sealed in an icy void, as the gold was plagued by remorse and shame.  His own regrets deafened by the lapse in responsibility.

He discovered then what it meant to deceive another.  To betray and abandon them.

He also learned that his words held power, and affected even those who remained invisible to him.

The end.  I’m evil like that.