52 – Conclusion of the tree battle
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What's this supposed to be? Unlimited Spear Works? This guy keeps launching various spears towards me. They are physical spears, however… they're too fragile. Normally if I swing my staff around to block them they should just bounce off, but instead they actually break apart.

"Come on, Takeru!! Kill her already!"

A powerful thrust into the ground and from beneath me, more spears were launched trying to impale me. But they didn't make contact. Normally this attack would be troublesome, but for me… I'm cheating. More specifically, Kaa and Laa, although part of my staff, are still snakes. And snakes are very good at sensing vibrations. A small telepathic shout is all I need to dodge out of the way.

"Grooah!! Needle Grinder!!!"

This time he came close and unleashed consecutive thrusts. Rapidly thrusting and retracting he made spear after images. It's a decent attack, however, because he was using a spear… countering is easy. I just slammed down with my staff on it forcing it to thrust into the ground. After that a quick twist and a kick in the face sent him crashing against the tree wall.


He coughed blood, but surprisingly he didn't show signs of healing. Weird. The force behind my kick should have shattered his skull. Maybe in this state that passive ability Ruri mentioned changes its effect.

"Watch out!"

Another warning came from Kaa and Laa. But because I analyzed my opponent I was not ready to react in time. Another spear appeared from behind and fully pierced my body. If I had my 70% reduction skill active, this wouldn't leave a scratch on me. I got careless.


Dang… that hurts! For a second, it felt that my body wanted to collapse on the spot.

"Hahaha!! Serves you right, brat! That's what you get if you interfere with my plans. Although I am still vexed… to be forced to use this so early is annoying. Well, it doesn't matter. I will completely chain the hero to me and turn him into my puppet. Everything will…"

"Just kidding!" 

"What the…!!!?"

Her face was priceless. After all, I got back up like nothing happened. I removed the spear and instantly healed my wounds. Lucky for me I can regenerate even my heart if it gets crushed. A warbeast can still survive a few seconds without the heart, after all.

"Impossible… nobody can recover from that…"

"Your face is funny, lady. Don't apply normal common sense to me. It just doesn't apply. But now…"

My sweet smile turned 180 degrees into a frown.

"I'm tired of playing with you guys. I don't have time to spare for idiot people with black hearts. Although this might be overkill… Kaa, Laa… release my limiters.




Limit Break!"

The powerful surge that causes the entire tree to shake enveloped my body. As usual, when using this ability the pole of my staff disappears and Kaa and Laa wrap themselves around me, one of their heads on each of my shoulders. The blazing aura of Limit Break that raises my powers to the maximum. 

I don't need to use this much force. As I said it's overkill. But I am tired of these guys. The quickest way to beat the hero is to extinguish his remaining lives all at the same time. As for the princess… she'll know what true despair is if you don't play nice.

"Bitch princess, if I wanted, I could grasp your heart at any moment."


The princess was shocked. Nobody took their eyes off me, yet I suddenly appeared in front of her and touched her chest. The 4 guards around her were also left speechless. 

"Now stay put for a few seconds. Your punishment will come soon but first…"

I casually walked back to the so-called hero. And when I say casually, I appeared in front of him like I did with the princess. I then grabbed his head and forced him down on the ground, cracking the floor.


He tried something more spears to hit me, but as I am now, they could all be ignored. As soon as they got close to me, Kaa and Laa's eyes glowed brightly and they shattered in an instant.

"Allow me to end this for you."

A spell powerful enough to shave off all his remaining lives. Suicide soul bomb…


Gravel is a spell that you normally cast on your own soul and when triggered you generate a powerful explosion to obliterate anything in your path. But this time… I can cast it on this guy instead. The explosion will be multiplied by the number of his lives so…

"Angel's Seal!"

I jumped back and also had to cast a powerful sealing spell to contain the explosion. The last thing I need is to blow up this tree.



A bright light explosion generated and my seal managed to contain it successfully. When the smoke cleared up, naturally nothing remained. Not even his ashes.

"Impossible! You're a monster! Stay back!"

The princess started to panic. It's only natural, after the display of power. Let's just scare her a bit more. I waved my hand and a powerful shockwave was created. A shockwave that splattered her 4 guards.

"Stop! Please! I'm begging you! I'll give you anything you want. I have the power to give you anything… gold, status… just please, don't kill me!"

"Don't worry. Death would be a punishment too light for someone so rotten as yourself. However, I can't just let you walk away. You have nothing that I would want. But don't worry. I have a better idea. I'm going… to give you… a new life."