[Volume 4.] Episode 24 (Part 10)
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Julius, second in command of the Lich Cult

Level: 90

Type: sorcerer

Work under: Lich Cult

Special: Tsukuyomi’s Dream. [This mental spell will cause sleep and nightmare. Does severe damage.]

Weakness: none.

Resistances: earth, water, ice.

Secret: He once snuck into a wasp hive and was raped for six hours straight. He only escaped due to a honey bee rival attack.




[Your party has entered a boss fight!]



Julius darted forward, meeting Clyde with martial arts similar to his own. Did he learn from the same dojo? Well, the young man had no intention of being easily bested. An arrow from Clare almost hit Seth’s brother, but at the last second, the man jumped backward.


[Clare activated Sand Shot of Breath.]


The next arrow she fired doubled its speed, fire and aura surrounding it. And it struck, dead center. When Julius simply pulled the arrow out of him without a visible wound, they all knew of the barrier. To Clyde, his extra HP gave that away.


[Julius’s HP has dropped to 215%]


Julius chuckled.



[Julius activated Tier 1 skill: Mind Pain.]


Clare dropped to her knees, hand on head, screaming. Clyde, refusing to allow this lurch forward, but Seth beat him to the punch.


[Seth activated Interruption.]


Julius’s attack seemed to stop because Clare fell to the ground, panting.


[Clare’s HP has dropped to 60%]


Toru’s kick from behind knocked Julius forward.


[Toru activated Raining Blast!]


The grey and pink energy bursts spiraled Seth’s brother even further ahead, but somehow the man landed on his feet, dusting himself off.


[Julius’s HP has dropped to 190%]


He aimed a hand at Toru, smiling wickedly.


[Julius activated Night beam.]


None of them could so much as see the attack until the last second, but Toru had already moved from his spot the moment he saw the aimed hand.

“Four on one,” Julius said. “A good reason to go all out.”


[Julius activat—]


[You activated Stored skill: Slip distraction.]


[You activated Spiritual Fire.]


With a hand aimed at Julius, Clyde unleashed one of the spells he rarely used. Blue fire beamed at Julius, covering him with deadly brilliance.


[Julius’s HP has dropped to 175%]


Julius snarled.

“Enough! I will not be made a fool of.”

His eyes glowed pink, but before the party could do anything, it was too late. Everyone dropped but Clyde, due to high mental resistance. He still took damage from the attack—the searing pain made the young man fall to a knee, panting, sweating.


[Julius used Tier 1 skill: Tsukuyomi’s Dream.]


[Your HP has dropped to 70% You are stunned.]

[Seth’s HP has dropped to 40%. Seth has been inflicted with Sleep and Nightmare.]

[Toru’s HP has dropped to 60%. Toru has been inflicted with Sleep and Nightmare.]

[Clare’s HP has dropped to 4%. Clare has been inflicted with Sleep and Nightmare.]


He looked around, noticing that Sazuki and Kiko, who stood yards back were also out cold. Their protector, Nina suffered the same fate. Julius laughed.

“Annoying cooldown, but we both know this is over,” Julius said then walked toward the young. “I’m not sure how you’re not out like the others. Had you not absorbed the Omen’s sphere, I would’ve considered letting you go, but you’re obviously some kind of monster. As an adventurer, slaying you to see what goods I’ll get, well, it’s obvious.”


As soon as he was close enough, Clyde made his move.


[You invoked Mystic wrath!]

[You activated Mystic lightning.]


Julius clearly didn’t expect it—the confident smile on his face melted into twisted agony as he dropped to a knee, howling.


[Julius’s HP has dropped to 90%]


The man suddenly roared with laughter, leaping up, avoiding Clyde’s roundhouse kick.

“You may want to worry about your friends. That nightmare…well, let’s just say it’s quite the killer.” He looked at the moon. “Damn I’m late.”

Clyde aimed again, preparing to finish the fight, but Julius activated a skill that surprised him.


[Julius activated Jump.]

His last words were, “I’ll deal with you later.”


[Julius has fled. This battle ended.]

Clyde spat to the side as he rushed to shake his friends awake. He started with Clare, giving her no chance to be reluctant about the healing potion. The rule was always heal first, talk later. And speaking of healing—they needed to get to either Alice or Harumi. Maybe Yuki or Tear. He only had one potion left, which he’d like to keep for himself.

“Julius got away,” Clyde said after everyone was awake. “Apparently he can jump.”

“He can?” Seth said. “Fuck, I wish I could.”

“Yeah. Anyway, we need to find one of our healers,” Clyde said. “After making sure everyone’s good to go, we’re getting the fuck out of here. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had enough of the festival for today.”

“Kind of blows,” Seth said. “I wanted to get a picture of everyone in their yukatas, smiling.”

Clyde shrugged.

“We look like road kill. Imagine what the women think. And how much it’s going to hurt when they punch you.”

Seth chuckled.

“Sometimes a man has to take a risk. But I do agree with you, leader. We need a healer, or I’ll pass out from these damned aches.”

“Also heads up, the next time we see Julius, don’t look into his eyes,” Clyde said. “If it weren’t for my resistances, we’d probably be dead.”



As the party took off at a guarded pace, Clyde used this opportunity to do a full stat check, as well as the changes the Omen’s sphere did.


[The Omen’s sphere has increased the levels of your mystic combat and BCFUS by 1. You’ve learned the Special ability: Astral Projection level 1. You will need 10 Omen’s spheres to gain the next bonus.]

[Unknown benefits gained from Omen’s sphere.]




Clyde’s stat sheet. You may skip to the next part.


Name: Clyde.

Level: 65

Type: Main character/ Stone. Mystic.

HP: 100% (+110%)

MP: 100% (+30%)

Ki: 100%

Attack: 110 (+33)

Defense: 112 (+16)

Speed: 134

Luck: 124

Will: 132

Intellect: 136

Form: 1/1.

Special: Tier 1 skill: Omen’s Desolation. [Does almighty, spiritual, and sound damage. Chance to cause hopelessness and despair. Triple, super-severe damage against entities, deities, spirits, and darkness-type enemies.]


Special Abilities:

Flash Step: Briefly move at the speed of light. A high, speed stat will increase the critical chance of any attack combined with this ability.


Acrobatics: able to run and jump swiftly. Can leap from building to building.


Mystic senses: whether in or out of battle, you will be connected to nature and its spirits. Unknown benefits. Ability to sense abnormalities.


Skill Fusion- legendary special ability- combine skills and see what happens. You could unleash death on your foes! [Can be very draining to your MP. Use seldomly.]


Jump. You can warp to area you’ve been to or picture in your mind. You can also open and close portals, but not create them. You can also warp with a party.


Astral Projection level 1: project an image of yourself to an area you know. Raise the level to be able to move around in this state as well as increasing the range. Your body will be vulnerable. At the right level, you will learn to be simultaneously aware of both your astral projection and your true self. Warning: it is recommended to have a composure of 200 or more before projecting yourself.




The Man Who Shatters the Balance. Reckless Abandonment. Man of the Impossible. Millionaire and Again. Slave driver. Entity Destroyer.


Hidden stats revealed:

Special Defense: 116

Paranoia: <varies>

Charisma: 124

Composure: 122

Evasion: 104

Reputation: level 3- you may be worth listening to.

Endurance: 144

Regeneration: 27.

Haggling: 14.




[Life: 1. Lightning: 1. Heart: 1.]

[ Strength is at 1. Passion is at 1. Energy is at 1.]

[Soul is at 3. Command is at 3. Radiance is at 3.]

[Ki increased! Vitality is at 1. Speed is at 1. Aura is at 1.]


Ki-based skills: none.



Ki-based ultimate attack: none.










Free points: 105.

Wanted rep Harpy clan: 5/5.

Omen’s spheres (some call them orbs): 5.




- Athlete: 10% bonus to speed and Will. [Passive].


- Mystic Calm: 100% resistant to fear, despair, discomfort, and shock. [Mystic Passive.]


-Hostile Detection 5: detects hostiles within a certain range of you. Detects enemy information. [Passive]. Can now see weakness. Can now see resistances. Can now see secrets.


-Heart Protection 5: you’re 53% less affected by unwanted mental magic or skills from enemies. You gain a 41% bonus to your ability to convince others to do anything that would protect their hearts. 46% chance to break from any magic or charismatic hold. [Passive].


- Secret sword and martial arts combination. Random unknown increases to speed, defense, and will during battle. Chance to critical increases by 2%. [Passive].


- Crafting 5: enables you to craft items using everyday objects. Complicated unlocked. [Passive].


- Dagger combat 4: does physical damage. Enables dagger combat. Chance to critical at 13% [Passive].


-knife throwing 4: does physical damage. Enables knife combat. Chance to stun at 13% [Passive].


Trap Detection 2. You will be warned by the system automatically on things your mind would consider a trap. Your will stats dictate this! [Passive]. Range: 10 meters.


Party loyalty: Your party will know if you’re in danger and need help. A boost of stats will be provided to anyone who’s able to provide you assistance.

Unarmed attacks:


-Roundhouse kick. [Attack] – does physical damage. Change of knockdown at 5%.


-Mystic punch/kicks. [Attacks]- does physical and spiritual damage. Chance of stun at 1%. 50% stun if catching enemy by surprise.


Sword attacks:


-Precise Slash 6. [Attack] – does physical damage. Chance of critical at 31%

-Deep Slash 6. [Attack]- does physical damage. Chance to cause bleeding at 29%. Chance to stun at 7%.

-Spirit Slash 6. [Attack] – does physical and spiritual damage. Chance to cause dizziness at 17%. Chance to cause spiritual blight at 27%.

-Shatter Strike 3. [Attack]- does physical and fire damage. Chance to break barriers at 12%.

-Tier 3 skill: Sound Slash [Attack]- does physical and sound damage. Chance to cause deaf at 1%.


Defensive skills:


Spirit shield: [Defense] – invoke a magical shield around you for a few seconds. Will shield you from magic and block physical attacks. Chance to invoke Spirit Counter at 1%.



Special skill:


Quick meditation: once per cooldown, you can boost random stats. The buffs will last for up to two hours.

Mystic meditation: once per cooldown, you can boost speed, will, and composure. This buff will last up to 2.5 hours.


Power Up [charge]- Once per cooldown, you may recharge 30% of your MP and slightly increase attack and speed.


Combat level:


-Intermediate level 4. Combat style: somewhat skilled.

-Mystic combat level 4.





-Energy Blast [evolution 1]. Type: spiritual. Class: mysterious. (Mystic counterpart is available.) Now does scorch damage.


-Six Hand Skill [evolution 1]. Type: spiritual. Class: mysterious. Shoot a flurry of energy balls at multiple enemies. 8% chance to stun an enemy. Now does gun, metal, and glass damage. 1% chance to instantly kill enemies ten levels or more below you. (Mystic counterpart is available)


- Holy Spirit Wave [evolution 1]. Type: spiritual. Class: mysterious.: Shoot a wave of concentrated spiritual energy. Chance to cause spiritual blight at 7%. Chance to do double damage on dark creatures: 35%. Now does holy and purity damage. (Mystic counterpart is available)


-Spiritual Fire. Type: spiritual. Class: very rare. Unleash special fire at your enemies. Chance to cause spiritual blight at 9%. Chance to cause burn at 4% Chance to agony at 3%. (Mystic counterpart is available.)


-Binder’s hand 3. Type: spiritual. Class: mysterious. Bind your enemies with tendrils of spirit energy. 38% chance to bind 1 enemy. Does no damage unless you will it. If willed, will do 3% damage per second. Able to will it to hold allies. Cannot damage allies.


- Charm 3. Type: spiritual. Class: mental. Once per cool, you have a chance to take control of 1 targeted enemy. At this level you can only charm 1 enemy at a time and only those with lower levels. Be wary of enemies immune to charm.


-Mystic aide: invoke the power of nature to assist you. Does nature damage. 150% attack increase in forests, grasslands, and spiritual domains.


-Mystic wrath: Enter mystic mode. This form lasts for a short time and drains magic points, but all physical and magic attacks increase greatly. You will be able to cast Mystic Lightning. Due to the strain this form does on your body, it is highly recommended to use if needed.


-Mystic Lightning- can only cast during mystic mode. Does spiritual, electrical, and holy damage. Change to cause spiritual blight at 34%. Chance to blind.


- Trust Bond Skill Mimic. Type: mystic. Class: very rare. Once per day, you will be able to randomly activate a skill from any of trusted friends. If you do not wish to activate the revealed skill, you may store it for later use; however, if not activated that day, it will vanish from storage.


-Summon Mist: Type: water. Class: uncommon. summon a thick mist that can cover an area the size of a small town. You and your allies will be able to see 40% better than any enemies. Warning, this is useless against enemies that do not rely on vision.




BCFUS lv. 3. You can only present a temporary speed and jump boost. You may make only minor changes to their appearances, heal minor injuries, and sense their whereabouts.



Tier 2 skill: Blizzard: Type: ice. Class: very rare. Unleash a portal blizzard on your foes. Does Heavy Ice damage.


Summon: Tear- 1.


Tier 2 skill: Neptune’s Water Edge. Type: water, holy. Class: very rare. Unleash a sharp blast of water blessed by Neptune himself.





Main character stuff.

Mystic languages. [Can read and speak old and unknown tongues.]



10% boost to relationship stats with Harumi and her friends.

+5% damage for a physical attack.

Marriage System.

Bravery noted to someone of great power.

Ruthlessness noted to someone of great power. (Demons killed.)

10% boost to all stats- mystic bonus.

Good favor with Cupid, god of love









$ 6,651,400

-Map of Lot City, Satovia.

-Map of Libado Grasslands, Satovia.

-Map of Ashen City, Satovia.

-Map of Niyoto, Satovia.



-Reminder for practice- note.

- Zelt’s printer. Level 1/25.

- Wind blade. (item class: very rare.)

-Melody’s note.

- Deed to the Ashfall estates, treasures, etc.

- Honey Potion of Healing (item class: rare.)

-Wind blade. (very rare) +16 to attack. Wind element.

- Place of Power Core (item class: Relic) (item value: priceless)- establish a place of power.

- Super health potion (item class: common)

- Max MP replenish potion (item class: epic)

- invisible potion. (Item class: very rare.)

- bundle of materials. (Item class: rare.)

- bundle of enchanted arrows. (Item class: very rare.)







* Legendary Sword: Ludacris (Ashfall family loom)- +33 to attack. Fallen Angel element. Can fire raw magic from the weapon. Does magic damage. Lv. 2.

-School uniform or casual clothes.

-School shoes or casual shoes.

-Necklace of strength. (Uncommon) +1 attack +1 defense.

-Ring of Emergency Magic. (Very rare) +20% MP.

- Dust stone armor set. (Rare). +15 to defense.

- silver dagger- +ice and earth damage. (rare.)



Stone-Tokken Deck:

The Sorcerer’s Creed.



Classes: (year1).

-Satovia History 1.

-Romance Literature 1.

-Sciences 1.

-Crafting 1.


Phone numbers:







- Melody



Quest log:


Main story.


Gather materials and craft three items. Reward: 300 EXP.


Defeat Dark in a Real game (Stone-Token quest.)


Call Chika in the late hours. (MS.)


Either call or visit Kitome in the late hours.


Talk to Melody.


Investigate Niyoto (multi-step quest. Required to defeat demon lord)


Give Tear the Gift. (MS)


Take the test next week. Excel.


Quest: craft 1 complicated item. (MS)