Chapter 41 – A New Dungeon (3)
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Three days later.

“A spear?” My sister tilted her head curiously when she saw the weapon I was carrying. “Have you ever used a spear before, brother?”

“This is my first time. Although I used one in my dreams before.”

“How does that matter?” My little sister rolled her eyes speechless. “It’s not as though you can learn how to wield a weapon in your dreams.”

‘Actually, I can.’ I muttered that inwardly before smiling at Ley.

“Yeah, but somehow, I thought it seemed cool, so I decided to learn how to use one.”

“You are strange, brother.” Ley looked at me with a suspicious expression, but it seemed like she believed my explanation.

I heaved an inward sigh of relief and checked the spear in my hand.

This spear was one that I bought online the day the demon told me about the dungeon, and it was finally delivered today.

Because I asked for fast delivery, it arrived at my house on the third day after I bought it.

The spear was nothing special, just a normal spear made with good materials and with good mana conduction. Despite that, this spear was as expensive as a brand-new car. I wasted all of my savings and had to ask for money from my mother to buy it.

However, the price was worth it. The quality of this spear is first class, and although it can’t be compared to the weapons that top Awakened use, it’s already pretty good for a novice like me.

Even the demon seemed satisfied with it, judging by the fact that he had not criticized it harshly.

‘Fortunately, it was delivered just in time.’ I sighed in relief and checked the time.

10:40 am.

In around one hour, an undetected dungeon will appear in the middle of the city.

After I checked the spear again and was sure that it was in good condition, I put it in a container I bought for it and placed it on my back.

Then, I grabbed a bag with the supplies I secretly prepared for today and got ready to leave.

Right then, my little sister realized my strange behavior.

“Brother? Are you going out?”

I stiffened briefly, but fortunately, I had already prepared an excuse for today.

“Yeah. There is a gym in the suburbs where you can test your skills freely. I’m planning to visit it today.”

“A gym? Can I go with you?”

I froze.

Dammit, this was not part of the plan.

I hurriedly searched in my mind for a way out of this situation. Fortunately, I quickly thought of something.

“… You know that you can’t use your skills in public, right?”

Ley stiffened before putting on a pleading expression.

“Please, big bro. I promise you that I won’t use my skills.”

“Then why do you want to go with me?” I asked with an exasperated tone.

Ley pouted.

“You are so mean, brother.” She then turned around and left with a huff.

I smiled bitterly to myself and apologized to her in my mind.

I know that Ley just wanted to go out with me, but I can’t bring her with me this time.

I don’t know how dangerous this dungeon is going to be. If she comes with me and something happens to her, I will be unable to forgive myself for the rest of my life.

Apologizing to my sister in my mind again, I left home.

According to the demon, the place where the dungeon will appear is near a famous shopping mall nearby. The dungeon will appear in the square one kilometer away from it and engulf the surroundings.

That is pretty bad. According to my memories, that shopping mall is always filled with people, even on weekdays like today. In other words, there is a high chance that a lot of people will be swallowed by the dungeon.

And unfortunately, normal people can’t survive once they are swallowed by a dungeon.

“… Sigh, I just hope that not many people are there today,” I muttered to myself and walked towards the mall.

When I arrived, the time was 11:30 am. There was still a bit more than half an hour before the dungeon appeared.

I entered the shopping mall and went to a stall that sold ice cream. I was a lover of chocolate ice cream, so nobody will suspect anything if I was in the mall eating ice cream when the dungeon appeared.

Like that, noon arrived.

Just then, the demon spoke in my mind.

[Get ready. The dungeon will appear soon.]

“Is it so?” I sighed and stood up.

According to what the demon told me before, the dungeon will appear in five minutes.

Now it’s time to start my performance.

But right then, I heard a familiar voice behind me.

“Jane? Is that you?”

My body froze.

I hurriedly looked behind me, only to see three familiar people walking in my direction.

My best friend, Andrew, my ex-girlfriend, Karime, and her little sister, Jessica.

Dammit! Why are they here!?

No, I must tell them to run!

Yes, I will follow the plan. I will start to shout that a dungeon will appear. If I do that, then at least some people will manage to escape.

The Awakened Association will most likely question me about how I knew that a dungeon was going to appear, but I can tell them that it felt the same as when I was swallowed by a dungeon a few days ago. That way, they should not be that suspicious of me.

But at that moment, the demon spoke in my mind.

[I’m sorry, boy. It’s already too late.]


[I lied. I can’t allow you to risk revealing my existence. The dungeon will not appear in five minutes. It will appear in twenty seconds. Even if you start to shout now, none of the people here will manage to escape.]



[I told you, didn’t I? I won’t allow you to do anything stupid.]

My expression turned pale.

Bastard! Why did you…!?

“Jane? Are you alright?” Andrew looked at me with an expression of concern when he noticed that I was pale. Behind him, Karime and Jessica also seemed worried.

I smiled bitterly and looked at them with a complicated expression.

“… Be careful, okay? Don’t die.”


They were confused, but they did not manage to ask for an explanation.

Because in the next instant, something about the space around us changed.

Trees suddenly appeared around us, and the floor became dilapidated as the power of the entire mall was cut off.

At the same time, a violent pressure struck us.

“Ugh… W-What is this?”

“Jessica! Are you alright!?”

“S-Sister, what is happening?”

Andrew, Karime, and Jessica panicked. They looked at the changes on the mall with terrified expressions

But before they could understand what was happening, several rock pillars surged out of the ground, tearing a part of the mall apart.

“W-What is this?” Someone stuttered in fear.

I bit my lips and spat out several words with a bitter tone.

“We had been swallowed by a dungeon.”