[Volume 4.] Episode 23 (Part 3)
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Four of them—women with wolf-like features. Long dark hair with wolf-like tails, wolf-like ears, paws, but incredibly defined human bodies. One could easily tell they were always active—the well-toned bodies didn’t lie. Two of them seemed to have small flames oozing out of the side of their eyes. This reminded him of some anime werewolf fan art he glimpsed on the internet once. He analyzed them to see what he was up against because the lusty looks in their eyes meant only one thing. One of the women wiped away drool.


Hellhound- Matsume

Level: 100

Type: Monster

Work under: Alpha.

Special: Skill fusion [Pounce + oblivion rape. Only works on healthy males. If caught by this, you will be undoubtedly raped. All stats will be downed by 25% for an hour. HP/MP halved.]

Weakness: ice, lightning, sound, light, purity

Resistances: hell, fire, volcanic, smoke, water, lust.

Secret: she cannot get pregnant. Cried every night for a week straight when finding out. A healer could fix this… This is her darkest secret and hellhounds would make fun of her if they found out.



Clyde decided to give them the benefit of the doubt by walking off toward a store across the street. All four of them went in his direction.

“Now ladies, I don’t want any trouble,” Clyde said in a humorous voice, though he was wary. Level fucking one hundred. “I’m here with Ruri and Alice.”

They shrugged, not uncaring. Determined.

“Listen, there’s no use running,” Matsume said. “And we play…very rough. Very, very rough. You’ll probably like it.”

He eyed her claw and decided chancing that for some monster girl sex wasn’t a good idea.

“I’ll pass,” he said. “I’d rather not have my eyes clawed out.”

“We’ll never harm you—besides, I called dibs,” Matsume said. “They’re just here to keep watch and make sure Alice or Ruri doesn’t interfere. We overheard her approval.” She liked her lips. “And I want to taste you.”


[Your party has entered combat!]



[Matsume used Ex flash step]


Even that prompt was too slow.


[Matsume used skill fusion: Pounce + oblivion rape.]


[You activated Jump.]


She was only a hair’s breadth from getting him, but Clyde’s skill got him to the rooftop on time. He prepared to summon Alice, but realized that…he had no more summons left. Not that he thought he’d ever need one again—she was in the party. Fortunately, one of his passive skills did the work for him.


[Party loyalty has triggered. Any companion in the area will be notified. Bonus stats will be awarded to them if they’re able to provide assistance. Your life mate will also be notified on an even more urgent notice.]


Clyde’s eyes widened, but he didn’t have time to think any further—the hellhound women were fast as fuck. And Matsume did the unthinkable—she used Jump too. That meant all of them could do that and shared possibly cooldowns among each other. A pack—and there were more at…their camp?

He pushed aside the thought to engage Matsume.


[You activated Tier 2 skill: Blizzard!]


Grinning, Clyde aimed a hand at the approaching hellhound. The other three watched from afar, not bothering with the chase. Apparently, the meals of their colleagues were not worth the tiring effort.

An ice storm erupted from the palms of Clyde, bashing into Matsume. The roof she ran across also froze. She slipped, skid and fell flat on her face all while howling.


[WEAKNESS EXPLOITED. Matsume’s HP has dropped to 99%]

[Gina activated Lava ball.]


Clyde thought that would be aimed at him, but it landed on the ice near the whimpering Matsume. The ice began to melt.


[Marian used Lava arrow.]


Clyde was already moving at this point. Matsume barked and howled and whined curses…and then praises.

“He’s definitely my husband! Strong and suitable, I’ll make sure to break him. Make him submit. Then…”

Clyde stopped.

“Wait a minute, they can’t do anything to me.”

He casually walked back to Matsume, a fucking hellhound, and smiled in her face. She somehow got back to her feet gracefully.

“See,” she told the others. “He’s no coward—just look at the smug smile on his face. Well, are you going to take your clothes off or what. I do enjoy a good chase every now then, but…I need you inside of me.”

Clyde shrugged.

“Behind that building?”

“I choose, the place, not you.”

She pounced him so quickly—he barely had time to catch his breath before she started licking him. She took a series of whiffs.

“Oh, wow.” She took another whiff. “You smell so amazing. You smell of…something great. And you’re mine. My husband.”

“I don’t think so,” Clyde said. “Hey, you three, listen!”

Their ears perked up, no doubt being able to hear even if he didn’t shout.

“I know a dark secret of Matsume’s. Something she hasn’t told you.”

Matsume’s eyes went wide. “It has to do with m—”

She covered his mouth, eyes filled with panic.

“Please,” she said. “I don’t know how you found out, but I smell truth on you. Please—I’ll let you go.”

She moved aside while Clyde got back up.

“You could be my pet—”

“I’ll fucking kill you,” she growled. “I’m no one’s dog. And don’t you dare make jokes like that again.”

Clyde shrugged.

“Fine. But you’d better tell your friends not pry for the secret out me.”

The moment he leapt down from the rooftop to the road, the hellhounds stalked toward him, eager but not for the secret to his surprise.

“If Matsume doesn’t want him—I’ll get him.”

“Not if I get him first.”

A cold voice halted them.

A planet’s worth of pink aura surrounded an enraged Alice as she stepped in the center of the hellhounds.

“So these are your mutts, Ruri?” Alice shook her head.

“I didn’t—” Ruri tried to say but the half-demoness forestalled her.

“And by the tears on his shirt, they tried to rape my Clyde. Your mutts.”

Ruri glared at her pack. Alice waved a finger.


[Alice activated Special Tier skill: Lightning Storm Annihilation.]


The hellhounds used Jump right in time as millions of lightning bolts struck their previous spots.

“Calm down—there’s no need to go that far,” Ruri said. “Let me explain.”

“I am going to kill you,” Alice said, unsheathing her family sword. The Hellbreaker. “Prepare yourself Ruri.”

Clyde’s mouth was wide open—and he wasn’t sure if reaching Alice was possible—he’d never seen the young woman so angry. He started to rise, but Yuki and Harumi’s hands suddenly were suddenly in front of him.

“Don’t,” Harumi said. “She would kill herself if she killed you by accident.”

“Lady Alice told you before,” Yuki said. “If the hellhound tried anything, she’d kill her. We don’t know if Ruri set this up or not—Alice knows her better than us.”

“Well fuck—they’ll tear up the goddamn city at this rate,” Clyde said.

The pressure of Alice’s aura made him wince. This…was going to be a bloodbath. Someone had to stop this.