[Volume 4.] Episode 24 (Part 11)
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Harumi let out a breath of relief as she took down her twelfth vampire. As much as she would’ve liked to remain with everyone else, one of the stupid males covered her mouth and pulled her off. He thought he was going to have her way with her, but the disgusting moron had no idea whom he dealt with. Harumi covered herself in the deadliest aura of lightning she could muster, instantly frying the monster. No amount of resistance would save him.

Now to catch up with the others, she thought. Surely, they needed healing, though she hoped not. She hated the idea of her friends getting injured.

“Lovely night, is it not?” someone said.

Harumi spun and ten feet behind her was a woman with blood-red hair and matching eyes, smiling at her. Harumi did not miss the two fangs that blended in with normal teeth. A very beautiful woman, if not for the hunger in those pupils.

Harumi allowed her lightning aura to surround her.

“Another bloodsucker that won’t learn a lesson except by the hard way.”

The woman laughed.

“I mean you no harm, from woman to woman, but I am quite hungry. Come serve your princess.”


[??? used charm]


[Harumi is unaffected.]


The vampire gasped. Harumi shook her head, eyes cold.

“After what you’ve put my friends through, both Sazuki and Kiko, I can’t afford to hold back. And I certainly won’t be made to look like some weakling. And to think you’d dare cast some rudimentary spell on me.”

Harumi blurred in front of the woman, one hand landing on her breasts. “I want you to deliver this message to your clan. I’m not the same bright-eyed and bushy-tailed girl as before. If they go near my friends again, well, to give you an example.”

“Please,” the vampire princess cried too late. Harumi unleashed enough magic to level a city. She quickly healed and stabilized the woman before she could die.

The young woman looked over the vampire sprawled on the ground, crying.

“I think Clyde would love to know that vampires cried,” she said. “Not sure about the sparkling though. But tears aren’t enough to undo the pain Sazuki went through. Now get out of my sight. Or I’ll make you wish—”

The vampire princess lunged at Harumi, laughing wildly. A claw grazed her face, then two, before Harumi slugged her backward.

“You definitely surprised me, girl,” the vampire princess said, wiping blood from her lip. “But nobody threatens me. I am the princess. I am order. I am Hisa, the great. I won’t be made a fool!”

Red aura surrounded her like fumes of blood.

Harumi sighed.

“The higher they are, the more arrogant they get. Airi, this is what you’ve left me with. I hope you’re having fun on your adventures.”


[Harumi has entered a boss fight!]



Hisa pointed a finger in Harumi’s direction.



[Hisa activated Precision Death Strike.]


Harumi countered it.


[Harumi activated Lightning Bolt.]


The attacks smashed against each other then exploded.

“Not sure if physics work that way, but okay,” Harumi said. She chuckled. Too much of Clyde rubbed off on her. He seemed to question everything. Sheesh, way to make himself more alien. Why not tell the whole world while you’re at it, she thought.

Hisa engaged Harumi with claws. Harumi dodged with ease, then countered with a kick. She held a hand to the sky.


[Harumi activated Tier 3 skill: Lightning call.]

Pink lightning bolted from the sky, smashing into the vampire princess. Her agonizing moan washed across the pink-haired girl.


[Hisa’s HP has dropped to 314%]


“You’re going to take a little longer to kill, I see,” Harumi said. “The prissy ones always refuse to admit they’re dead.”

Hisa snarled.


[Hisa activated Static flash stun.]


Harumi knew she messed up the moment the attack hit her. Hisa smiled cruelly.


[Harumi is stunned.]


She walked over to Harumi casually and took a deep whiff of her.

“A cocky human, but food, nonetheless. I won’t be gentle with this, new slave.”

Hisa only had time to widen her eyes as Harumi grinned.

“You see, the funny thing about stunning me is that enemies tend to don’t realize that they’re walking into traps until it’s too late. Even so, I still don’t have to do anything, right Ruri?”

Ruri’s first smashing into Hisa’s face answer that question. The force of the blow spiraled the vampire princess at least thirty feet. Kitome unleashed what seemed like hundreds of heart bombs.

Hisa took a few of the blasts before hopping up and away.


[Hisa’s HP has dropped to 232%]


Hisa snarled at Harumi.

“I won’t be made a fool. I won’t! I will get back at you.”
“I think we’re way past the bargaining point,” Yusuke said.

“Come, vampire,” Ruri said, “Show me what you’ve got.”

The hellhound rushed her, but Hisa hopped backward and simply vanished into the air. Harumi watched as Ruri sniffed the air. She was actually quite adorable, like a cute puppy or even a little sister.

“Harumi look out!”


[Hisa activated conversion.]

[Harumi activated Silver tier skill: Thor’s war cry- Full Lightning Field.]


She breathed in then out, allowing billions of amps to discharge around her in a bubble. Hisa screamed. Harumi turned to look at her. Well, look down on her.


[Hisa’s HP has dropped to 3%]


“Wow,” Ming said. Harumi walked over to the crying vampire.

“Now be a good little girl and deliver the message,” Harumi said. “Or I’ll start vampire hunting. Is that what you want—because I don’t mind.”

Hisa bowed.


[Hisa has lost the will to fight.]


[Hisa activated Jump.]


Harumi turned to see the others staring at her, open-mouthed.

“It took Kitome and I forever to dispatch even these so-called lowborns and you just took down their princess with hardly any effort,” Ming said. “Who are you?”

Harumi rolled her eyes.

“Just because she’s highborn doesn’t mean she can fight. Anyway, thanks for coming.” She walked over to Ruri and pinched her cheeks. “Thanks.” She patted her head.

“Don’t do that, I’m not a dog,” Ruri barked, blushing, but she didn’t push away Harumi’s hand.

“Your girlfriend’s so cute,” Harumi said to Yusuke. He blushed, but before he could try and deny it, the young woman strolled past them.

“I’m going to find Clyde. Coming?”

Everyone shrugged and followed the pink-haired girl, still baffled.




Chika slashed the throat of another vampire using a kitchen knife she found on the ground. Her hands trembled in rage—so close! So close to pulling Clyde in a corner so that he could be up close and personal with her cute yukata. Then these stupid vampires had to go and ruin everything. She turned to her companions, Tear, Alice, Yuki, and Natalia. Alice too looked pissed, though her face remained a composed cold mask.

This vampire clan would pay—this was clearly some kind of assault. The only thing that could make this better if one of their commanders showed up. Maybe they did and someone else killed him or her.

“Please tell me that’s the last one,” Chika said to Alice.

“I hope so,” Alice said. “My feet are killing me.”

All of the women nodded in agreement.

“I just want a hot bath,” Yuki said. Chika wished she could be cool and composed as Yuki and Tear. Maybe have their sizes too—life was so not fair. Yuki’s prizes were torn to shreds, but the demoness didn’t seem to care. Chika wasn’t sure if she could maintain such calm.

The other thing that had her enraged was the email she received from her father. Stupid CEO men never sit down and took their losses. He still intended to force her into marriage, as if Chika would let that happen. Akito, the pretend nice guy, but the silver-haired girl could smell the falsehood beneath that. She dealt with his forcefulness before. Never again.

“Let’s go meet up with Clyde,” Alice said. She seemed satisfied with the area. Tear and Yuki also detected nothing. “I’m done with this festival. Vampires ruined it like savages.”

“And we were having so much fun,” Tear said.

“Want to have a drink with me tonight,” Yuki said to the succubus. “I managed to find some…” she whispered the rest into Tear’s ear. That made the woman light up, even squeal.

“How did you come by it?” Tear said.

“Straight from the vaults,” Yuki said. “Besides, there’s a show…” She whispered more into Tear’s ear.

“Oh wow—I’m in? How did you—”

“Long story,” Yuki interrupted. “Let’s just say cockiness and wagers make easy wins.”

“Are you two done?” Alice said, before Chika could open her mouth to ask about this show.

“Forgive us, Lady Alice,” Yuki said.

Alice shrugged.

“Let’s go. I can sense Clyde just ahead. And we’ve got a lot to discuss.”