[Volume 4.] Episode 24 (Part 7)
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Seth strolled through the festival, filled with the power, eyes searching. The air of people laughing and enjoying themselves improved his mood even farther. It didn’t take him long to figure out that his brother manipulated him with magic. There was no way he could realistically turn on Clyde after all of the shit they’ve went through. Hell, the guy saved his life—the mental block Julius gave him sparked Seth to do something stupid. And that was absorb the taint.

Despite returning to himself, Seth still felt the need to challenge the leader. Maybe the difference between them wasn’t that great, as long as his eyes didn’t shine. As long as the crazy white aura didn’t erupt around the dude. No. Seth wasn’t going to waste his time fighting an impossible fight. He didn’t want to hurt Clyde or see anyone else do it—nor get his ass kicked on the contrary.


You hold back…You keep away from greatest to remain in his shadow. You are weak… Pull yourself from him… Attack him, show your strength. Your power…


And that was another reason why Seth needed to find Clyde or even Alice. Maybe the holy duo of whatever could purify him. He MUST be purified. Maybe it would be as simple as giving him the Omen’s sphere, ridding the young man of the taint.

“Alright, stupid voice, I need you to shut up,” Seth said under his breath.


Show your strength. Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!


“Yeah, no, you can fuck off,” Seth whispered to the Omen’s sphere. Clyde absorbed FOUR of them. How did he put up with this? Maybe his Stone powers cleansed the taint.

Did Julius do something to the orb? Played him deeper than he calculated.

Seth held back a snarl—he didn’t want to look angry in front of these good people. Just wait until he found that shithead. Hell, knowing Clyde’s weird powers and all, he probably thought Seth went rogue. Maybe…Seth could use that to his advantage. No, logic failed there. Seth wanted to think this logically. So yes, find Clyde it is then, he thought.


You will…You will fight him. Show your strength. You cannot resist.


Evil orb of death that thought it could manipulate Seth. Check. Evil dipshit brother who was full of himself and probably believed he turned Seth into a pawn. Check. The idiot had no idea that it was SETH who played him. He planned to just give the orb to Clyde. His team leader was collecting them after all.

This ordeal just reminded Seth that he was way too vulnerable to mental magic. Why in the hell would he wake up believing himself to be used like a lackey by Clyde? The guy never made any demands, really. And hello, saved his life. Twice. Seth wasn’t the type of man to forget that. He always respected his team lead. Julius would fucking pay for this—Seth sensed his presence. Rage was like hell’s fury inside of Seth. No one played HIM like a fiddle or his friends. He at least hoped they’d still consider him one. Clyde would definitely know already.

Well, no point of worrying about that right now. Take down the manipulator and everything should snap into place.

As for the vampires. Seth had no intention of going near that hot oil if he could help it. Unless his team was planning to kill them off or something, he’d rather go the entire night without getting his blood sucked, thank you very much.

The more the young man thought of Julius, the more he felt like screaming in frustration. Mental magic. He needed some way to resist it.

Abruptly, he spotted Harumi, as beautiful as ever with her cute friend, Kiko. They were heading toward Sazuki. In fact, Kiko spotted her sister and ran toward her with heartfelt joy and tears. Then three vampires suddenly appeared at the halfway point between the two sisters.

Seth snarled then. He was not about to sit there and let the bloodsuckers ruin this.


Kill him! Go for greatness! Do it! Listen to your own blood! LISTEN AND OBEY!


Seth tuned the annoying evil voice out as determination took over his spirit. Focusing on the three goons—the kid Vampire seemed to observe from afar—he began to cast. People were moving away without looking at them due to that weird instinct that went off around supernatural occurrences. Seth could not understand it. And he wouldn’t.


[Seth activated Targeted interruption!]

Targeting the three vampire goons, he negated all of their magic.


[Enemies cannot use magic for 2 minutes.]

[Your MP has dropped to 80%]


Unlike the regular Interruption, Seth didn’t have to worry about his MP getting halved. Sure the time of negation was much longer, but the cost…way too steep for his tastes.

Just then he saw Clyde, Toru, and Kitome running toward the vamps. He also spotted Julius, on the rooftop of a stand, hand aimed at Clyde and the party. He knew his brother’s cult would try to give him orders, but the man would never follow them. He knew Julius too well. He bet whoever commanded him simply wanted him to scope the area, retrieve the Omen’s sphere and do something else with it. Maybe destroy it. But his brother, being the asshole that he was, decided another course of action. He just knew it.

Seth couldn’t make it in time to his brother, but that didn’t matter. He motioned to his left. Clare emerged and nodded. She aimed her bow and fired, true to her aim. Julius dodged the arrow somehow, at the last second, but his focus was off Clyde. That mattered.

“Thanks for the help,” Seth said. He had no intention to try taking on the festival madness by himself—and possibly Clyde’s wrath. So, he told Clare everything and asked her to advocate for him.

“You be careful,” Clare said. “I’m going to try and explain everything to your leader. If he doesn’t already know already. He’s a nice man, I think he’ll understand. He’s as sharp as a razor these days.”

“And that’s why he’s our leader,” Seth said. He nodded, as if confirming something to himself, ignoring the Omen’s sphere. As if he’d leave a party filled to the brim with hot women. They may be a part of his leader’s possible harem, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t get to look. Besides, Clyde attracted monster girls and fairies and angels. Seth could learn from that, figure out the secret and become harem king. He chuckled. How ridiculous. His studies wouldn’t allow such a thing.

He bounded forward, fiery aura surrounding him. Julius would fucking pay for messing with his mind.




Festival Entrance…


Ming was late. Though the ordeal wasn’t her fault—her stupid publishers scheduled her to make an appearance at the festival to sign books and manga, at the last minute. She didn’t feel like doing the signing. She was supposed to be a prophet of the Stone. Venus herself appeared in her dreams and told her to find Omen’s spheres for him. At least Ming thought it was Venus.

She also said that the Stone was the one who possessed the forbidden spellcaster deck. That turned out to be true.

Ming wanted to get to know him, become his wife. They’d be an unstoppable couple. She shuddered when she thought of her rival. Chika. Even the real possibility of having to share Clyde.

Abruptly, she noticed something as she strolled into the festival. People were moving away from somewhere. The way they moved…It couldn’t be.

She looked around but saw no monsters. The demon lord was gone anyway. She’d have to go to that area to find out. Her fans wouldn’t be able to meet and greet if they were under that weird trance. A pity. Tyrone’s girlfriend, Kazumi, forced her into a yukata. It was quite pretty too…purple with a rosy design. A pity indeed.