Chapter 38 – Sparring (2)
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After that, the coach did not continue the spars. Instead, he asked us to return to our places as he continued the class.

However, most students were not in the mood to pay attention to the class, and instead, they were looking at me with curiosity and doubt.

“… Hey, Jane, how did you do that?” Andrew asked in admiration. “I mean, you wee strong before, but not that strong, right?”

I shrugged with a wry smile. It’s not as though I can tell him that I was training in my dreams.

“It was amazing, brother-in-law. I could not even see your movements.”

“Yeah, it was amazing!”

Jessica and Ley stared at me excitedly as they praised me. I could not help but feel awkward feeling their unmasked admiration.

“I knew my brother was a genius. He just was unlucky until now.” Ley smiled smugly before looking towards the girls that had been silent until now with a snicker. “However, it looks like his luck turned for the better after he stopped dating a certain someone.”

I noticed Karime’s body stiffen slightly.

To be honest, I couldn’t deny that I feel a bit of schadenfreude towards Karime. However, I was not so petty to take it out on her just because she dumped me.

Thus, I let out a sigh and hit Ley’s head softly.

“Ley, stop. This has nothing to do with Karime.”

Ley looked at me and pouted, but when she saw my serious expression, she nodded.

Just then, we heard the coach cough and look towards us. Apparently, our chat had caught the attention of the class.

We put on awkward expressions and stopped talking. Right then, I saw Karime looking gratefully towards me.

I just smiled and stopped paying attention to her, doing my best to look like I did not care about her.

[… How pathetic.] I heard a sigh from the demon in my mind, but I decided to ignore it.

Soon, the class finished. We got ready to go back home, but just then, the coach called out at me.

“Jane, can we talk for a moment?”

I was startled before nodding.

I already had an idea about what he was going to tell me. Thus, after telling my sister to wait for me, I went to the coach.

“What do you need, coach?”

Coach Michael stared at me for several seconds before finally speaking up.

“… Jane, did you awaken a skill related to martial arts?”

I was startled before falling deep into thought.

The coach is asking me this due to my previous performance. Such an abnormal performance could not be without a reason.

However, I did not have any skills related to martial arts. Instead, I received training from a demon in my dreams.

It’s not like I can say that, though.

Plus, even if I lie and I say yes, I only reported two skills when I registered as an Awakened, [Lightning Seed] and [Physical Strengthening]. Lying here means that I hid one of my skills when I registered as an Awakened, and if the Awakened Association learns about it, I will be in serious trouble.

Thus, I shook my head.

“I didn’t. I only awakened two skills. One is called [Lightning Seed], and the other is [Physical Strengthening]… Though, I think my reflexes have become much better after awakening. Even without using mana, I feel I’m a few times stronger than before awakening.”

“Is it so?” The coach nodded. “Yeah, I have heard that some people show better talent in certain areas after they awaken. However, your progress in martial arts seems a bit too much… Jane, do you mind sparring with me?”

“Huh?” I was stunned.

“I just want to check your current level of martial arts. I got the feeling you didn’t show your entire strength when sparring with Daniel and Saya.”

I was startled by the coach's suggestion, but after thinking for a moment, I agreed.

After all, I also want to know what level I am after training with the demon for one week.

Thus, the coach and I went to the stage and put on the sparring equipment.

“Don’t hold back. I want to see your entire strength.”

I nodded. Then, after taking a deep breath, I moved.


With a short shout, I closed the distance between us and threw a punch towards his abdomen.

The coach responded skillfully. He parried my attack with his right hand before extending his hand to hit my chest.

However, I managed to see his attack before it could reach me. Narrowing my eyes, I avoided the attack and threw a low kick.

The coach responded with another kick. Then, he countered with a sudden chop towards my head.

The speed of the coach’s chop was astonishing, but to my surprise, I could follow it with my eyes. Thus, before his attack could hit me, I had already moved away.

But the coach made use of that opportunity to press me further. Punches, kicks, and palms flew towards me one after another, giving me almost no chance to breathe.

Nevertheless, despite the flurry of attacks coming towards me, I still felt much calmer than when I was fighting the demon.

The despair and the feeling of futility I felt when I fought the demon were not here. Instead, I somehow had the conviction that I could win.

However, I needed to wait for the perfect opportunity.

And soon, it arrived.

Among one of the many attacks the coach was throwing, I managed to catch a small flaw.

I did not hesitate to exploit it.

In an instant, my muscles compressed before suddenly exploding, increasing my speed several times over!

Using that explosive speed, I avoided the attacks of the coach and moved to his side.

My sudden movement caught the coach by surprise, leaving his flank unprotected.

Without hesitating, I tensed my leg muscles before releasing them in a powerful kick.

But then, I saw the coach smirk.

‘Crap! A trap!’ I thought to myself, but it was already too late.

Before I could retreat, the coach had already caught my leg. Then, he unleashed a low kick, sweeping my remaining leg and throwing me to the ground.

The next thing I knew, the coach was standing over me, suppressing my movements.

“… It looks like it’s my win.” Coach Michael smirked.

I smiled wryly and closed my eyes.

Well, it looks like I need to train a bit more.





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