[Volume 4.] Episode 24 (Part 4)
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In front of the Ashfall Mansion….



Clyde, Alice, Kitome, Melody, Tear, and Natalia stood in front of the hell house, staring at it. The young man tried to invite Toru and Seth to get some goods, but Mr. Rich boy had work to do for his father concerning his family’s businesses. Seth didn’t reply.

He’d have to talk with him, see what was up. Maybe even buy Seth a drink and let him spill out his problems. The young man kept his distance too often, left after patrols, but did fight his share. Clyde couldn’t acknowledge everyone; team leads can’t give cookies to everyone. At least Toru answered his texts—he and Clyde even cracked jokes every now and then.


[Your relationship with Seth has dropped to distaste.]


What the fuck? Clyde thought. That was a long drop. What the hell happened? Worries for later, as more important matters dotted his to-do list. He opened the door to the mansion and led the others in.

The lifeless place had a stale smell to it. Only abandoned for like a week, dust still covered some surfaces, lights were left on, some doors were closed, others opened. It gave him an uneasy feeling. It also made the adventurer inside jiggle. Exploring the entire thing would take some time.

“No Tear, we’re not splitting up so don’t even suggest it,” Clyde said. “We can’t count on getting as lucky as last time—hundreds of guards to ambush us and depending on my powers to not suddenly wink out due to the strain—that’s not how I like to do things.”

Tear snorted but said nothing. Kitome began to search inside some vases. Five minutes into that, she shrieked. Everyone turned to her, while she grabbed Alice in a trembling embrace.

“What’s gotten into you?” Melody said.

“Spider,” Kitome whimpered.

Clyde facepalmed.

“Get off me, you pesky human,” Alice said, but the magical girl held on tighter. Natalia glared at Kitome.

“Alice is mine to hug when I’m scared,” the loli said, hands on hips.

“Alice your popularity never ceases to amaze me,” Clyde said, grinning. She gave him a pleading look as Natalia and Kitome scrabbled over her. “Alright, playing around is done. Besides, she’s mine.” He pulled Alice away from the two and at his side. He wasn’t sure if he imagined the half-demoness’s heart skipping a beat through their bond.

Melody harrumphed, giving Alice just a brief glare, then stalked ahead. Clyde motioned at the others and they hurried after the redhead.


[Melody has become determined. Her feelings are now just as unbreakable as Alice’s.]

[Let it be known that due to the auras of Alice’s angelic half and Melody’s goddess half, these two are less likely to fight even if you are the subject. You may have observed this already.]


Clyde sighed. Well, there were two outcomes for this. He’d cross that bridge when he got there. Alice held onto his arm as they proceeded, very cheerful. Melody’s mood surprisingly didn’t drop during the mansion search. Instead, she appeared to have decided something. It made Clyde wonder if viewing these prompts was cheating. Pssh, the system didn’t count anyway.


[Your relationship with Seth has dropped to dislike, desu]

[Warning, Seth has been kicked from the party. A relationship of neutral and above is required to remain in due to safety concerns.]

[There is a chance that he has been influenced by someone or something.]


Everyone had stopped to stare at Clyde whose eyes were wide.

“Shit,” he said. Not everyone had to like him, but that was what the neutral status existed for. Was someone feeding Seth bullshit? They fought and bled together—did the blonde young man forget?

Clyde wasn’t a dictator, no one had to stay in his party, but he’d be damned if they were going to simply leave without any explanation. Or in Seth’s case, kicked. Kicked for being a threat. What kind of a leader would he be if he let this kind of thing happen?

“I don’t know what the fuck’s going on, but Seth has decided to go rogue,” Clyde said. He gave himself a mental pat for managing to stay calm. “Someone may have filled his head with bullshit. Let’s just go to Nezerath—I mean, my office and get what we need and go. Tear, I’m counting on you to make sure I have access to any accounts. You’re probably tired of me asking of so many favors, but you’ve been a blessing and a huge help. We’d be fucked without you. So thank you.”

The succubus looked taken aback, for just a second, then smoothed it with a seductive smile.


[Your relationship with Tear has dramatically increased, evolving endearment to cherished.]

[The effects of giving her that gift will be 97x more potent for the next 48 hours. There’s only one thing a succubus likes… Remember this quest is mandatory and you must do it within 48 hours.]

[She is recommended to make one your wives, desu.]


He closed the prompts, giving System a mental glare. Now just wasn’t the time for that. Still, ninety-seven? A bit overboard….right? Demons and their culture. He’d remember to actually thank people for giving up their time to do huge jobs. His endearment relationship status was probably the reason why she helped him out so much.

After ransacking the main office, Clyde obtained quite the loot. The others also located various riches, which the young man told them to keep as gifts.


[Your relationship with Kitome has jumped to friend closer level 10.]


[Your relationship with Natalia—]


[Absolute endearment with Melody still holds strong. Her love for you shines.]


[You have found Key to Ashfall Vaults. Auto-renamed to Stone Vaults.]

[You have found Stone estate keys, though you don’t need them. Doors will automatically unlock for you if you need to get in. This applies to your life mate too.]

[You have found 4 Super Health Potions. Item class: common]

[You have found 1 Max MP replenish potion. Item class: epic.]

[You have found 1 invisible potion. Item class: very rare.]

[You have found a bundle of materials. Item class: rare.]

[You have found a bundle of enchanted arrows. Item class: very rare.]

[You have found enchanted silver dagger- +ice and earth damage. Item class: rare.]

[You have found Armor repair kit. Item class: very rare.]


The gamer inside Clyde cheered. He wasted no time getting to the Ashfall—his vaults. Everyone followed eagerly. While it was disappointingly the size of a tiny closet, it contained a variety of small chests. Some held various gemstones, some gold, others strange objects valuable to the demonkind. He could tell by the light in Alice, Melody, and Tear’s eyes. He let them sort through it.

In the meantime, he equipped his new dagger and discarded the old one. The potions—fuck yes, he hoped they didn’t taste like ass or something. Otherwise, he’d consider bottling Yuki’s demon brandy to chase them down with…
He activated the armor repair kit, which undid all of the cracks and damages done to it from battle. Yes!

Thanks to the newly acquired materials, the young man could finally knock down the crafting quests on his log—things to do later.


[You have found 5 million dollars. Do you wish to add that to a separate fund?]


Yeah right, Clyde thought.


[Your new balance: $ 6,651,400.]


Clyde never had so much money and wealth in his life—but he’d continue to increase it to maybe build something. If he was forced back to Earth after killing the Viper, he could at least leave something behind to be remembered by. Somehow, he was no longer sure if Mortem could force him back. Which meant one of the deities would do it instead.

“Ladies, you’re free to explore this place on your own time, but don’t come here by yourself. Let me know of any findings. I want this place sold next week. I’ll get Yuki to work some cleaning magic on it later.”

Everyone nodded, cheerful. He saved a few things for Toru and Seth. Clare would get the arrows…
Sadly, he’d have to ask the only witch he knew to teach him enchantments, if possible. She’d hold that one in his face for a while.
As if knowing his thoughts, she landed from midair right onto his shoulders.

“Pervy nii-chan!”

Clyde tried to hold down his flinch. Everyone looked at him, grinning. He sighed.

“Guess someone doesn’t want that fancy chocolate bar from Alice stash two.”

The loli groped his neck with both arms, whining. Alice laughed.

“You can’t go back on your deal—you promised.”

Clyde tuned the loli out just to let her sulk.

“I want all women to come with me,” Tear said. “I have a vast yukata collection. And dressing up will be quite fun.”

She grinned evilly, eyes never leaving Alice. The half-demoness hid behind Clyde.