[Volume 4.] Episode 24 (Part 8)
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Clyde analyzed the first vampire to get a good idea of what he was up against.



Vampire- William

Level: 77

Type: Monster

Work under: Vampire Emperor.

Special: Darkness Slash [Chance to inflict despair at 40%. Chance for double damage against non-dark foes at 12%]

Weakness: holy, purity x 2, angel, deity x 5, entity x 2.

Resistances: dark, demon, fallen angel, devil, taint, evil, void.

Secret: once tried to have sex with Nina. Nina kicked him in the testicles hard enough to make him limp for a month.

Clyde stifled a laugh then engaged William. His backup, Kitome, and Toru took on the others.

“You motherfuckers won’t be getting in the way of their family reunion.”


[You activated Trust Bond Skill Mimic.]

[Random skill obtained: Alice’s Slip distraction.]

[Skill stored: Slip distraction.]

[Party loyalty has triggered. Any companion in the area will be notified. Bonus stats will be awarded to them if they’re able to provide assistance.]


[Your party has entered combat.]



Clyde decided not to draw his sword due to his fallen angel resistance. He laid into the bloodsucker with a roundhouse kick, followed up with some well-placed punches. William shook it off, returning surprisingly strong and painful attacks of his own.


[William activated Triple-thrust fire fists.]


[Your HP has dropped to 180%]


Clyde rubbed his chest then chuckled. The vampire had weaknesses. The gamer inside was ready to exploit them. He took aim with one hand, confusing the vampire.

“You worthless human will rue the day that you attacked us. She is ours. She belongs to our clan. What right do you have to interfere?”

“That girl belongs to no one,” Clyde said. “You’re basically kidnappers and slavers.”

“Didn’t you do the same for the Maki troublemaker?” he snapped then laughed. “You’re putting yourself on a pedestal but is no better than us.”

“Maki is a criminal,” Clyde said. “Since no jail can hold her, I’m doing it. Well, mostly Yuki, but that’s beside the point. What I have in store for her is none of your business. Now perish.”

“I don’t think so!”


[William activated Darkness slash.]


The vampire was fast, very fast, but not fast enough.


[Clyde activated Holy spirit wave.]


[WEAKNESS EXPLOITED. Attack has instantly killed William.]


And to ashes and purple flames he went…

Clyde turned to watch his teammates—he didn’t expect for his battle with a vampire to be…so easy. Then again, his advantage with the holy element was a thing now. Oh, and Holy spirit wave also had purity in it. This element showed up as gold on his status page.

Toru seemed to struggle a little with his vampire opponent. Kitome too, her foe being a skilled woman. The magical girl was the first to make her kill, followed by Toru seconds later with an Axis Flash.

The loli vampire stared at them, mouth agape.

“She needs training.”

“We have demons that will take good care of her,” Clyde said. “Now let’s do this brat—we can’t have you causing Sazuki’s sister to go berserk when they hug.”

Nina snarled, showing fang, then fell to a knee…and cried.

“I don’t want to die. Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Undo your control over her,” Clyde said simply. “I can read moods, so don’t try any bullshit.”

“If I do that, the prince will feel it,” Nina whined. “Everyone’s linked to him. He’ll notify the emperor. They’ll accuse me of betrayal—then I’ll be infinitely tortured.”

“Not my problem,” Clyde said. “I can offer you my protection, but…it will require a contract. No way in hell I’d be using that on a kid. Even if you’re not really a kid. That’s just creepy. Are you sure you don’t want to fight? Are you not going to do the cliché thing and try to attack me anyway?”

The loli cried harder.

“I only take orders, then play games. I swear.”

“Uhm Clyde, she could be useful,” Toru said.

Clyde grinned, his trap for his friend laid out perfect.

“Toru, Toru, you know, you’re one of the best teammates I’ve got.”

Toru blinked.

“Really? Thanks—oh cut the bull, and just tell me what I have to do. I’ve been raped by enough monster girls to know my secret passive ability.”

“You will take care of her,” Clyde said. “Nina, Toru’s rich and can give you all the video games you desire. You can’t go bity on him. He does have a holy attack that can instantly kill you. Also don’t piss off Fumi, his girlfriend.”

Stars were in the gothic loli’s eyes as she leapt at Toru, hugging his leg like some leg-humping puppy. He placed a hand on her head.


[Do you wish to bond Nina to Toru? Warning, you can only manually undo this.]


Clyde selected yes. He was surprised something like this actually worked. Basically, duplicating his contract with Maki, then mentally signing Toru as the master and Nina the servant. Too bad for his epic battle, but he didn’t want to go around exploding kids anyway. He figured the other vampires, those higher on the chain wouldn’t go down so easily.


[Battle completed. Victory! Reward: 10,000 EXP and $1000.]


“There are more of us around,” Nina said. “Not under my control. Sorry.”

“Kiko must be worth a million pounds of gold if you guys are this adamant about keeping her,” Clyde said.

“They’re idiots if you asked me,” Kitome said. “If she’s so-called low-blood or whatever you dumbasses classify her as, then why go through all of the trouble? You seemed civilized before. What the hell changed?”

Nina hid behind Toru then stuck her tongue out at Kitome, causing the blue-haired woman to lunge at her. Clyde put up a hand to settle the bickering.

“Kitome, chill,” Clyde said. “We’re going to treat this as a patrol.”


[Quest: kill all vampires in the area. Accept? Reward: 150,000 EXP and $50,000.]


Clyde mentally selected yes.

“Where the hell are the others? They should be here by now.”

He checked the battle log for his party and saw that they were indeed fighting. He wished he could check on his relationship with Seth, but with him out of the party, there was nothing to be done. Hopefully, the guy didn’t get himself killed. Clyde wanted Seth back on the team, but not against his will of course. He just couldn’t imagine the man just saying, “fuck it” and walking out without a reason.

Something…just didn’t feel right.


Clyde and the others turned to see Ming approaching them at a dead run. Six vampires chased her.

“Ming, help us fight them—they’re weak against holy. Toru, mentally command the vampire kid if you must.”

“What?” Nina said, eyes panicked.

“Welcome aboard,” Clyde said. “It’s for Kiko’s sake—letting you go back would be a terrible idea. So, fight for me or die.”

Nina nodded, defeated.

“At least I have games,” she said.

“And you don’t have to worry about some priggly priss vampire telling you what to do,” Toru said. “Just stay out of my father’s way and you’ll be fine. He’s a secret Loli Saga fan, so..”

“Oh dear Venus, he’s a lolicon?” Nina said. “I’m not kid you know. I’m way older than you—but you’d better not ask my age.”

“I don’t know what he is,” Toru said, ignoring her “not-a-kid” protest. “Now, I command you to fight the vampires.”

Nina rushed ahead, unleashed dark slashes and black lightning in her wake. Her fellow vampires were confused at first, but Clyde and his party rushed into the fray, hitting them hard. The enemies were downed in under half a minute. “And Yuki was like vampires are strong.” Toru shook head.

“You could hardly call newborns and low borns vampires,” Nina said. “Of course, they’re weak. Not enough training and time. The real vampires have more important things to do. With this, you basically declared blood feud on our clan.”

“You’re no longer apart of that clan,” Clyde said, “so I’d appreciate it if you’d start thinking that way. My patience is running thin. You be a good vampire girl and you’ll pretty much get to do whatever you want. I’m not running your life.”

Nina gulped, nodding. Clyde patted on her the head, surprising himself and the loli. The system immediately took advantage of his slip—his hand had to have moved on its own. This…couldn’t be. He didn’t do such a thing at home.


[Talent, main character stuff: head pat.]


[You have established a relationship link with Nina.]


[Your relationship with Nina is friendly.]


[You have planted an affection seed in her.]


He made a mental note to close all relationship windows with this one too.

“Let’s go,” Clyde said, but Nina grabbed his hand as he pulled away, hoping to let everyone forget what they saw. He at least hoped his glare worked.

“Can I live with you, oni—”

Clyde thanked every star in the sky when an explosion of powers caught everyone’s attention. He wasn’t sure who…but a faint feeling of fiery aura made him think of Seth. Who was the other person?

“We don’t have a lot of time,” Clyde said. “Ming, come with us. Stick close to me.”

“Sure,” she said, face lighting up.

“Kill all vampires in the area,” he said then waved at Sazuki and her sister to follow along. “Toru, protect them. You and your new assistant.”

“Will do, leader,” he said. Clyde was glad the loli vampire at least took in the mood and followed Toru. Not that she could go against the contract.

The whirl of magic and aura exploded through the air again like a sudden wind storm. In fact, it was a wind storm, one that lasted about five seconds.

“Let’s move!” Clyde said. “I think it’s Seth.”

The others nodded, and the party took off. The young man just hoped they’d make it in time.