Chapter 30 – First Time (2)
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Around two hours later, Mrs. Kim and I were lying on the sofa awkwardly.

After the first orgasm, we ended having sex five times more before finally recovering our senses.

Both Mrs. Kim and I immediately realized that what we did was wrong, and it made it harder for us to talk about it.

“… This should have not happened.” Mrs. Kim was the first to break the silence.

I bit my lips and nodded.

“… Sorry.”

Mrs. Kim looked at me with a bitter smile and shook her head.

“You don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault. We just drank too much and ended making a mistake.”

I fell silent without replying.

Mrs. Kim is right. It’s not my fault. But I’m partly responsible.

After all, the reason this happened was due to the demon inside my body.

Mrs. Kim doesn’t know about it, but I'm sure that the demon did something that made us unable to control our lust.

Thus, even if Mrs. Kim doesn’t blame me, I can’t help but feel guilty.

Mrs. Kim looked at my expression and sighed. Then, she caressed my cheek with a gentle smile.

“Stop blaming yourself, Jane. I told you it’s not your fault.” She said softly. “In fact, I should be the one feeling guilty. God, I can’t believe I seduced you to have sex with me. Your mother will kill me, and my daughter as well.”

“That is…”

“Nobody can know about this, understood?” Mrs. Kim stared at me with a deadly serious expression. “I don’t want to threaten you, Jane; but if someone learns about this, it will be very bad for both of us. Especially for me. My family will be destroyed.”

I fell silent before nodding.

“… Understood. I won’t tell anyone.”

“Thank you.” Mrs. Kim smiled softly. “Really, I always treated you as my own son. I can’t believe this happened.”


“Stop apologizing.” Mrs. Kim rolled her eyes before chuckling. “Plus, it felt great. You have a lot of energy, Jane. I envy the girl that will marry you.”

My expression became awkward.

I can’t believe I’m talking about this with my ex’s mother. Moreover, I just had sex with her!

“… Thank you?” In the end, I only managed to reply like that.

“Hahaha, so cute.” Mrs. Kim chuckled softly and rubbed my hair. “Well, it’s a shame that this can’t happen again. However, I think I will treasure this experience. You should be proud, little Jane. After all, your first time was with a beautiful woman like me.”

“… Yeah, it was great.” I smiled embarrassedly.

To be honest, despite all the awkwardness and guilt, I can’t deny that this felt great.

The feeling of excitement after knowing that I was fucking the mother of my ex was exhilarating. Plus, the fact that Mrs. Kim was a married woman made everything even more exciting.

But perhaps due to it, I can’t help but feel even more guilt now that we are done.

While I was lost in my thoughts, Mrs. Kim stood up and put on her clothes before smiling at me.

“You should return to your room while I clean this place. It reeks to sex. It would be bad if Ley or Jessica come down.”

I nodded. Just thinking of my sister or little Jessica’s reaction if they learn about what happened here sends shivers to my spine.

“Remember, this never happened, and this will never happen again, okay?” Mrs. Kim reminded me one last time and I nodded. Then, I returned to my room.

But when I was about to enter my room, my little sister came out of her room.

“Brother? Were you taking a bath?” She asked when she saw that I was wearing a towel. “Did anything happen on the first floor?”

I immediately became nervous. Did Ley notice anything?

“… Why did you ask?” I asked, doing my best to avoid sounding different than normal.

“Jessica and I heard some strange sounds coming from the first floor. I was going to see if something happened, but we were watching a movie, so we forgot about it.”

My back was immediately filled with cold sweat.

Fuck, how lucky.

Fortunately, Ley and Jessica were lazy. Otherwise, if they catch us having sex, I would be dead now.

“… Nothing happened. Mrs. Kim is just cleaning after the party.”

“Mom?” Jessica’s voice came from behind Ley. “Should we go to help her?”

“Don’t worry about it.” I hurriedly said. “She is almost finished.”

Jessica nodded. However, Ley looked at me with a suspicious expression.

“Brother, is everything alright?”

I immediately became stiff.

“… Why?”

“… No, it’s nothing,” Ley said with a pensive expression.

“Good night, then. I’m a bit sleepy after the party.”

My sister nodded dazedly. Without giving her time to reply, I quickly returned to my room.

Once I closed the door, I heaved a sigh of relief.

Immediately, though, my expression turned dark.

“… Demon, we need to talk.”



After Jane returned to his room, Ley stayed in the corridor for a few seconds with a pensive expression.

When she returned to her room, her good friend, Jessica, looked at her strangely.

“Ley? Is anything wrong?”

“… Nothing. It’s just that my brother seemed strange.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“… I don’t know. He seemed a bit nervous, and his mental waves seemed a bit agitated. Plus, I think I felt a strange smell on him.”

Jessica was confused. However, she knew a bit about Ley’s abilities. Her abilities made her very good at reading other people, so she probably was not mistaken.

“… Could it be due to my sister?” Jessica ventured. “They just broke up.”

“Perhaps.” Ley nodded. “However, I have the feeling that it was not that.”

“Just ask him then. Maybe he will tell you.”

Ley furrowed her brows before sighing and nodding.

“I will ask him tomorrow.”

For some reason, though, she felt that her brother would not tell her anything.

That thought made Ley feel uneasy.

However, she did not know the reason why.