[Volume 4.] Episode 25 (Part 1): Vamp Mosquito Patrol; Stone’s Journey Planning.
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It felt like a fucking hour passed, but at last his entire party was together. There was a sensation that briefly surged from Harumi as she healed everyone, something that he’d never felt before—well maybe during the dual-attack thing they once did—but the young man decided to leave it be. Harumi was his first friend and companion in this world. If she kept something from him, let it be. Of course, he could always analyze her, but now wasn’t the time. No matter how much that electric aura bugged him.

She seemed to be petting Ruri frequently too, treating the petite girl like a younger sister. What was up with that?

Clyde listened to everyone’s stories while trying not to focus on Alice, sleeping in his lap. It was a small wonder that his erection didn’t catapult the half-demoness to Mars.

“Harumi’s so cool,” Ming said, stars in her eyes. She wrapped her arms around the innocent pink-haired girl’s waist, eyes filled with stars. Harumi sighed.

“It’s true,” Yusuke said.

“I didn’t know humans could handle that much lightning magic,” Ruri said. She looked as if she was about to sniff the air, but Harumi interrupted with a firm voice.

“I’ve practiced in the magic for a while,” she said. “My friend, Airi, kept me from killing myself.” With a struggle, she wiggled her way out of Ming’s embrace. “Let’s Jump before the people become aware again.”

“Ruri and I will be sticking around a little longer,” Yusuke said. “And I’m in no rush to go home.”

Ruri darted to Clyde and whispered in his ear.

“Don’t forget about Matsume. She plans to pop in on you.”

“No, a hellhound popping—” Ruri hurried away with Yusuke, smiling and waving before Clyde could voice his objection.

“I still have a signing to do,” Ming said. “But if you don’t mind, I’d like to hang out sometime. Get to know everyone.”

“Just don’t bring any BL books,” Seth said. Ming blushed, eyes burning with indignation. Clyde initiated the Jump before that had the chance to spark into bickering.


Seth and Toru went home, declining Clyde’s offer to stay over. Toru’s reason was for Fumi and settling Nina in, though the gothic loli insisted on living with Clyde. The young man wasn’t having it. Seth wanted to get back to his studies. Apparently, he set up a trap for Julius in the case of him returning to the house.

Harumi, offered Sazuki and Kiko a stay. They’d surprise their mother in the morning.

“We’ll take your offer,” Tear said. “Well, Natalia, what are you waiting for? Go find one of his giant baths and get it started.”

Natalia hopped off Clyde’s back, muttering some choice words. Harumi led Kiko to her room, but Sazuki stayed behind. Alice and Chika yawned and left, mumbling about baths.


[Your relationship with Sazuki has increased to friend level 10 and endearment.]


Tears fell from her eyes as she practically dove into Clyde’s arms.

“Thank you. Thank you,” she whispered. “Thank you.”


[Sazuki has joined your party!]

[Sazuki has decided to get to know you. She is interested.]

[Sazuki hopes to be a part of your future, but she is unsure of her feelings right now. You must get to know her.]

[Quest: get to know Sazuki overtime. This quest is auto-accepted, but there is no penalty for ignoring it. Rewards: unknown.]


Clyde took the time to accept the rewards from the vampire kill quest. He wasn’t sure if he completed that one. Teamwork was amazing.

The student council president composed herself after five minutes. Kiko, who watched from the hall, nodded at Clyde, mouthing “thank you” then continued her way.


[Your relationship with Kiko has increased to friend level 10- intensely sexually interested. Warning, Kiko cannot yet control her vampiric urges. If she sees an opportunity, she will rape you.]


Clyde kept a composed face, but inside, he remembered that vampire girls were monster girls. Although to be fair, Tear and Yuki planned to teach her control. A year with the vampire douche lords and she still hadn’t learned. Another flag was how Nina clearly seemed happy to be out of the hands of her clan. They had little freedom.

“If there’s anything you need, Clyde, please let me know. Anything,” Sazuki said. “And teach me this power thing. I’ll be glad to fight with you.”

Clyde shrugged.

“Sure. You can call me, sensei,” he chuckled. “I’m k—”

“Sensei it is,” Sazuki said.

“I was just ki—”

“A declaration is a declaration, no take backs,” she said. “Or do I have to lecture you.”

“But I’m the tea—oh ho-ho, you almost got me,” Clyde said. “But seriously, Clyde will do.”

“Sensei or maybe Clyde-sensei,” Sazuki strolled forward and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you again, Sensei. And good night.”

He would’ve watched her go—because the president had a nice sway, but Yuki was there, smiling.

“Maki, you’re dismissed for the night. Go bath and sleep. You may watch TV for thirty minutes.”

Maki nodded to Yuki then scurried off, but not before surprising everyone in the room, hugging Clyde. She was gone before anyone could say a word.

“Don’t let up on her,” Clyde said.

“Pssh, who do think I am,” Yuki said. “I’ve made her pay for her crimes twenty-times over and I’m still not done with her. She’ll be your humbled spy yet.”

Clyde nodded.

“Am I…wrong for doing it?” He sat on the couch, yukata opened just a bit to reveal gym shorts and a shirt. He followed his own instructions. None of the women did.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Yuki said. “Just leave her to the warden.” She sat next to Clyde. “You said you wanted a redeemed girl and by your name, I’ll give you one.”

He nodded. “By the way, Master Clyde, after your bath, I’d like my show.”

“Tonight? Aren’t you tired?”

“Oh don’t try to play the human act,” Yuki said. “You’re tired, but not that tired. Besides,” she kissed him. “A wager is a wager and I’m calling your debt. You wouldn’t deny me, right?”

“Alright fine, I’ll give you your damn show,” Clyde said. “Don’t expect—”

“I’ll be telling you what I want you to do in the show,” Yuki said. “You just be ready for…” she trailed off and Clyde’s mountain threatened to burst through his pants. It was just a show, right? Yuki being Yuki—except, at last, he’d finally…He was sure she wouldn’t put him through another tease. Not that it mattered.