[Volume 4.] Episode 24 (Part1): Festivals and Bloodsuckers.
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Sunday. Week 4. Month 1. Year 1. Season: Autumn. Last week of the month…


Shaking…Clyde turned over. More shaking… Maybe someone calling his name…No way, not on a day off. Who would possibly…

“Clyde you sleepyhead, wake up.”

The rage he let build up was instantly snuffed at the sight of Alice. His gorgeous life mate. His soul mate. She was dressed in one of his shirts and nothing else.

“It’s Sunday,” Clyde said. “What could you…oh.”

She fixed him with a glare. He smiled innocently.

“Did you call Harumi already?”

“Sure did,” Alice said. “She invited Kiko to the festival. Now get up so we can help her move in. Tear’s already teleporting.”

Instead of rising to leave, like Clyde thought she would, Alice rolled on top the young man. Her kiss was long, full of passion, and definitely stimulating, to the both of them.

“They could wait a little longer,” she whispered. He gazed into those eyes of love and kissed her. What a nice reminder that his new life was nothing to sneeze at.

His old life wasn’t horrible—schooling went well, he had friends, albeit a small group of them, and a good family, even if Uncle Lenny’s “love” was making Clyde mow his lawn and take out his trash. He never had someone love him like this before—didn’t have anyone in the girlfriend department. Rarely had sex—the mundane “human” rituals were nearly impossible to juggle alongside his studies.


After the morning activities and dressing into casual clothing, they assisted with Harumi’s move-in. It took no longer than an hour. Yuki remained to make Maki’s life miserable.

“Thank you so much,” Harumi said to all of them after they finished.

“You’re most certainly welcome,” Tear said then smiled.

Clyde nodded then allowed a bit of anger to flood into him to address the weight on his back.

“Natalia, if you don’t get off me, I’m going to jump you into the center of a volcano.”

The loli munched on the cookie he gave her, right in his ear. Clyde looked at Alice. She smiled. Everyone else giggled.

“I think it’s sweet,” Chika said. “You’re kind of like a big brother.”

Clyde gave her an on-point Toru-style blank stare. The silver-haired girl held her smile. Her mood seemed to be cheerful…as if they just had sex. Did something happen?

“She’s older than me,” he said. “Right?”

“Pervy-monster,” Natalia said, draping her arms around Clyde’s neck, then said in a low voice, “When will you bed me?”

“Can someone call the FBI and have this child arrested?” Clyde said. Everyone erupted into laughter. Clyde sighed. He meant that…

“I like the idea of having a big brother,” Natalia said.

“You’re older than me,” Clyde said.

“Onii-chan—I heard that from an anime,” Natalia said.

“If you freaking dare—”

The loli continued right over him.

“I could just call you big brother. Wait, you’re still pervy. Maybe pervy nii-chan. Big pervy brother? Pervy big brother?”

The others continued to grin, amused at Clyde’s expensive. He sighed.

“I’ll buy you another damn chocolate bar—no, better yet, I’ll give you one from Alice stash two.”

Natalia squeezed him tight.

“You mean it? That one even has some of the fancy kind that Toru gave her.”

“The hell you will,” Alice said.

“Deal?” Clyde said.

“Deal. You’re just pervy-monster.”

“I’ll take what I can get,” Clyde said. He ignored Alice’s protest, allowing himself a moment of relief. If the loli brat turned his life into Weeb Central, calling him onii-chan…he let the thought trail off to address the others as the team lead.

Pulling Alice close, which made her blush and smile, but the others don stony faces and jealously aura, except Chika surprisingly. She seemed to approve. “Let’s go over this again. We’re about to tell Sazuki, who’s lived her life as a normal human for a while now, everything. Demonstrate your powers and do whatever it takes to convince her. Do—”

Natalia crunched on more of her cookie in his ear then snuggled against the back on his head. She was on his back the way most kids did so with their parents or older siblings, legs draping over his front. Shaking the brat off was nearly impossible. He considered sending her down the way of the suplex, but decided against it. She was still a witch and powered all of his wards for free. FREE. Pain in the ass or not, Natalia made his life easier. They’d probably be dead without her—Elsado being some kind of regenerating darkness monster.

She adjusted her position on his neck. To his relief, each time she had the decency to keep it so that skirt met neck, not panties. He didn’t need the FBI spawning inside his house.

He opened his mouth to continue, but Natalia began to chew again. “Hey brat, do you want a trip to suplex city? Because if you continue to—”

CRUNCH. Everyone burst into laughter. He resigned himself with a sigh then reached for the bowl of cookies on the table. He’d have to burn off the sugar later, maybe eat a meal of vegetables and fish. Well, maybe not. The monster fighting defined him. He paused as he felt the brat slowly rise her skirt while no one paid attention.

“Tear, do me a favor please,” Clyde said. Natalia let the skirt fall back into place. The succubus yanked the loli off his back against her protests. That was close. She may be a shape-shifting adult—that form was incredible—but while holding in loli mode, Clyde would treat her like a child. He just barely glimpsed the smirk. That fucking brat. “After we finish up with Sazuki, we’re going to take a quick jump to Ashen City. I own the estates and shit, so it’s about time I do something with it.”

“Can’t make that one,” Chika said. “Harumi and I will be shopping.”

“Alright,” Clyde said. “Then it’s Alice, Kitome, Melody, Tear, and the brat. Plenty of us to find the goods hidden in the mansion.”


[Quest: explore the Ashfall mansion. You’ve already opted a yes. Reward: unknown.]


[Your relationship with Natalia has changed to—]


System, why do you keep doing that, Clyde thought. He let the objectives soak into his head: talk to Sazuki and then go mansion-diving. Afterward, get changed into yukatas to attend a festival. A suitable Sunday. The only thing he’d have to do was keep Alice and Ruri from going at each other’s throats, pray that Sazuki doesn’t lose her mind over her sister or douse her with some kind of holy water, and have some damned fun. He always wanted to attend a Japanese-style festival, especially the anime kind. A quick note to himself: keep as far away from the brat as possible.