[Volume 4.] Episode 23 (Part 4!)
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Alice was beyond pissed, beyond furious. Ruri wanted to set things right again and this is how she did things? She made a grave mistake in targeting her life mate. He’s been through a lot, ripped forcefully from his world, thrust into bloodshed and that mutt’s family dared to violate him? Her love. She would pay with her soul.


[Alice’s radiance intensifies.]


[Alice activated Targeted radiant raid ender.]


With a hand aimed at the hellhound princess, she unleashed her skill. Her deadly distraction—because Ruri dodged exactly where she wanted her. Alice bolted at that spot, swinging with a trained sword. The fast mutt dodged, taking a grazing by the shoulder.


[Ruri’s HP has dropped to 440%]


“Alice, just listen. Please—the pack acted on their own.”

“Be silent, you mutt,” Alice snapped. “You expect me to believe that after how you treated me for years? You expect me to buy a change your family violated my life mate. MY life mate. Some fucking nerve—and I know they have acute hearing. They heard our conversations, yet acted. You’re responsible for your pack—if you can’t train them—then you may as well die with them.”

“Mutt…” Ruri said softly. “I’ll make you hurt dearly for calling me that, you snob bitch.”


[The pressure of Ruri’s aura has rooted Alice.]

[The root holds strong!]


[Alice activated All calm.]


[All party members restore 20% HP , 20% HP, cure of all status effects, including hunger and thirst.]


Alice and Ruri engaged in a flow of martial arts and demon-styled combat. Buildings around shook, sidewalks and roads cracked. Light poles swayed.


[Ruri activated seismic first smash.]


Alice ducked under it then swept the hellhound off her feet. Ruri caught herself with one hand, twisted then kicked the half-demoness backward and into a car. It dented.


[Alice’s HP has dropped to 430%]


Alice leapt to her feet, anger pulsing through her veins like the magma flows of a volcano.


[Ruri activated Tier 1 skill: Iron Lightning bolt hitter.]


The attack was just too fast for the half-demoness to dodge. Ruri only held a hand up and the attack came from the sky. Or better yet, the top of her aura. Alice fought against the pain and the heat and the sensation of bones vibrating.


[Alice’s HP has dropped to 300%]


That was a powerful attack which knocked the wind of her but Alice wasn’t down yet. She showed that by unsheathing the sword again. It had finally gained enough energy for its special attack.

“I will show you what happens to those who violate my life mate or any of friends,” Alice said. “I’ll fuck you up!”


[Alice acted Hellbreaker’s special. Special Tier skill: Hades’s Silent Night.]


Waves of black magic erupted from her sword like the ripples of a pound after a stone was tossed inside. Ruri couldn’t dodge the light-speed magic—it held her, squeezed her. Ravished her.


[Ruri’s HP has dropped to 290%]


[Ruri has been inflicted with hell blight.]


[Ruri is now burned due to the hell bright.]


[Ruri is dazed.]

[Ruri was damaged by burn.]

[Ruri’s HP has dropped to 285%]


Alice walked toward her casually, sword swinging.

“Let this be a message to all of your kind. Do not forget who your betters are. Now die, you fucking bully.”

The blade came down…Suddenly, Ruri caught it with one hand. She giggled.

“Trying to do this damned reform thing, I forgot myself,” Ruri said, then pushed the sword aside. Alice’s eyes were still wide, but cold as the hellhound monster girl transformed back into her original form. Light and magic and mist swirled around her briefly until she became a beast kin. Wolf tail and ears, paws, lupine eyes, and glee. “I really wanted to be friends with you—but don’t think I won’t kill you either.” She laughed and then slashed at Alice with blinding speed. The sharp pain across her chest signified the hit and her ripped clothing.

Alice swung the blade and met claws. Ruri batted her sword to the side and smashed her backward into the ground with a brutal roundhouse kick.


[Alice’s HP has dropped to 215%]

[Alice is dazed.]


Ruri allowed held her up with one paw and allowed her other to become a human hand. She smashed her fist against Alice’s face a few times then tossed her to the side like a rag doll. The human hand became paw again. The half-demoness still held onto the sword.

Alice felt like hell as she hit the ground again, blood oozing from her mouth. On a bright note, Ruri looked like hell too. The anger inside sparked again as she stood.


[Alice’s HP has dropped to 180%]


[Alice activated Tier 2 skill: Mocker’s wind.]


Ruri leapt to a rooftop to dodge the laughing black wind. Alice prepared as the hellhound hopped toward her. With a precise thrust, she plunged the sword into her left breast. She didn’t go through all of that training with Tear just to be easily beaten.
Ruri yelped and whimpered in agony as she staggered backward, blood gushing from the wound like a raging river. Alice watched it close back up as she strode toward her enemy at an unhurried pace.


[Ruri’s HP has dropped to 120%]


“Oh my,” Alice said. “Someone’s gotten full of herself because she made the transformation. Raw strength against my wrath. Now come, bitch, I will slice you up into hotdogs.”

Ruri barked and the two rushed each other again.

Alice’s initial swing grazed the hellhound’s arm, then she followed up with a spin-kick that sent her tumbling backward. The half-demoness aimed a hand at her foe and chanted.

Oh, blackness shrouded in light, frenzied blaze clad in night. In the name of the crimson demons, let the collapse of thine origin manifest. Summon before me the root of thy power hidden within the lands of the kingdom of demise. Explosion!”


[Alice activated Super tier skill: Explosion!]


An enormous blast of fire, magic, and rock smashed into the monster girl with the force of a speeding vehicle.

“Those words are not mine,” Alice said as she walked toward the coughing and laughing hellhound.


[Ruri’s HP has dropped to 35%]


“I came here in order to get reacquainted with an old friend, only for this to happen,” Ruri said. “The pain of going through that reform, day after day being isolated from the others for being different and less savage. And now my only hope…hates me. But…I wouldn’t be a hellhound if I laid down and took it. We dish, not take.” She leapt up, aura raging around her. “We’re demons. This is how we settle things anyway. And you haven’t gotten soft at all, old friend.” She cackled. “But now I’m really going to kill you.”