[Volume 4.] Episode 24 (Part 6)
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Someone tapped on his back. He spun, and his mouth dropped. Kitome flushed. Dressed in a blue and green Yukata, cut in a way to show more leg. Her long blue hair was down. Green eyes looked at him expectantly. She smelled nice—a blend of flowers and enticement.

“Kitome…wow,” he said. She smiled.

“The succubus put us through hell, but judging the look on your face, I should thank her.”

The others dawned upon the two. He almost pulled Alice into him, but Chika was there in an instant, snuggling against the young man and bathing in his compliment. It took nearly a minute to disperse their bickering between her and Alice.

Yusuke and Ruri emerged to meet with the group. The hellhound and the half-demonesses gave each other the anime girl harrumphs until Tear clocked them on the head.

“Guess who will be sticking together,” the succubus said, grinning. The two looked defeated. Clyde inspected the airflows once more and then proceeded forward, leading the group. The area was packed with lanterns—maybe chochin—and booths, games, and even folk dancing. The smell of food hung in the air like bliss. Someone’s stomach growled. Simultaneously, everyone turned to look at Alice.

“What?” she said, faint blush on her face. “I’m hungry.”

Natalia aimed the game’s gun at a giant teddy bear, pressed the trigger, but once again failed to knock it down. The vendor chuckled.

“Is that all you got, squirt?” he said.

Natalia looked at him with indignance. Yuki strolled along, watched the loli struggle a bit longer, then smirked at the vendor. She smacked the required money on the counter, took hold of the gun and aimed carefully.

“So the goal is to knock something down with this?” she said. Natalia watched her with interest.

“If you think you can,” the vendor said. “I ain’t going anywhere. You can fail all night—”

Yuki fired. The wooden cap launched from the gun hit a poorly-fastened bolt, perfect precision revealed to all onlookers. The shelf which held a hand-held video game console, three teddy bears, and large candy fell to the ground.

The vendor looked astonished, defeated, and outraged at the same time, but there was nothing he could do. Rules were rules. He miserably bagged all of the demoness goods and handed it to her. Onlookers cheered.

“You’re the best Yuki!” Natalia said. “I can’t believe you did this for me.”

“Hmm?” Yuki said.

Natalia stood, aghast, as the demoness walked away with all of the prizes. The giant teddy bear seemed to whisper her name. She nearly fainted.

Alice tried for the third time to grab a fish with her crappy paper net. And she failed. The only good thing about this wretched game was that Ruri did just as bad. Yet, a challenge was a challenge. The competitiveness seeped away during the sixth try—and she just wanted to win at least once. The cute goldfish would be hers. Yusuke sighed, muttering something.

She almost threw in the towel when Yuki casually walked up, paid the coins, and took aim. Took aim while holding a ton of bags, which contained prizes. With one impossibly fast swipe, she scooped up a goldfish and placed it in a bowl. Her fans clapped. Alice and Ruri dropped their nets shocked. The vendor bagged her goldfish in water.

Yuki gave Alice a slight head nod then ventured off to the next game.

Melody fumed as she lost against Tear for the fourth consecutive time at ring toss.

“You’re cheating somehow,” were the words she didn’t let slip from her mouth. She didn’t want to be seen as a spoiled sport. She also wasn’t blind to the succubus's insane skill. Tear grinned.

“Do you wish to challenge me again, daughter of whom we shall not name?” she said.

Melody shook her head, defeated.

“I’ll challenge you.” Yuki strolled up to the two, confidence pouring off her in waves. Tear chuckled.

“Your funeral. Let’s put a wager on it.”

Melody’s eyes widened as the demoness owned the succubus—they both were good, but Yuki’s skill was godlike. She napped a perfect score.

Yuki collected the prizes and some of Tear’s prizes, along with a few bucks.

“You…” Tear still looked baffled as the demoness walked away, onlookers following her like pets.

Melody laughed, in taking the succubus’s expression of wonder. It reminded her just how much she loved them both.

Clyde was on a roll. He didn’t feel the least bit of pity owning Kitome and Toru in various games. From ball scooping to targeting shooting, the young man was on fire. Then…Yuki came along, challenging him to water balloon yo-yo.

“Hmm, care to make a wager, Master Clyde?” she said. “You set your terms and I’ll set mine.”

Clyde had no idea what he was getting into—he believed it a joke, an easy win for a quick perverted laugh.

“If I win, you must serve me dinner in a naked apron then feed me, bite by bite,” he said in her ear. There was no way he’d let Toru or Kitome hear that bet. Yuki laughed.

“That’s too easy,” she said. “I’ll do that for you regardless of the outcome, if you just give me the word. Alas, it’s too late to change now. I’ll be fair and match it.” She whispered, “In addition to serving me in the apron, you must put on a private show for me. And I can invite one other. No clothes.”

“Two demands?” Clyde whispered.

Yuki shrugged.

“Asking a girl to feed you bite by bite,” she reminded in a low voice.

“Fine, let’s do this. And when I win, I’ll take you up on the wager tonight.”

He lost so fast—the match didn’t seem fair. Yuki nibbled his ear before turning to leave. For some reason, a bunch of people followed her. The ones…who cheered the demoness on.

“Did she just hustle me?” Clyde said. Toru chuckled.

“She owned you,” he said.

“Serves you right,” Kitome said then poked Clyde’s cheek.

He laughed.

“I’ll get her back, someway.”

He was about to motion for the others to follow him to some food stalls when he caught sight of Harumi and Kiko walking ahead, cheerful expressions on their faces. The loli vampire shadowed them with three others, inspecting passing humans with slightly hungry interests.

“Well, it seems like the games have begun,” Clyde said.

“And we were having such a good time,” Toru said.

“We’ll just have to add ass-kicking to our list of good times,” Kitome said, eyes seeming to burn with intensity. The two young men stared at her then laughed.