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Sooo, first off, big thanks to Tlippoth for helping me run the last ten tentacle themed sessions of Fap Club. Gotta say, great work. The girl’s an S-class pervert, and that’s gotta mean something coming from me.

My personal faves in no particular order were sleepsack action, crotch symbiote, and of course the tentacle cum-wrestling session. Damn that was something.

Anyhow, I’m unfortunately announcing that Fap Club is going on a short ten year hiatus, because of a brand new opportunity on the mortal realm that I have to go and check out.

Remember the country with Lucky Gimp? That four city sized hyper-advanced magic kingdom right next to Shadada’s home city. Yeah, so they’ve apparently been progressing at an amazing rate, developing magitech way beyond anything anyone else in the mortal realm. Naturally, everyone wants to migrate there, but given the small size of the country, they’re in bit of a pinch.

Which is why some mega genius at their high parliament proposed and passed a law that honestly makes me think one of you pervs had a hand in this, because holy heckers… This law allows foreigners at the ages of 18-20 to apply for citizenship by admitting themselves into slavery for ten years. After spending their peak years in salvery, the applicants receive hefty compensation based on their contributions, and equal rights to any natural born citizen.

And this isn’t just any regular slavery, nu-uh.

You can opt in for full humanoid cattle treatment, that lets them treat your body like a milk maker and a breeding factory. The only guarantee you get is that after the treatment you’ll still be alive, able to move, and recover at least 80% of your former mental capacity, meaning alchemy and magic will most certainly be used to alter your body.


Was this designed for me or am I just this lucky~

Like, hasn’t everyone at least once in their life wondered, “Gee, I’d love to get enslaved into a docile human cow, used primarily for my womb and milkers, and be treated as a female object rather than the person I am.” The combination of being objectified to the level of animals is just… phew! Makes me a little hot just thinking about it. I know I have!

Now hold up! Hold your comments and read on before reporting me for being terminally perverted! Even a degenerate such as myself has ethical boundaries

Firstly, I recognize the problem of babies. I’m still only a few centuries young and totally not ready to spend my formative years teaching any poop catapults how to anything.  Motherhood would put a serious dent on my sexy times. However, I am not irresponsible enough to abandon them either. But, if I do tie my tubes, I’d be missing out on the quintessential experience! It’s a conundrum, though I do have an idea for how to make it work out.

Secondly, becoming breeding cattle is a pretty involved process. I’d be missing a decade, possibly more, to enjoy the full experience from auction to retirement. Luckily, Shadada declared that she was going on a pilgrimage to all the Temples of Ion in order to reform the religion, so she’s gonna be busy for a bit. As for Fap Club and my other responsibilities, all I can say is sorry~

Back to that first problem.

My solution is monsters.

As long as I’m bred by monsters and monstrous humanoids with no traditional mommies or daddies, I wouldn’t be committing any heinous neglect on my spawns. To ensure things would go my way, I modified the divslab rune, adding an enchantment that rendered my eggs unable to be fertilized by any of the civilized sentient races.

I also changed myself a teensy bit. My usual delightfully fully proportioned breasts and ass got reduced, giving me an overall youthful appearance of a slender 18-year old version of Ion with thigh-gap, perky upturned titties, and a naturally blessed rear.

After a quick fap, I slipped on a simple outfit of tight creme-white hot-pants and a flirty shoulderless top, and started filling my citizenship application.

Amazingly, no proof of identification is required.

And so, with application in hand and anticipation tingling inside me, little old me entered the mortal plane and approached Hallonia’s embassy. In to time at all, I sat in a luxurious office as a cute older human lady with freckled cheeks and a sharp gray suit studied my application.

Every so often, she glanced my way while I fidgeted nervously, tapping my thighs.

“Everything seems to be in order. To complete the soul signature, please inject your mana here, and here.”

I placed my finger on the instructed spots and let my now fully mortal mana flood the document. The document flashed blue in the clerk’s hand, creating a spectral copy, which she stamped, and dismissed to be delivered into Hellonia’s famed astral library. The real document was burned crisp.

“Um. What no—”

The door flung open. A muscular lady with purple arcanotech eyes smiled at the gray clerk. “Ma’am.” And at me. “Hey there.”

“Perfect timing. Miss Ratz to grading and processing. Miss Ratz, meet cattle slave Ion. Ion, meet processing officer Ratz.”

Wow. Efficient.

“Oooh.” Miss Ratz’s eyes drew wide. “Welcome to Hellonia. Right this way then, let’s get you shipped yesterday.”

I chuckled, falling behind Ratz.

“Cute outfit by the way.” She glanced at my legs.

My voice was smaller than usual. “Ah. Thanks.”

“Nervous? That’s alright. Cattle slavery, that’s whoo wee… That’s some choice you’ve made, little miss, I’d be hella nervous too if it was me in your skimpy little shorts. Word of advice, try to enjoy the ride and get in touch with your inner masochist as quick as possible, life’s gonna be an intense down-hill slide for for your next few months, but it’ll even out, eventually. Right. Might as well get the basic questions out of the way, while we walk, you a virgin?”

“Ah… Uh.” She was talking almost too fast for me to follow. “No.”

She laughed. “Lucky bastard, whoever got the dibs on you. Medical conditions?”

Officer Ritz queried me every question that I’d already written out in the application. Guess she was too lazy to read. Few long hallways and staircases later, we arrived in a cool warehouse-like space underneath the embassy.

My panties got hot the moment I saw the fate that awaited me.

Girls and dickgirls queued to climb into a cage at the back of a large magitech wagon, where an officer of Hellonian military affixed their steel collars to loops on the walls and their ankle restraints to a loop on the ground. Wrists clasped behind their backs, all they could do was squirm and grunt as they were packd side-by-side like sardines in a can, if sardines were sexy, naked, and obviously horny.

Not a single dick-girl cock was limp and not a single pair of thighs was dry across the myriad races bound on that transport. A few girls were exchanging excited chatter. In one corner, a drae futa was trading sloppy tongues with a pale human bound next to her. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to their next ten years.

“Clothes go there,” Officer Ratz pointed at an overflowing trash-can. “Just stand there on the x, when you’re ready. Hey, Tina, bring me a set of shackles!”

Whilst she chatted with the other officer, I shimmied out of my garbs, and took my place on the x, covering up my smooth slit and nipples as they stood erect from the chill.

Ratz whistled, grinning. “Chin up and lift your hair.”

I gathered it in my hands and held still as the larger woman moved behind me. Her hands reached to cop a feel of my breasts, tweaking to draw out a high-pitched moan. I heard her growl of arousal and her touch moved to my bum.

“Cock-teases the lot of you.” She set the collar around my neck and locked it tight.

I shuddered, melting inside. Centuries of degeneracy had reinforced the moment of collaring in my pervy little brain, turning it into that moment in the ritual, where I went from being a free subby slut into someone’s property. This particular choker was one of my favorite types. Heavy, cold, and snug enough that I felt my pulse and breath press against it.


I obeyed without question, presenting my hands behind my back. Wrist shackles clasped in place and locked together, making my legs shiver.

Officer Ratz knelt and locked shackles around my ankles. She let out a whistle and a laugh. “Peed yourself or is all that your horny juices?”

“P-? Ah… H-horny juices,” I admitted, flushing hot in my cheeks.

“That eager to become a cow, huh. Well, suppose it takes a weirdo to sign up, so dunno how it comes as a surprise every time. Alright, lift your chin, I’m gonna tag your ear.” Officer Ritz took my chin in her large hand and lifted a stapler-like device right next to my face.

My pulse quickened as it closed around my earlobe.


I bit back a squeal of pain, earning myself an encouraging pat on the cheek. “There there. Now lets see which tag you get.”

She lifted an odd arcane scanner from the table and pricked my arm with it. I stood there, naked, horny, and a little anxious, as she hummed some song while waiting for results to appear on the scanner’s screen.

“C-plus total score. Good health. B+ grade milk production. High fertility, but…” She squinted, then shook her head. You’ve got some weird ass magical genetic anomaly, little girl. Scanner says your eggs have way too wild magical energies to make breeding safe. Lucky you, makes you unable to catch from regular cocks. Know what that means?”

“N-no?” I met her gaze and shrank under the all devouring lustful hunger in her eyes.

Officer Ritz leaned closer, her fingers pressed against my mound, copping a feel of my entire sex. “Means we can have some fun before you’re sent off, C-plus. You’ve got a two day ride ahead of you and that’s a looooong ride for a horny little things like you. Easier to pass the time if you spend first quarter of it knocked out from pleasure. You ever had a futa-cock before?”

I suppressed another moan as her fingers rubbed me. “Mh, y-yes.”

“Thirsty little one, aren’t you. I’m gonna file your horns down now. Once that’s done. You’re getting a cum stuffing.”

She led me by my soon to be gone horn and had me crawl onto a padded table, face up. Officer Ritz took out mana reinforced pliers, and with two clips, snipped my horns. It hurt a little, and I let out tiny yelps each time, earning myself a little head-pat and some calming cooing. I caught a glimpse of myself once the cut-offs were filed down.

Tiny little nublets peeked through my silver hair. My face looked more like that of a lilac elf than a drae.

“Uppsy daisy~”

“Ghah!” I kicked, jingling my chains, as Officer Ritz hauled me over her shoulder. She smacked my ass with an open palm loud enough to compete with my moan.

“Officers, attention! Lock your slaves down, get your pants down, and lend a cock to help me carry out a supplementary examination of this fine C-plus grade cattle slave over here. Oh, and don’t worry about jizzing in the wrong hole. This one here’s a monster breeder.”

Several other girls were locked to furniture, as the four other officers present followed Ritz and me to their break room.

Soon, I had two large human futa-cocks in my mouth, one in my asshole, one in my pussy, and one grinding against my petite breast. Musk of the dickgirls was overwhelming. Their strong arms held me suspended between them.

They took me rough and fast, like we were on a rush to finish. Officer Ritz groaned and somewhere beyond all the cocks and strong female bodies around me, I felt cum soak the cock spreading my cunny wide. I cried out my own moans of delight, neglecting the cocks in my throat as my body spasmed.

A second cock deposited its load in my ass. Third in my throat. Fourth took my cum-soaked pussy and fifth had my drooling asshole.

Each of them had seconds, and thirds, behind leaving what felt like a gallon of thick futa cum in my holes, a raw ache, and a ditzy feeling like I traipsed on the clouds.

“Alright, phew! Back to work girls.” Officer Ritz walked me by the arm and helped me up into the slave wagon.

I sat down with a lewd splat, squeezing onto the narrow bench right between a hot dark human with red eyes and a pale freckled elf. Their bodies clung to mine from thigh to hip to shoulder and there was no changing that after the officer locked my ankles and choker in place.

“Enjoy the ride, little one.” She patted my cheek.

Still buzzed, I just moaned and swayed, mumbling something to the effect of ‘Thanks for the Cock’.

I got a loooot of jealous glaring on the following trip, as a bunch of horny ass girls in chains eyed the absolute mess the officers had made of me. Can’t say I blame them. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. 

Like a little bitch I am, I grinned at them cheekily, moaning with satisfaction long after the actual satisfaction had worn off. The amount of impotent arousal in that wagon ride could’ve burned down a nation. It absolutely reeked of wet pussies, sweat, and pre-cum

. Aaand… hindsight 20/20, I did get hella horny from being bound together with thirty or so cuties. You can guess whether or not my co-slaves were supportive when I started groaning and complaining from frustration.