[Volume 4.] Episode 24 (Part 2)
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Lot City Park…


Sazuki felt the palpable burst of nervousness rush through her veins as she waited for Harumi. The sun was hidden by an endless blanket of grey, which seemed to encourage a continuous fall breeze. Leaves from the surrounding trees took on various shades of red, yellow, and brown. Despite the park’s beauty, the day just felt unsettling.

Sazuki missed her old friend so much that she immediately agreed to meet. Then she remembered the dean’s orders. Harumi would not be meeting with her alone, but with Clyde and some others. The subject was her sister. What did they possibly know that she didn’t already?

She suddenly became aware of the couples everywhere. Even on the other end of the bench, where she sat. Those two, in particular, were going at each other wildly.

Sazuki blushed as she turned away, doing her best to tune out the noises they were making. The nerve of these people. She couldn’t be jealous! The young woman nearly deflated as she thought about her love life. Or lack thereof. The dean worked her until the last student left. If it weren’t for the janitors, she’d probably be alone with him every evening.

Ugh, she wanted a boyfriend. Maybe she should just give up being in the student council, be a normal student, leave behind the Grand Dorms….as if things would be that simple. As if the dean would allow Sazuki to leave on her own terms.

The girls there treat her like their queen. Sazuki suspected that they just wanted to avoid a scolding, but lately, she even had little time for that. The third and fourth years started giving her looks of pity and annoying “you got this” chants, as if she hadn’t run the entire school for the past two years to perfection. She…. she knew shouldn’t be hard on them. They see their president with tired eyes on a daily basis, never smiling, perhaps even wary. But she wouldn’t let the creep break her. Investigating Clyde was her only hope of freedom.

Just then, she heard an approaching string of complaints from a familiar voice…



Entering Lot City’s Park….


Clyde was walking with his arms folded, doing his best not to glare at Natalia. She kept trying to hold his hand, hop on his back, and probably molest him. Alice viewed her like a baby sister so only giggled and called it cute. And so did Harumi, Tear, and even Chika. Natalia was a little monster! He had a tingling suspicion that Alice let him suffer as revenge for the chocolate. His life mate was no stranger to mischief.

“Pervy nii-chan, let’s get takoyaki,” Natalia said, tugging at his pant leg and pointing at a vendor.

Clyde felt the cringe hit him like a lightning strike.

“Remember the deal,” he said. “Don’t call me that. It’s weird.”

Natalia ignored his protest, insisting on food. Clyde looked at the others for help but for some reason the sky and the trees became really nice points of interest for them.

It was a relief when he spotted Sazuki walking toward them. His eyes didn’t miss the couples that were borderline having sex around her.

“Up for any food?” Clyde said to the student council president. She was dressed in casual clothing—a pinkish designer shirt with jeans.

“Anywhere is better than here,” Sazuki said. She and Harumi looked at each other awkwardly.

“Oh just hug already,” Chika pushed Sazuki into Harumi and to Clyde’s relief, they actually hugged.


They sat for a few minutes, ate, and allowed the two friends to catch up. Natalia still wouldn’t let him relax in peace. First, she tried to hop in his lap, but the young man just barely managed to stand in time. He definitely wasn’t letting her on his back in public, especially after the attempted skirt lift. She even tried to follow him into the bathroom, probably as a joke, but regardless of her game, had the same effect. After a nice tinkle and extended handwashing session, he tried to sneak out, only to find out she hid to the side of the bathroom building. He ended up rejoining the others with his hands in his pockets. Natalia clung to his side like…well, a ten-year-old daughter or kid sister. He felt like diving into Harumi’s chest and screaming out his frustration, but opted on his team leader image. Damn image—and Natalia knew it. And this was her typical behavior. She probably just enjoyed fucking with him, abusing her loli form to make the young man as cautious as possible.

“You ready to talk about why we came?” Clyde said. A brief spark of panic flashed into Harumi’s eyes. She just gained her friend back and now had to reveal the truth. The young man was about to do the talking, but to his surprise, Harumi beat him to the spotlight. She told her friend everything, confessed her involvement and Airi’s suggestion, told her about the gifted while demonstrating magic. Harumi told her friend that she too was gifted, and if Sazuki wasn’t already on the verge of having a heart attack by the look on her face, Harumi nailed the coffin by telling her how they finally traced down Kiko and her mistress. She then revealed that Kiko would be at that night’s festival. Harumi concluded everything with a tear-filled apology about keeping that from her friend and begged her forgiveness.

At first, Clyde thought Sazuki was about to strike the pink-haired girl, but she quickly pulled her friend into a teary hug. He and the others let them sort things out between each other before explaining the plan.

The previous day, Clyde came to a conclusion: fuck the vampires, Kiko would learn how to control her urges and get back to her family. A year his ass—Clyde was sure the bloodsucking assholes wouldn’t just let the girl go. How else could they build a freaking vampire empire if they simply released their captives?

If they actually gave even one shit about Kiko’s interests, the vampires wouldn’t have kept the young woman from her family without contact nor compelled her to attack her friend Airi. Sazuki’s sister was a slave and Clyde would set her free. Not that he had any choice—but he still wanted to do this. He allowed himself to view the minimized and delayed prompt that triggered after Kiko and her “mistress” left.


[Quest, step 2: rescue Kiko. This quest is mandatory and cannot be refused. Rewards: unknown.]


“We’ve got one more stop today before we head to the festival,” Clyde said. “Sazuki, if you’ll allow it, we’d like to teach you how to use your gift.”

Sazuki nodded.

“Of course. Please. And…thank you. Thank you for everything.”

Clyde returned the nod.

“Don’t thank us yet until your sister is snuggled back into your arms,” Clyde said. “Tear and Alice will teach her everything about control.”

Sazuki gave them a short bow.

“Alright people, let’s go.”

Before he could move, it was too late. Natalia hopped onto his back and cheered. Onlookers seemed impressed with her jump height—she caught air! Some of them clapped for a bit then walked away as if nothing happened.

“Son-of-a-bitch!” Clyde snapped.