[Volume 4.] Episode 23 (Part 2)
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Clyde and the party didn’t have to move much the moment they stepped out of the arcade. A young woman appeared out of thin air, eyes full of glee, set on Alice. White hair and small build, perhaps petite, the girl anime-dove into the half-demoness, almost knocking her to the ground. She was…taking deep whiffs of Alice.

“Oh I’ve missed you so much,” she said. “So many years apart in mother’s stupid reform program, away from my dearest friend.” Alice tried to pull off the hellhound to no avail. “You’ve grown so beautiful—oh Alice, you’re,” she took a deep whiff. “I’m not jealous or anything. Not jealous that growth didn’t favor my chest as much.” She looked up at her friend. “It’s been a while. Where’s Tear and…Natalia?”

“They’re not here,” Alice said. “Ruri, these are my friends. And my—”

Clyde gave her look that stated that maybe that wasn’t a good idea. What if she went nuts, but fury gathered into Alice’s eyes. Everyone would know of their relationship even if guns were pointed at the two. “Life mate, Clyde.”

Ruri gave brief inspections and short bows to the others before turning to Clyde.

“I approve,” she said. “Only the handsomest could suit my dearest Alice.” Ignoring Clyde, Ruri went back to snuggling Alice.


[Your relationship with Ruri has changed from stranger to friendly- strongly surpressed intense sexual interest.]


The young man could not believe it. Apparently, the same thought crossed to his life mate. Just like that, no questions, no protest, an approval. Things were…going surprisingly easy for Clyde. Maybe too easy. After all of the shit he went through, the young man expected a day of violence and blood. He was ready to fight Ruri… Yet. She didn’t seem that bad. Sweet and perhaps a little full of herself, but not bad at all. He analyzed her and to his surprise, saw the non-enemy analysis.




Level 93

Type: hellhound princess

Relationship: friendly

HP: 100%

MP: 100%

Stats: Your relationship isn’t high enough idiot-head, desu.

Special abilities: Your relationship isn’t high enough, prickle-dick

Secret: your relationship, luck, and will isn’t for this, baka, desu.

Clyde’s eye twitched at the sassy prompt. It felt like years passed since he had to deal with something other than constant marriage suggestions from the damned thing.

“You two want to catch up over burgers?” Clyde said. He was about to suggest sushi, but realized hellhounds probably preferred red meat. He nailed it.

“Meat! Well now,” Ruri said. “Looks like someone knows how to treat a lady.”


While Alice caught up with her friend, Clyde, Yuki, and Harumi chatted.

“So am I the only one who expected some kind of bloodshed?” Clyde said.

“I told you she was nice,” Harumi said. Yuki simply shrugged.

“I’ve never seen a hellhound behave this way, especially after calling a man handsome. The highest compliment you could get from one of them is an approval and Ruri, princess of them, said it like it was nothing. Any other hellhound would’ve raped the soul out of you.”

“Maybe they’re not the same as you guys remember,” Clyde said then chuckled. “As if I’ll believe that. Most monster girls are like that. I don’t know if I could classify them as demons.”

“Technically they are,” Yuki said. “They’re more related to the succubae than anything else.”

“That explains the sex cravings,” Clyde said. He observed the restaurant, just to force himself not to stare at Harumi’s breasts. They were seated a booth behind Alice and Ruri. The young man was happy to hear his life mate’s laughter. The tension from earlier finally vanished.

The restaurant was also a karaoke bar, though costing extra to rent out a room. Even if the crew had the time, Clyde didn’t feel it. His singing almost rivaled some celebrities, but he just didn’t enjoy it. And singing in front of his friends would be the most embarrassing thing—he just wouldn’t.

Abruptly, he felt a hand unzip his zipper then slide into his pants. Harumi, seated in front of him, dabbled on her phone. Yuki, on his right—snuggled very close to the young man, pretended to be interested in people watching. She played the tip of his horn then stroked. Her technique—however, she did it, weakened him. He needed to have sex with her. Get it out of his system. Yuki wanted him alone one night, but—he slashed away the thoughts and concentrated on keeping his expression neutral. Then realized something. He released a load here—and they were always unnatural—it could spell disaster. As if knowing his realization, Yuki stroked faster and with an even better technique. He felt the climax’s approach.

Pulling the mischievous demoness’s hands away, he zipped back up, though not without struggling to get the boner down. Yuki fought him the entire time, her hands either attempting to unzip his pants or massage him into an erection. She gave him a playful, but victorious smile. This woman is dangerous, he thought. Well, the same could be said about all women—but Yuki…made him wonder what kind of luck was he granted upon entering this world.

“Can I talk to you in the back,” Harumi said to Clyde.

“Sure,” he said. Yuki’s smirk held as she slid out of the way. She smacked his ass, soliciting a glare from the young man. Then he sighed. Yuki was being Yuki.

Harumi led him to a booth in the back, easily convincing the perverted cashier not to charge. She told him that she and her friend needed to discuss something urgent. He saw only breasts and allowed it. She closed the door behind them, locked it and then jumped Clyde.

The young man was truly caught off guard—he expected something like this from Yuki, but the feel of Harumi’s naked breasts was on him as he fell back on the couch. She kissed him in a fury, stoking his horn, massaging herself. The scene was so hot that Clyde almost unleashed then and there. The side of Harumi made him like…well, he didn’t know—but her switch flipped on.

He met her with the same intensity in kisses, taking over the fingering. Then she mounted and rode him like a cowgirl.

Her soft breasts patted against his face, enticing Clyde to suck on both. She let out a gasp and a low moan. Her panties weren’t completely off, just pushed to the side. Her skirt meant not having to completely undress. Clyde’s erection tripled.

Harumi’s insides were wetter than the sea, but tight. She…didn’t appear to have sex with anyone other than him. The ride went on for at least ten minutes.

Just then, she squeezed tightly, held onto the young man, wildly kissing upon the climax. Clyde barely had time to direct his shot, which jetted beneath a couch. Harumi laid forward. Her pant was sexy enough to keep the young man erect. He took in her flowery scent as he too caught his breath. They went at it like animals.

“We’d better—”

Harumi interrupted with a kiss.

“I…have strong feelings for you,” she said. “And I don’t like being ignored. Not by you. And I certainly won’t lose to Alice or Chika—even if we have to share. I won’t be pushed away unless you tell me you’ve chosen someone. The heart knows what it wants…”

She put her bra back on and buttoned up her shirt, eyes still on Clyde. “I’ve liked you for a while now. And you’ve known it.”

Clyde opened his mouth to speak then closed it. Harumi continued. “I…suppose I made a fool of myself, dragging you back here. It’s almost no different from the monster girls, but I couldn’t help myself.”

“You didn’t make a fool of yourself,” Clyde said. “Look, I’m going to be upfront with you. Alice is my untouchable number one. But a life mate relationship between a demoness and whatever I am is a bit different from a human’s. I honestly don’t understand it myself—maybe the problem is me. I purposely kept myself from getting involved with anyone for a pretty good reason—at least I think it is.”

“Being swept away to your world after killing this Viper,” Harumi said. “You told us that, regardless of the risk—something most people would keep secret until the last minute.”

“Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of clichés,” Clyde said.

Harumi giggled.

“Still, the heart knows what it wants.” She sat next to the young man. “I won’t stop pursuing you until you tell me. I know it sounds terrible, but…I felt jealous of Alice before getting to know her. I mean, I met you first and she just comes out of nowhere and swoops you away.”

Clyde decided not to mention the compatibility thing, as he didn’t know much about it. Harumi stood back up.

“You’re taking me on a date too and I’d like it to end like this, you inside of me.”

Clyde’s mouth fell as she started for the door. He murmured a silent apology for the person who’d have to clean up the booths then trailed after Harumi.

Alice and Ruri seemed to be wrapping up their conversation, both smiling like true friends.

“I’m going to step out for a bit,” Clyde said. The moment he did, the phenomenon occurred. People crossed the street without looking in his direction, some turned around, others in range either decided to stay in the store or hurry out.

He felt unfamiliar airflows and moods, before four women leapt from a rooftop to land in front of him, eyes predatory. Beast kin? Wait, if they were here of all places…ah… shit.