Chapter 35: A Jingye Dai for the road part 4
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Time slowly passed.

Although the weight of her gut constantly pushing her onto the ridgid dildo was vast and occasional wind making her semen filled belly churn filled her with pleasure she wasn’t desperate to stop it like many of the women around her. She didn’t thrash around or use her free hands to beat on her trophy stand or attempt to pull off her chains. In truth the only movement she really did was to look around - she did also occasionally reach climax causing her body to quiver - so as a whole she found it quite peaceful time. Something she appreciated greatly in this beautiful forest.

As for what she looked at?

The first thing to do was occasionally sneak a glance or a thousand at the black haired oni that put herself in this state. She wasn’t the only one but most women did it with hate or fear which was far different from her bashful admiration. From what she understood that woman was actually the leader of the oni thus yakuza while the black & purple haired girls were actually her children who helped with planning. Quartz appeared to just be an important servant but what was more important…

<Matriarch Ebony… Why does my heart beat like this while thinking about you. How can I feel so full just from meeting her desires and following her words. I agreed to my engagement when I thought about listening to him as my husband… I can’t even imagine having children with Han yet I can already sense countless sprouts blooming due to her plentiful seeds invading my ovaries and feel happy. I even feel excitement within my very spirit at the prospect of making something from her seed.>

Her hand trying to rub her belly button only to kind of just sink into the inflated mess while she watched the two oni daughters walk away to catch more cultivators.

<Would they like me? W-wait why does that matter!>

Her face quickly flushed in embarrassment at her own irrational thinking; she was only human.

Well other than that she did admire the forest's bounty which was easier when this high up  in the air; occasionally she even spotted the odd admirer. Whenever she spotted someone whacking it to her image she couldn’t help but offer them a smile while spreading her legs a little more however she was too embarrassed/confused to offer more. She didn’t understand fully why she enjoyed it in the first place.

Last thing she looked at was the female cultivators in the same position as her, who in her opinion, were all quite pathetic.

Even now they were brutally struggling to free themselves from being mere trophies but in the end all they did was give the occasional spectator even more fap material. She even noticed due to glancing at their surroundings that many more [Recording Jades] recorded each movement she & her fellow trophies made. To be fair to them they did try quite a few different methods including using their qi arts to attempt destroying the pillars however it was difficult to aim when they couldn’t see the pillars past their bloated stomachs. One wrong move and they’d lose a limb all the while random attacks did little to accomplish anything but make them obscenely jiggle. Not even realising that they were just giving more material to ruin themselves with - even if they escaped so what? She doubted most of their sects or families would take them back now they offer no benefits with their ‘ruined faces’ & ‘disgusting bodies’.

<I’ve never treated anyone like this before but…>

How could Jingye Dai not look down on these silly conceited women who always used to mock her and others for various petty reasons? Holding her chin high and proudly as she also gazed down on their bloated bellies while affirming the fact she’s by far in the ‘worst state’ despite adapting far better. She also couldn’t help but condescending giggle as one beside her failed quite spectacularly, ending in her having a massive (as well as vocal) organsm.

It was a girl known as {The Wind Pixie} who she had beaten easily despite being about the same age; their cultivation couldn’t be further apart though. At first she thought the girl gained more sense since they fought as she seemed to be masturbating - sliding her fingers around the edges of her honeypot or just pulling it outwards - yet that changed when Ebony’s two wonderful daughters returned to work. The fake Pixie looked around to see if anyone was watching her and upon seeing there were no visible guards she smirked with confidence again.

She quickly used her signature technique to form wings of wind upon her back where she began to flap them causing gusts of wind that made the bellies of all the women bounce around. All of them suffered under the ‘attack’ as they moaned (Jingye Dai among them since having a bigger belly only made things worse). Her fellow trophies send angry glares through their forced orgasms. Yet Pixie didn’t mind them as she slowly flew upwards to pull her gaping pussy from the penis - her earlier ‘play’ to help loosen herself even more to make this possible!

Her gaze as she flew up became conceited just like when Jingye Dai first met her; looking down on all the women while leaving the longest gaze for Dai herself.

“Maybe I’ll get help for you all if you promise to kowtow 5 times before eating dog shit {Nomadic Dryad - Jingye Dai}.” <Pixie>

“You should beg for forgiveness here and now!” <FC 1>

“Such an unfilial girl!” <FC 2>

“Her cultivation is clearly on a foundation of luck unlike the hardworking {Wind Pixie}!” <FC 3>

“I’ve always hated that fake girl; acts so uncaring of worldly matters yet has stuffed her body full of artificial stuff to attract young masters!” <FC 4>

“I heard the reason her breasts are so oversized was due to her sleeping with men since she was 11 years of age. She slept with endless amounts of men without protection leading to constant accidents. She rectified with an evil technique which got rid of her unborn children while helping increase her cultivation at the cost of natural growth.

After decades of this it left her short but powerful with her evil life techniques and obscene body!.” <FC 5>

“I’ve heard that as well!” <FC 6>

“Did you see her actions earlier - she practically drooled seeing that beast's man-thing!” <FC 7>

“Truly a floozy little girl; we can all testify that to be the case Pixie!” <FC 8>

“{The Wind Pixie} truly is wise!” <FC 9>

And on and on. Obviously those words were given by the angry woman turning their angry gazes onto Jingye instead. Letting shouts of various insults or accusations being thrown at her;  she simply didn’t care. It was true that various similar things had long been spread about her and they mostly stood uncontested since only her emotional father denied them (with violence) upon hearing them in person. Not like any actual mature elders believed such completely unfounded comments. She did wonder if she should let Pixie go however. Although they already likely had a lot of recordings of Pixie jamming her fingers into her privates for this ‘graceful’ escape…

<Would Ebony be disappointed if she didn’t get to show her off to the alliances like her daughter Onyx mentioned…>

A frown appeared on her face as she considered it.

Deciding this she looked to see Pixie struggling to fly fully off the dildo due to chains around her ankles restraining her. She swayed from side to side due to the nature of her flying while tugging on the chains causing her to keep stretching out her pussy - cum leaking down her thighs in a rather obscene manner. The girl just clenched her teeth while continuing on. But there was something interesting about those chains…

They were wood.

Abruptly the wooden shackles began to shrink causing Pixie to be pulled down - seemingly melting into the pillar itself while the pillar. The shocked girl meanwhile had no way to counter the powerful pull as she was instantly pulled back down to the base with a massive *SCHTHUD!* which echoed through the clearing. Anyone nearby had their eyes turn to look at the girl as cum continued to leak from her completely ruined cunt. Their gazes on her turned to amusement, scorn or lust and she felt each one causing her body to become red while tears formed in her eyes while gnashing her teeth. She couldn’t stop her body though as it began to tremble forcing her to moan out.

“NOoOo~! Don’t look at me - stop it!” <Pixie>

Practically snivelling in embarrassment as her pussy produced a large almighty climax which caused an explosion of Ebony's thick white & Pixies runny transparent cum to shoot out from her wide folds. All the while many of the onlookers certainly planned to make use of that scene tonight based on the look of her eyes. The wooden shackles returned to normal as Jingye Dai let go of the previously mentioned giggle which resulted in the enraged Pixie whipping her head to glare at her. Her shrill and now hoarse voice exploded, making Dai cover her ears.

“How dare you laugh at me Jingye?! It’s not like you’ve done anything to help us all, yet you have the gall to mock my attempts, maybe you want to live the rest of your life for that oni’s sadistic amusement?! Don’t tell me you fell for them or something after being defiled!” <Pixie>

This caught her by surprise but not for the ‘right’ reasons.

<Have… Have I fallen in love? Would I be happy living for matriarch ebony? Well and her children since I wouldn’t want to take their mothers love from them… Ah~ what am I thinking I’m acting like a little girl! No wait, a little girl wouldn’t think about their crushes children, would they?
Plus it’s not like it was being defiled that made me feel ‘strange’... It was that tug on my very being that called me to her… Something more quintessential than the mere illusions of the physical has led my actions to be fulfilled by Ebony…>

While such thoughts were going through her head the female cultivators were living up to their stereotype by constantly bickering. Of course, the source of all their snide remarks were her while calling her the worst things she could imagine. Constantly calling her every name in the dictionary - her obviously not being bothered by them only caused them even angier. Compared to snarling beasts approaching in the dead of night (a common occurrence) this was nothing.

With closed eyes she silently studied the state of her body as she began to circulate her energy in a pretty standard manner… Only to discover something very curious about herself. Her core was actually sucking in the cum to greatly enhance her cultivation! Well that wasn’t exactly right as it was due to her cultivation technique which she hasn’t really given a name. If put simply she’d explain it like duel cultivation with nature itself though since that was technically just a concept it was commonly understood as duel-cultivating with life force & vitality which wasn’t incorrect at all.

She was doing that with the mountain of ‘pure vitality’ that had been stuffed inside of her in a ‘natural manner’ leading to what can only be called enlightenment. The bountiful amounts of energy provided to her from Ebony’s baby-butter literally filled her body with loads of new life causing even the creator of the technique great surprise. Jingye Dai quickly controlled herself though as she felt joy in her new findings while the air around her began to sway, gaining the attention of all the nearby people who knew fine well what this meant.

“Don’t tell me the reprobate is actually about to break through!” <Pixie>

“How could she possibly focus on cultivation in a state like that?!” <FC 1>

“It must be true that she duel-cultivates like one of those depraved cultivators!” <FC 2>

“*Snort* Just like her I would hardly call them cultivators of justice; evil women with evil cultivation techniques!” <FC 3>

“Say, she’s so obsessed with those swamps and disgusting forests… Do you think it’s because she cultivates with beasts? I mean she even has those tamed beasts around doesn’t she use her body to seduce them!” <Pixie>

“It would make sense…” <FC 4>

“Didn’t her hymen break unlike yours though?” <FC 5>

“H-hymens don’t just break through illicit acts!” <FC 4>

“Exactly!” <Pixie>

As should be expected of a true cultivator she ignored the comments; especially the dumbest ones from Pixie. Instead she focused on ensuring a successful breakthrough yet that was easy enough with the overflowing energy as the air burst around her as she successfully broke through to the 7th and final stage. Of course, the force caused those bickering women to quickly shut up and clutch their bloated stomachs as they sloshed around causing their bodies to release their pempty up juices once more.

That wasn’t enough to distract Jingye Dai as she continued to consolidate her breakthrough which was very easy; she already had a strong foundation yet the gallons of cum seemed to make that even stronger. She had nothing better to do though so she just continued to cultivate with that cum acting as an even better support than [Spirit Stones]. Once again the unusual girl didn’t even realise the profound degeneracy of her act… Still her cultivation soared so much that it took mere minutes to reach the peak of her ream and beyond until…


The sky above seemed to rumble as white clouds formed above glittered with indigo sparks of lightning. All the while a constant primordial rumbling signalled the birth of either a new {Pseudo-Immortal} or corpse. Once more the air around Jingye Dai became chaotic while the cultivators who badmouthed her once began to shiver and grow pale. What did becoming a {Pseudo-Immortal} mean? It meant being a well respected overseer of the world; an elder who could destroy nations with a wave of their hand! Not to mention that Jingye Dai had managed what took many genius’ centuries if not millennia to accomplish in a matter of minutes!

Even the napping Ebony had to open her eyes in surprise before a toothy grin appeared on her face upon seeing who it was. A mere {Pseudo-Immortal} meant nothing to her if they took ages to just achieve that… Yet one that managed to do it as young as {The Nomadic Dryad}? Ebony would likely kill her before she could become a threat if she didn’t seem to like the girl - she was the matriarch afterall. Very rarely did she not just instantly do what she felt was for the best so maybe it wasn’t only Jingye Dai feeling that strange tug on her heart?

A voice of descent soon rose from the crowd of frightened female cultivators.

“I don’t think she’ll be able to succeed - she’s made no preparations at all and is literally in the nude on top of a wooden stake!” <Pixie>

The others began to open their mouths to continue the normal pattern in this situation however the Ebony haired Oni who had caused all their suffering appeared in front of Pixie. Her fingers came out from her side to land in Pixie's open mouth - said hand having previously played with Jingye Dai juicy cum covered pussy. All she could do was shiver while Ebony’s over hand reached out to slap her fat belly to make her moan onto her hand.

“Got a big mouth for a weakling haven’t you? I wouldn’t worry about that girl though since she’s tougher than many of our brats let alone double-backers like you! Those snow white clouds and indigo lightening means {The Sovereign of Storms} recognises this girl as the highest of all {Daughters of Heavens} which means all of you may as well be trash. She’ll be getting the good shit to temper her body to the max.

Now suck my fingers like you would my dick goon!” <Ebony>

She nodded her head fearfully before her head began to bob back and forth. Sliding those fingers in and out of her throat while her cheeks began to sink in due to the force. Like an expert she didn’t stop there as her tongue began to flick around the fingers in short but strong strokes while occasionally pulling back so only the tips were in her mouth. From there her tongue flicked across the tips of her fingers - despite deepthroating the cum covered fingers no gagging noises came revealing it was hardly her first time doing something like this. The girls wanted to talk about the strangeness of the ‘inexperienced girl’ but who would dare say anything when Ebony was there?

“For someone talking a lot of shit earlier you certainly know your way around a dick don’t you Tea-girl? Didn’t even gag so you must really enjoy little Dai’s and my cum. You sure look like you did so I would be mad if you ended up fak-“ <Ebony>

Before Ebony could finish {The Wind Pixie} rapidly nodded her head with fearful tears in her eyes filled with submission.

“You're lucky it’s time or I may have made that belly pop brat.” <Ebony>

With that threat leaving the confident girl shivering - unloading her bladder onto the floor below however nobody (other than the yakuza in the distance) mocked her for that. Ebony just gazed at those clouds before turning her gaze down upon the girl. Something inside her wanted to shield that little brat from the pain she was about to experience… That was only for a second of pity since her inner oni soon made it clear this pain was a good thing!

Meanwhile the cause of the surrounding chaos seemed to be the only one able to ignore it with her eyes closed tightly. She did feel Ebony’s gaze on herself but that seemed to only recharge her ability to focus even more on her breakthrough! It didn’t take long for indigo coloured lightning to fly down from above to flow through her as a moment later the powerful *BOOM* followed shortly afterwards.

Jingye Dai felt that shock filtered through every nerve, every meridian and even spirit branch she had purified everything that there was to purify. As well and good as that sounded there was an almost unbearable pain that was completely incomparable to a mere broken hymen making her tremble. Despite that pain she didn’t scream but clenched her jaw & fists while powering through the whole process.

This willpower seemed to quickly be paying off as she felt something knew develop inside her mind; something ethereal but an important indicator of a Spirit Elder Realm Cultivator. The Spirit Sense had already condensed and showed she had broken through which was congratulated with another (bigger due to higher realm) burst of wind… It didn’t stop there though as neither did the storm overhead. The thick cum inside her literally appeared to be boiling as it churned around and her realm slowly increased while the vitality left the seed to greatly strengthen her Spirit Sense to abnormal levels.

Another bolt of lightning coming down made a large amount of vitality leave the sperm which in turn made Jingye Dai frown at the loss of possible children. Regardless she didn’t stop the process as she couldn’t; in a way she simply let nature take its course. A total of 9 bolts came down leading to all that bountiful vitality used up but as a result even her unrefined spirit sense was far beyond what should be possible. She had also managed to break through to the 3rd stage while her foundation couldn’t be any stronger.

All the girls around just looked at her in fear while feeling the terrifying aura coming off her due to her not yet being able to fully control her overwhelming power. The oni matriarch meanwhile just eyed up the girl while stroking her chin yet what thoughts she had in her mind was beyond anyone else. Well, anyone except the 7 foot woman stood just around the edge of a building in the distance; her eyes closed and a soft smile on her face. Ebony seemed to notice the woman after a few seconds and quickly turned her head to gaze but on consideration did nothing…

As strong as she was, she wasn’t arrogant enough to pick a fight with a real monster if that monster meant no harm!

Luckily that ‘monster’ seemed to have seen what she wanted to see as she simply walked back around the corner where she completely vanished from Ebony’s perception. Letting out a long breath she didn’t know she held Ebony shook her head while turning to glance at Dai once more only to see her not opening her eyes. She wasn’t worried about that since the girl was obviously trying to get a handle of her newly improved abilities - with a lingering gaze the matriarch finally returned back to her place without bothering the supposed human.

A definition she doubted while she thought on the words of her youngest daughter before she headed off; ‘strange lifeform’. If Violet fucking Indigo who rules over the reality spanning {Demon Realm} calls you a strange lifeform there is nothing else to it. Still, since the always curious Violet wasn’t dissecting the girl she assumed she was interested in her more than her body so Ebony just left well enough alone… No other reasons.

Ignoring all that like usual Jingye Dai just focused on reigning the chaos in while ignoring all the stuff around her. A large part of the oppression she was developing was the Spirit Sense being in a state which was akin to a baby unable to control their limbs. In such a state any movement the baby makes will cause those limbs to just fly around while if they do nothing gravity will do the work - Spirit Sense isn't typically affected much by gravity though. Like that a good few hours paused as she quickly learned to control her powers.

At some point her eyes opened as she felt many little legs crawling up from her ankles to up her legs. Looking down her face soon beamed as she spotted the familiar figures of Spood & Cebal clammering up. The stupid centipede wasn’t a delicate or subtle creature though as it lept from her thighs onto the wooden pillar leading to it’s legs climbing up her privates then belly which was a… Strange experience if not actually that bad. Spood just leapt onto her arm from the thigh to climb up to her shoulder like usual.

“Wel-” <Jingye Dai>

Unfortunately a shill voice entered her ears once more.

“Wait, your attribute allows you to control wood and stuff  as well right?! Couldn’t you free us all then with your cultivation protect us as we escape!” <Pixie>

<How… How did she forget that when I fought and won against her. Even the title I was given compares me to a wood spirit. To forget the abilities of an opponent she’s lost to… How did she make it this far on her path?>

Even if Jingye Dai wasn’t your typical cultivator she still knew the general story beats to know how shockingly dumb Pixie exposed herself to be.

That brought attention from all the surrounding girls back onto Jingye Dai with clear hopes in their eyes hoping for the benvent girl to help them. Still, she had no intentions to escape in the first place and although she helped those she could… This wasn’t exactly a situation where it would be kind to help these women. It would be stupid to think these women deserves her help plus she didn’t think they really needed it. They had already proven themselves of terrible character after using them slandering her enmasse as a possible favour - she didn’t want to help such cruel people.

“No.” <Jingye Dai>

“W-wait you can’t” <Pixie>

<She really can’t remember… I feel like I’m bullying a child now despite her being a couple years older than me. Well she was also the one who started the act of saying disgusting things about my person to besmirch my face… Well if I have one? I don’t really attend many of those sect events for genius to brag to each other.>

“No, I won’t help any of you because you’ve been unreasonably mean to me on every possible occasion. To put it in a way you would all understand ‘it offers me no benefit to help you so why would I’. Plus it’s unlikely for any of us to die as long as we listen to our captors while life will be much worse if we return to the alliance…” <Jingye Dai>

“What do you mean you won’t help?! Are you siding with the demons!” <Pixie>

“No wonder the oni defended her…” <FC 1>

“Not only that, did you see how she acted when she was being defiled?” <FC 2>

“You don’t think she’s been a secret supporter all this time - maybe her whole family?” <FC 3>

“We did think she may be an evil-cultivator but since she had bug pets maybe it was actually a demonic cultivator all this time?” <FC 4>

<*Sigh* Human nature in its own ways is so predictable; whatever doesn’t do as they wish must be evil while everything of worth needs to be in their hands. If someone you don’t like is stronger than you they must have cheated. No matter how many of their people mortals kill it is only moral vengeance which is truly just.>

In her opinion that summarised most of the points that formed a mortal; humans especially suffered from this doctrine. These ‘fellow {Daughters of Heaven}’ proved this point in her mind as they acted as if it’s their divine right to be superior just because they were blessed with a little more talent than most. However her being younger yet stronger than them all while refusing to conform to their beliefs led to her clearly being maliciously diabolic.

Proving their bias’ the girls continued to sling their mud without thinking for a second that they only reduced their chances of being saved. They were far too irrational with the constant stimulation and failed attempts being followed by even more stimulation. Soon someone took it one step further as they gathered qi into their outstretched palm.

“[Stone Bullet]!” <WC>

Then like a drip in a dam quickly becomes a river so too did that one attack lead to a quick swarm of qi based attacks coming flying towards her. Maybe if it was before her cultivation increased she would be worried and all but now she was a Mid-Spirit Elder.  In return to the barrage of attacks she just closed her eyes again before simply guiding her Spirit Sense to grip the attacks.

This usually would cause damage to any other spirit sense since the foundation their senses were built on wouldn’t be able to support them trying to control such a chaotic force until their cultivation was far stronger than spirit elder even for these attacks… Yet hers was so overwhelmingly stable there was nothing to shake. Dozens of active qi-attacks hovered in midair while the women could only look on in abstract horror while they tried to compute what happened.

Meanwhile Jingye Dai did have a problem with doing this…

“What should I do with all this qi…” <Jingye Dai>

Luckily she was in no hurry to get rid of them as another unique benefit to her spirit sense was the cost of using it being negligible if existent at all. She would actually need to figure out some way to make use of her Spirit Sense at this point! Those girls also certainly made no more attempts to attack her.

Soon it appeared the two daughters finished up as a small purple haired girl approached while dragging a large intimidating muscle man by the scruff of his neck. She tilted her head at the mass of attacks while those adorable eyes of hers blinked upon moving to study Jingye Dai. Despite the oni’s typical inability to sense qi she seemed to instantly be able to tell that Jingye Dai was stronger.

<Is it instinct perhaps?>

“Violet sweetie, get rid of all that will you?” <Ebony>

The little girl just nodded as she went ahead and threw the man across to her ‘work area’ as she wandered over to the mass of attacks. Despite knowing the girl was likely still stronger than hers she couldn’t help but worry a bit so she decided to bunch them all together before pulling them away from the girl and maybe throw it away. Before she could go through with the latter, however, Violet vanished in purple flames before appearing already mid swing with her kanabo as that mass of qi attacks completely collapsed surprising Jingye Dai. What was more shocking is she knew for a fact that her Spirit Sense should have met the same fate yet the girl seemed to expertly control the ability of that weapon.

Violet didn’t hang around as soon the screams of the man continued on while Onyx & Quartz returned with three girls this time.

Wasn’t too hard to guess the fates of those girls as the next set of trophies yet Jingye Dai still decided to waste some time watching the entire process. Compared to her own there was far more… Screaming involved. It seemed Ebony enjoyed them (though not as much as with herself obviously) though. Still at the end of the day three more trophies were on display upon their very own pillars. She herself didn’t know that her mere presence made things far swiffer since the girls were petrified upon finding out even a Spirit Elder was captured and displayed though with a bigger gut no doubt because she fought back!

It also appeared that since all the pillars had a trophy sitting upon them now while the men given to Violet… Well they wouldn’t be complaining about their treatment at least? Ebony got dressed and headed off while Jingye Dai just quietly enjoyed her time in far more silence than previously since all the girls were terrified. Not just of the oni but now also of her!

Whether they liked it or not they did occasionally treat the yakuza outpost to the sound of their moans though.

Ebony & her daughters meanwhile worked on the next step of their little ‘plot’.

A plot which would make Dealmaker Tyrant shed tears.