Chapter 44 – Leaving the Mall
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“… Jane, thank you.”

When we were about to reach the entrance of the mall, I heard a very soft voice thanking me.

I looked back and saw little Jessica staring at me with a timid but grateful expression.

“Don’t worry about it. More importantly, are you alright?”

“Y-Yeah, that man just grabbed me. N-Nothing happened to me.”

Jessica said that, but in truth, I could see a red mark in the arm where the man grabbed her.

She was just a little girl after all. Even if she was an Awakened, her strength could not compare to the strength of an adult man.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened. Her mana should heal that small injury in a few hours.

Andrew spoke up at that moment.

“… Jane, are you sure that this is right? Are we really going to abandon them?”

I fell silent before sighing.

“If we stay here, all of us could die. I’m not confident I can face a horde of bloodthirsty monsters.”


“You three are my friends, Andrew. I can do nothing to save these people, but I won’t let the three of you die here.”

Andrew bit his lips fiercely.

Behind him, Karime and Jessica had complicated expressions. But they did not refute my words.

Even if they did not want to admit it, they knew that this was the only way.

I sighed again and looked at the little girl that I was carrying. She had fallen silent at some point in time, just crying silently. However, she occasionally looked behind us, as though she was trying to find her mom.

We reached the entrance of the mall a few minutes later and saw a group of people blocking the exit. But as soon as they felt my killing intent, they turned pale and moved away.

I furrowed my brows when I saw that the glass door had been locked up. However, I did not pay much attention to it and went to unlock the door.

But when they saw what I was doing, one of the nearby men panicked.

“S-Stop! Don’t open the door! A-Are you crazy!?”

Andrew, Karime, Jessica, and I were surprised, but before we could ask what was happening, someone suddenly hit the glass door.

“Open the door! Please! Open the door!”

A bloodied man appeared on the other side of the door and started to hit it crazily.

“Open it! Please! Please!”

I was stunned. For a brief instant, I did not react.

But in the next instant–


Something pierced the man’s chest.

Dumbfounded, I could only look at the monster that appeared behind the man.

A two-meters tall spider, with eight red bead-like eyes and a body filled with black fur.

It had used one of its legs to pierce the man’s chest.

“W-What is that?” Karime asked in fear, but I could not reply.

Because I noticed that the spider’s eight eyes were looking straight at us.


And the spider thrust a leg towards the glass door.





The glass door shattered instantly. It sent shards of glass flying towards the surroundings, injuring several people nearby!

But even worse was the fact that the spider could now enter the mall!

“Dammit! Karime, the girl!” I shouted to my stunned ex-girlfriend and threw the little girl to her.

Then, without caring about if she caught the little girl or not, I grabbed my spear.

[Body Reinforcement]! [Weapon Strengthening]!

With a thought, I filled my body with mana. Then, I sent mana towards my weapon to reinforce it.

These were two of the techniques I learned from the demon in my dreams. They were not enough to be called skills, and instead were the most basic ways to use mana, but it didn’t mean that they were weak.

In an instant, my body was filled with strength. Then, I charged towards the spider!

The spider noticed me as soon as I moved. It fixed its eight eyes on me and swung one of its legs in my direction!

However, it was much slower than the demon in my dreams. I did not have any problem avoiding it.

With a calm movement, I stepped aside before kicking the ground and jumping towards the spider.

Then, I thrust my spear and pierced one of its eyes!

*Screech!!!* The spider screeched in pain. Its remaining eyes glared at me in fury as it tried to bite me.

However, I stepped on its head and jumped away.

‘I can do it!’

I was a bit nervous when I first saw the spider, but now, I’m confident I can defeat it.

I don’t need to fear a monster of this level.

Holding my spear in my right hand, I charged towards the spider again!

The spider swung its legs to try to hit me, but I avoided its attacks easily. This time, though, I did not attack its head.

Instead, I ran below it and thrust my spear upwards!

The spider roared in pain again as whitish blood flowed out of its wound. I instinctively avoided the blood. After all, I don’t know if it’s toxic or something like that.

It tried to struggle and run away in a panic, but it was too late.

Before it could move, I activate one of the skills the demon taught me.

“[Lightning Seed]!”

Instantly, lightning clad my spear, surging towards the spider’s body.


A scream of agony escaped from the spider's mouth, but it could do nothing to stop the lightning. In the end, it twitched a few times before collapsing.

I jumped away so the spider's body didn’t fall on me and stared at it quietly.

When I was sure that it was dead, I sighed in relief.

Just then, I noticed that a lot of people were staring at me.

Andrew, Karime, Jessica, and the people in the surroundings were looking at me in fear, astonishment, and admiration.

“… Brother-in-law, you are so cool.”

I became slightly embarrassed hearing Jessica’s heartfelt admiration.

Also, I’m not your brother-in-law anymore.

Feigning indifference to hide my embarrassment, I spoke to my three friends.

“Let’s go. We need to get as far from here as possible.”

“B-But what if more monsters appear?” Karime asked in a daze.

“Then we simply kill them. Believe me, you don’t want to be here when these people start to lose control.” I stated.

Actually, I could hear screams and screeches coming from outside even now. I did not need to be a genius to know that the situation outside was dangerous.

But there was no other choice.

Even if the outside is dangerous, staying here is certain death.

It took around half an hour before the people in my previous dungeon started changing, but the mana in this dungeon is clearly denser.

If my estimations are right, the people in this dungeon will start to become monsters after twenty minutes or so.

Around five minutes have passed since this dungeon happened.

In other words, we have fifteen minutes to get as far from her as we can.

Otherwise, we will have to face the pursuit of thousands of human-like monsters desiring our flesh and blood.

I like zombie movies, but I’m sorry, I don’t want to be the main character of one of them.