Chapter 35: A Jingye Dai for the road part 5
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It was time.

Several hours had passed as it was now morning of the next day. Throughout that entire time the female cultivators all were forced awake with heated breaths as there wasn’t a second where their extra weight stopped pinning them down on those wooden Ebony cocks. The ‘worst of it’ occured whenever a wind blew by or one of the guards decided to slap their bellies for shits and giggles.

From those little actions the cum inside their bellies would all slosh about leading to a large amount of thick liquid sloshing in their privates in a chaotic manner. It wasn’t something even the more ‘accepting’ Jingye Dai could get used to… She also seemed to be the most popular target of the harassment though the men/women began to slowly pile up a bunch of [Spirit Stones] atop their bellies. When Dai asked it was apparently ‘payment’ so she began to thank them with a smile after each slap leading to constant ‘tips’.

It wasn’t the only thing they paid for as they also masturbated right in front of them woman till they climax - many women screamed and tried to pull away from the disgusting fluids. Obviously they couldn’t get away from it while the movement only brought them more ‘suffering’ leading to them ‘screaming’ even louder. Per usual the new {Pseudo-Immortal} could only shake her head with a sigh.

<They already have bellies stuffed with far more potent seed yet still are so scared of touching more of it? I wonder if it at least makes for good recordings for whatever matriarch Ebony has planned for us… I really can’t stop looping back to her will.>

Still she received quite a lot of attention from the male & female night guards - some rubbing their parts against her accessible feet - making it basically impossible to sleep. Luckily even a newbie cultivator could last a couple days fine with no sleep let alone her who is likely one of the youngest Spirit Elder’s in known history. Not to mention she even was quite wealthy… Well she was always wealthy due to her parents but wealthy with her own ‘work’!

Feeling a bit sticky and smelling slightly funky was nothing to the satisfaction of making ends meet with your own efforts; like a rabbit finding a lettuce field!

As morning arrived so did the members of the {Little Hannya Family} with refreshing smiles on each of their faces. Those faces sadly weren’t visible for long as all three of the oni placed their organisations iconic bamboo hats upon their heads. A strange crystal devine with formations etched into it was in the matriarch's left hand while the right held a more standard kanabo compared to that of Violet - Onyx obviously still having that ever familiar staff with her at all times.

While the two daughters topped before the field of trophies Ebony took a calm stroll through it before she began to speak; all heads turning to her.

“Good morning bimbo brats, thanks for keeping our hardworking guards nice and relieved during the ni- Huh. You really were popular weren’t you, little miss {Nomadic Dryad}! Did you enjoy last night bwahahaha~?” <Ebony>

Of course, the person she stopped in front of and began poking the privates with her slender index left finger was Jingye Dai. The girl whimpered at the pounding of her crimson clit but she didn’t struggle. Instead a bashful little grin worked its way into the sides of her mouth.

“Y-yes your servants were really generous and nice to me Matr- miss oni.” <Jingye Dai>

Meanwhile in her head.

<Awwwa~ I accidentally used her proper name which I’ve only heard spying on her during their conversation yesterday. Will she think me rude or a useless person for listening in on her? I hope she doesn’t decide to kill me for being so rude… I don’t think she’s nice though she does need to keep appearances up for her pack.>

She wasn’t even scared of being killed so much as not being able to see Ebony. Even then she was mostly fine with it as long as her death ended up being somewhat useful to Ebony even if it was only as an example to her ‘pack’. Every group of animals with a leader needed to show off their strength now and again plus she herself was the strongest by far out of the humans here.

Those thoughts while not completely unfounded weren’t the result of her disrespect though.

“I bet they were with how much muck you have on those little toes of yours - seems you made some boys & girls very happy last night so I’ll have you get a front row seat. Well today you girls will have the option to maybe return to your mortal world if they’d accept your foul bodies or stay here with us. Of course we’ll be bringing you to see them as you ar-” <Ebony>

“I-I chose to stay here under the Yakuza!” <Pixie>

Many voices ‘eagerly(?)’ yelled out their support for the screechy girl's choice though it was clearly for one single reason… If they were seen like this it wouldn’t matter if they returned as their future as women would be cut off. Nobody wants to marry a woman who’s been defiled to such an extent while their sects & noble families wouldn’t want ‘dishonourable women’ as it would look bad on them.

The Oni had been categorised as demonic by the members of the very alliance they previously supported. To support a woman who had been transformed into a oni breeding factory but be the biggest loss of face. For many cultivators face was far more important than their own lives so those same female cultivators held no idealistic beliefs that their prior bonds would help them out. Ebony merely smirked as the women all voiced their loyalty (though nobody believed their true loyalty laid elsewhere) and Jingye Dai giggled softly.

<They really had no clue they’ve been recorded all this time? I’m assuming matriarch Ebony is less interested in black mail and more interested in creating discord. Making sure everyone sees our state won’t only ensure tensions as they reaffirm their bias but will make others begin to doubt the ability of the leaders…>

And sure enough…

“Then as loyal brats of the yakuza it’s your ladies first job to show off your defection in front of the head camp; don’t worry we’ll make sure to join you~!” <Ebony>

“No-” <FCs>

“An~d my spiritual ritual is completed - here we go~!” <Onyx>

Mother-like daughter was the only thing Jingye Dai could think; although she didn’t know for sure she had a strong feeling that the ‘formation’/ritual was long completed. Maybe even completed before they began collecting her fellow trophies yet Onyx decided to only activate it when the girls were at the peak of realisation. Various ancient scripture formed out of raw spirit on the ground - glowing in a white light before becoming onyx coloured. The blackness of the symbols began to expand before they merged together to create an inky black which they could only sink into.

In all honesty… Transporting like this wasn’t a pleasant experience if you weren’t like this due to many reasons. First of all it was cold and many of those transported were only wearing life ruining blackmail around their neck. Second it felt kind of sticky like slowly sinking into quicksand or some similar substance and third was the hardest to ignore. It was hard to explain but simply put there was no idea whether you were up, down, on your side or rapidly rotating like a spinning top as there was no point of reference to compare yourself to; for the unprepared that meant gaining a headache.

Of course, the sudden terrifying occurrence made them women who were screaming out to only grow stronger as they were now terrified, confused and orgasming as that darkness caressed their bodies. Out of the humans transported on Jingye Dai who had spent all her life studying the various organisms that were, could and had been able to recognise the arts Onyx made use of... The [Shinto Spiritual Arts] practised by the Fox Dens and truly mastered by the legendary [Nine-Tailed Fox] who were always a confusing species.

They worshipped no gods as powerful beasts who were unparalleled in the use of techniques & arts to the point that if they were able to merge multiple skills together despite how impossible it would seem to humans. Despite that they also pioneered the [Shinto Spiritual Arts] which were able to be greatly enhanced by mixing holy power to produce various powerful rituals that could bring dismay to even Topplers (or rather the Primordial Gods back in those days). This made many believe in hindsight that they either had splinter groups that were purged when the gods were or were always evil in nature; capturing minor gods for resource gathering…

However through adventuring through many places Jingye Dai did interact with quite a few fox dens, managing to get a conclusion far closer to the truth; nature itself is divine. Unlike many beasts the [Nine-Tailed Fox] never abandoned their dens thus despite their cunning nature they always held profound respect for the world itself. While other {Spirit Beasts} made empires the foxes deepened their connection to the world while other beasts abandoned it leading to them developing arts to help protect them.

Through protecting the natural order they were rightfully given their holy power from nature itself while they also sealed many beings (including gods) who threatened that order. Being as cunning as they were though they didn’t waste those imprisoned thus many of their rituals used  their immortal captives as a living battery to often also power the very formations which sealed them as batteries… The gods also hated them for this connection though they never fully abandoned their roots as demons leading them to become the loyalist vassal which tended to the cycle of reincarnation among other matters.

If Onyx was able to use such powers then that could only mean…

<So matriarch Ebony’s daughter isn’t actually a pure-blooded oni like you’d assume but actually a hybrid with a [Nine-Tailed fox] bloodline! She still seemed to have inherited some of the Oni strength but it explains why she didn’t shatter that man's skull with her stave… Though having the bloodline yet no understanding of the rituals wouldn’t help so Ebony’s family must really be ancient to have such things. Could it be that she descends from the [Shuten Bloodline]?>

It really was an interesting thing to consider while also revealing a lot about the Oni.

Even if she constantly ‘bullied’ her daughter it was clear that Ebony held her capabilities in high regards while none the the people she saw ever spoke ill of the ‘hybrid’. Contrary about that many of the guards who were guarding/drinking around the trophies spoke about how they would be “truly unbeatable with the unblockable offence of their Ojou-sama and unconquerable defence of their Hime-sama” which based on how much everyone clearly loved Violet showed a lot!

It could be said she was well respected but her lax personality led to people treating her more casually than they would a sect elder in mortal culture. Either Way it was far better treatment than a ‘half-blood’ would get in many parts of the cultivation world. If humans could be racist against the Phoenix what chances did other Beasts have?

As interesting as the history of the beasts may have been, it only took seconds for them to traverse enough distance to arrive at their destination.

A destination that all of the female cultivators remembered quite vividly - usually they would feel great safety here yet they felt nothing but dread now. On the average day they would feel proud to be standing in front of this camp, excited they may catch the eye of some important cultivator, yet now they hoped nobody would look to find them. After All this was the camp of the leaders of the cultivators alliance against {The Oni Village} and many of their fathers, brothers and finances were among these people. They could only hope that nobody spotted this debauched display…

Jingye Dai meanwhile just looked on at the camp with a tilted head.

<As expected of a collection strongest cultivators of their generation; their spirit sense have already picked up on our presence here…>

“I’ve hidden the jades mom~.” <Onyx>

“Mmm.” <Ebony>

The only reply the hardworking daughter got right now was a halfhearted nod as her mom focused on a different girl.

While the {Nomadic Dryad} was thinking about Onyx, Ebony poked her right on the swollen clit making her let out a cute little yelp. The matriarch just giggled while smiling warmly at the girl's adorable but abnormally giant  jiggling belly, thighs, butt and breasts… The first one's abnormality was her fault yet Ebony didn’t worry about that seeing that the girl's attention was all on her.

Exactly where it should be.

“Say, lil’ miss Semen, you were part of a big bunch of merchants weren’t you, what did they do again? Get any training from them?” <Ebony>

“Ah, yes, we are the number one producer of high quality cultivation resources with a strong focus on sustainability. We have many synthetic alternative parts that can accomplish the same job if not better than some of the rarer or immorally acquired beast parts. Other than synthetic we also worked quite hard in sustainable yet friendly farming of unintelligent, perhaps genetically modified, beasts that can also be used as alternatives. On top of that we also offer the same for many rare plants - I’ve also helped out a lot with my parents' work including…
…” <Jingye Dai>

Ebony couldn’t help but blink a few times in surprise under her veil.

Even now the girl in front of her was happily spouting all about the different accomplishments her family had accomplished. These range from progress in reproducing the effects of a {Phoenix Tear} with the help of {Fuyou Branch - Imperial Phoenix Academy} to her helping her mother convince a certain alchemy group to switch to them as a supplier. Though Ebony had to admit this girl's family had great prospects if even the flaming chickens showed such interest in them to offer their tears.

One must understand that even though it appears as if it’s simply a ‘small branch’ (compared to the whole) offering support of a local tycoon it was far from that. The {Phoenix Tears} were a closely guarded item which rarely was seen on the market in their pure state; even she as the matriarch of the {Asura Yakuza} would have to bow her head for one. Despite that a ‘mere branch academy’ managed to supply a few?  That meant at least one member of their royal family or a {Three Legged Golden Crow} likely saw worth in the ‘little human merchant’ even if they didn’t say it out loud.

And the Oni had to agree that those flaming turkeys were right with their assessments.

“Huh, a group like yours actually is a pretty big deal… Hah~! No wonder all these brats kept glaring at you all night and day!  Not only are you cute, strong and sexy but you have a family of immeasurable wealth that will no doubt be around for a very long time. Absolutely none of those death fearing fools constantly chasing after immortality wouldn’t see the worth in your family line so you really are my highest quality trophy bwahahaha!” <Ebony>

While happily guffawing she flicked that plump bean up and down making Jingye Dai make that all familiar ‘O’ while giving a cheeky little squirt on the crystal clutched between Ebony’s other fingers. It also just so happened that this was the moment where a load of different men in many different shapes and shades of robes all stepped outside the camp. They had a regal & overbearing aura coming from their calm faces. Walking at a resolute pace only to freeze upon seeing the sight…

They were all well informed people who had many people under themselves; they knew what the {Jingye Noble Merchant Family} was. With that they also of course knew their very talented ‘princess’ who easily claimed her rightful spot as number 1 cultivator of her generation by a large margin. Their importance in the world was shown by that single word different from every other merchant family.


The only way to get that single word placed in your name was by having your contributions to the order of the world recognised by {The Heavens}. In other words only the top power, {The Imperial Phoenix Family}, could bestow it. Since the dawn of time basically no family other than the Jiang received the right to be ‘noble’ from the Phoenix yet they were also known as the strongest family who even {The 4 Cardinal Immortal Emperors} referred to with respect.

As if the world itself agreed with {The Heavens} they also gave birth to the beyond genius {Daughter of The Heavens - Jingye Dai - The Nomadic Dryad}. A girl who’s existence alone showed up every cultivator before in the Life/Nature Attribute. So genius she did something only done by the {Martial God Cheshire} herself; while not even twenty she created her own unique cultivation technique. The technique which seemingly completely suited her.

Yet here she was under their eyes.

A depraved expression on her face as a {Female Executive} pressed her private parts making her squirt on the grass below as well as the woman's hand. To make her seem even more detestable the girl hugged her chest to stop it moving about as she quivered. The old men couldn’t even see that due to her outrageously bloated stomach that disgusting contorted due to the visibly putrid thick white seminal fluid.

She wasn’t the only one as dozens of famous females from the younger generations all had cum bloated guts with legs spread. Though despite their bellies being at least a third smaller than the far shorter Jingye Dai their privates were hidden behind their bellies.  Each and every girl was seemingly inserted atop an ebony pillar with wooden chains around their ankles with their names clearly displayed on their prison/pillar. It was clear what these girls were being used as since these men had seen many such cases at the auctions they’d attended. The irony wasn’t lost on them but neither of them found it funny…

They were trophies of war.

“S-sect master Zhengyi please save us; I’m known as {The Wind Pixie} and competed for the sect in the intersect competition for the under 50 years division!” <Pixie>

Despite their reaction to what Ebony said before the female cultivators still desperately requested the aid of their elders. Being the brash ignorant girl that she was {The Wind Pixie} was the first to beg for aid from her sect master. She even reached out and leaned forward as if it would actually help but that just made that bloated belly of hers jiggle around which certainly gained the intention of the males.Though she was just the first…

“Help me brother!” <FC 1>

“Father it’s me - please get me away from here!” <FC 2>

“Elders I ranked 234th in the last tour…” <FC 3>

“Please help me, I'm the daughter of…” <FC 4>

“I will do anything you want…” <FC 5>

“What a… Disgusting bunch of girls…” <Random Elder>

Nearly all the men seemed hypnotised by the bouncing breasts and sloshing bellies while the words the girls spoke completely didn’t register. These women  who also had [Spirit Stones] balanced on their bellies had those clatter to the floor. As calm as they walked in it was clear they were enjoying the situation somewhat as some even had their robes at their crotch bulge up (if they were big enough to do that); their own words were clearly not as honest as their bodies.  

The blonde haired sect master of {Absolute Divine Truth Sect} was the first to shake himself from his sheer shock at the scene. A deep frown etched itself onto his face as a terrible aura came off from his body as a junior he was quite pleased with before she ended up in this despotic state begging for help. This was actually quite the major loss for him as he had planned to raise this ‘pixie’ to be his consort in the future; her personality and wisdom had much to be desired. Despite that her talent was still the real deal so she would’ve made for a good vessel for his descendents even if he had no plans to let her raise them.

Even after she lost quite spectacularly to Jingye Dai he forgave her after a bit since most female cultivators who weren’t already matured desested that girl however there was no way she could serve that purpose now.

Flexing his hand a golden sword shined with a radiant aura that Violet instantly frowned at due to being forged to be anti-demonic. She could crush it in her hands but she could also crush weak people in her hands yet still hated them. Other than drawing the sword he didn’t do anything while Violet just slowly walked up next to her mommy at the front. A rucksack dripping with blood over her right shoulder and kanabo resting on the other.

“What is the meaning of this demon?” <Sect Master Zhengyi>

“*Chuckle* Only she’s a demon here you fake faced old man.” <Ebony>

While saying that she pointed over her shoulder with her sticky crystal holding hand towards the adorable little Violet who’s bamboo hat and veil just seemed way too big. Though after considering it Ebony decided it was too adorable to change; either way Violet nodded softly to her mommy’s silent instruction. Her action was simple yet effective at quickly getting all the cultivators to focus on the oni’s stood right in front of her - she threw her blood dripping sack onto the floor in front of the cultivators.

Out from the bag rolled the severed head of a male cultivator with no eyes,  tongue or brain. All having been clearly removed but none was more brutal than the brain which had been retrieved in a similar manner as one would an egg yolk. By cracking the back of the shell and dropping it out - all having been done by the little girl who looked quite proud in herself as she puffed out her chest.

“Sorry, we originally intended to bring more of the males' bodies back but similarly to you all my daughter got a bit ahead of herself after capturing so many and just kept butchering their corpses till only the thin skin on the head was left bwahahaha~!” <Ebony>

All the cultivators were looking at her now and none of them (except for Jingye Dai) were happy with her words. They all knew exactly what this seemingly brutish oni said, however a lot of them also understood the hidden meaning under those ‘innocent’ apologies. Not only was her daughter stronger than all those powerful cultivators but she was only treating them how they would’ve treated an oni. Looking at all the female cultivators it seemed they were treated how female oni could’ve been treated if they were caught… Truly diabolical in showing their own hypocrisy while even finishing it by calling them all thin skinned!

What made it feel even worse was the entire scene with the context of that sentence really did make them all far more angry!

Unknown to cultivators such anger only made Violet lick her lips with a happy expression. Her mommy really was the best at ensuring she was well fed in all regards. Not just with fresh food but with the wrathful indignation of all these fools!

“As for why were here? We were considering giving you back your people since they simply aren’t as much as our own are on the slave market… Well this Jingye Dai is actually pretty cute so I really just want to keep he bwahahaha~! If you want you can have the rest th-” <Ebony>

“Kill all those girls - you all can only blame yourselves for being used by this oni to besmirch our cause - make sure to destroy everything but perhaps their heads!” <Sect Master Zhengyi>

That cold order shocked the girls referred to into silence - especially Pixie who believed she was quite appreciated within her own sect where nearly everyone waited on her every want. Just a few days ago these men would smile at them while showering compliments on them. Yet now they were ordered to kill them? However, this wasn’t the case for the men (& the few women) who came from the camp.

All of them summoned their weapons and qi upon themselves as a plethora of attacks soon came whizzing through the air towards Ebony’s trophies. The scene caused Violet to frown as she began to lift her kanabo from her shoulder no doubt to drop back down somewhere their enemies wouldn’t like. This action was stopped as a smiling Ebony just placed the back of her hand onto her daughter's kanabo to prevent it.

Meanwhile she simply tilted her head back to look at Jingye Dai who had her eyes closed at this moment as she seemed to be thinking.

<That is why cultivation is nothing except hypocrisy then trying to cover up the hypocrisy with even more hypocrisy. That man wishes to be like the Jiang family yet his first thoughts when met with a hostage situation is to cover up that there were hostages in the first place… He really should be the head of the orthodox alliance then. Still I don’t want to die for this mans hypocrisy as dad may get tricked to do something dumb… I also don’t want Matriarch Ebony’s trophies to get destroyed as a result of him.>

With such thoughts her Spirit Sense & energies began to stir.

It felt so easy to control that it was almost as if she wasn’t controlling them at all but instead they moved all for themselves. Certainly that could be said to be somewhat true as instinct was a large part of it; however what she was about to do was indeed intentional. Her Spirit Sense reached out to stop the long ranged blitz midair however unlike last time she didn’t stop there as a lavea seemed to form around each attack. Soon through her life/nature attributes interference those larvae grew into full grown into seemingly living black & pink bees.

Bees that would die for their queen will.

Flapping their wings they shot back to the originators of the attacks with great speed as many of the cultivators panicked due to the ‘oni’ having reversed their attack on them. As the bee’s approached the cultivator who’s attacks they stored in their abdomen they turned their rears around to puncture their stingers into the cultivator. Those that were unfortunate enough to be the closest and slowest got to experience the worst bee sting of their life - instead of a venom they pumped the cultivators' very own attack back into them.

Those who were lower in cultivation than Jingye Dai couldn’t even hope to use their cultivation to protect themselves as their own attacks exploded out into their inners. Unsurprisingly many of them instantly died before realising what had happened as those that hadn’t already jumped away to dodge the attacks. Of course, these were ‘bees’ not ‘attacks’ that each were technically as quick as a 3rd Stage Spirit Elder focusing on speed while their small bodies made them far more agile.

Many more cultivators died but this time more of them had various artefacts to help keep their lives ranging from teleportation, qi shields, skin hardening, healing and many more different effects. Their effectiveness ranged as sometimes her bees managed to puncture the defence treasures while Dai was sure that some of the teleportation ones only sent a dead body due to where the bees stung the target. This was of course due to the bees soel goal in life being to fly up to the attackers to sting them; to put it simply they were akin to a 3rd stage  Spirit Elder realm cultivator focused on speed and puncturing attacks launching a suicide attack while at full strength.

Honestly, even Ebony who expected the little girl to do something was shocked by how effective this unexplored realm of entomancy only possible to this new Jingye Dai was!  

Seeing that some of their treasures were failing their allies while those insects were only getting closer made the remaining  people try to attack the bees directly… This was greatly difficult of course so many failed and died from being stung. Those that succeeded in cutting through the bugs were met with the attack they had concentrated in their abdomen  exploding outwards with the cultivators who attacked them being sent back.

Like that the men that had attacked the girls were hit by a small, quick but ironic retribution as the energy they used to attack was literally injected back into them. Of course, that energy still contained all the elements that were in their original attack. For some this wasn’t so bad leading to them not being too wounded due to being resistant to their own attributes while others got lucky with where the bee struck leaving them only missing a limb. Quite a lot were scattered around here and there… Literally.

Seeing many of those who supported him fall in such an embarrassing manner (a refused form of their own attacks) caused {Lord Absolute Divine Truth} to silently shake while clenching the sword in his grip.

Although many of the truly strong were the ones to survive there were also a lot of cultivators bellow Spirit Elder who attacked… They didn’t even stand a chance. Even many of his own disciples had been killed. What made him even more annoyed where the stupid women currently sobbing over the deaths of them people. Did they not realise it was their dumb actions of not just dying as soon as they disgraced them which caused the death of so many?!

Obviously this wasn’t the end of his bad day but just the start!

“Well considering your the only one left standing you must be the {Absolute Deva Tooth Great Sect Master - Zenmen} who is in charge of that disappointing bunch? Good luck cleaning all that up because if you don’t it’ll attract some beasts and… Well, I don’t think you have enough able bodied people left to deal with that. Oh, then again, you're a human who are known for being smarter than us meat headed oni so you must have some in reserve bwahahaha~?” <Ebony>

Through teeth clenched so hard his gums were bleeding the sect master slowly spoke out as he was experiencing so much rage his veins were literally bulging out of his forehead. Never in his long life had anyone ever dared to mock him as much as the Oni in front of him. Worst part about it was he wasn’t sure what other traps the bitch had up her sleeves. Despite being an oni as well as speaking like a thug… This woman obviously had him all figured out.

“W-h-a-t d-o y-o-u w-a-n-t f-o-u-l b-e-a-s-t?” <Sect Master Zhengyi>

Every letter is very clear due to the seemingly endless time he spent on every vowel that past his bloody lips. Ebony didn’t seem to notice the man having a hard time as she casually lifted her kanabo to tap her shoulder while lifting that crystal up in front of her. Activating it made the angry Sect Master almost have a stroke.

The crystal projected an image above it that was rather simple in design yet seeing it come from the strange artefact in her hand gave him a terrible feeling; recalling that the yakuza were selling ones just like this rather openly. In fact it had been a thing the honourable criminals had been playing with for about 6 months now leading to a lot of people (including himself) owning one for their wonderful use. It’s simplicity was simple because it was some kind of jade that simply received requested information from another location; however the yakuza had used this recent invention to make a non-physical storefront .

It starts with getting ‘logged in’ to their ‘servers’ which simply requires any energy which is unique to the user which can be obtained through qi, vitality, blood and more (some of which humans didn’t understand). This combined with the fact any energy it needs is taken in from the thing has an array which takes energy it needs to run from the surroundings - though it only connects near places with a yakuza branch - meant even pure mortals could use it. Still if it was your first time logging in you’d need to place your details in as well before you're taking to a page.

From that page there are many different sections from recreational drugs, news & information, weapons, manpower, talismans, loans, hits, assasination, intimidation, protection as well as gambling (though this one also offers the locations to partake as well as live recordings that can be bet on) - all of it could be found somewhere on the crystal. Merely requiring a few taps on the display with physical or energy based ways was all it required to get any of that. When it comes time to give payment the display will actually form a transference array - after that’s been confirmed the item will either be sent through the display or delivered to a designated place. In other words a safe method for even the most prestigious individual to deal with the yakuza without risking being found out.

They called them [Network Jades].

It was simply an obvious fact that it wasn’t an Oni invention. This jade was actually something they got the patent through a connection they had to the {Church of Voluptas} that said they got it from a young succubus prodigy. The girl had even had a rather… Lewd idea that Ebony only decided to incorporate fully into their business model now. Pure and simple pornography on demand at all times.

The [Network Jade] in Ebony’s hand just so happened to have that very new page open with a banner made from a beautiful collage of boobs and bellies. In the centre was the familiar image of Jingye Dai with a crooked smile with spread legs exposing a massive Oni cock between her legs. The head of that very same penis having freshly crushed her hymen while she waved - it wasn’t static though as Jingye Dai’s hands moved while she seemed to grind on the head while the girl's bellies were bulged out by the same oni-cock before bloating up with cum. At the end of the little animation changed to Jingye Dai ramming that cock down inside herself with that unique ‘O’ orgasming face before her belly quickly filled with so much cum that it ‘hid’ the rest of the banner leaving just her belly.

Then the words ‘Welcome’ appeared but used her stretched belly button as the ‘o’.

All the girls who watched that scene were absolutely mortified at how their likeness, no, how their bodies were used. While most of them went white with maybe a few tears there was once again the very same outlier as always. The bloated midget was instead crimson with embarrassment but instead of for the obvious reason...

<It really is embarrassing seeing myself smile and wave like that…>

Her thoughts didn’t exactly align with everyone elses to say the least. At this point the only one stone faced was Lord Zhengyi who realised he was actually lucky he didn’t kill those girls since it would be quite incriminating with these recordings of the girls… Not perfectly fine but at least alive. Meanwhile Ebony was pleased that her hard work yesterday making all those trophies worked out well while Onyx was looking on with satisfaction that was created from officially being the first one to test out the page… That was until she spotted Violet who found her way over to a random blown off head and was squatting with it between her thighs as she pulled the skull apart from the nose. Knowing where this was going she quickly ran over.

“No Violet, don’t eat that nasty cultivator, you don’t know where it’s been!” <Onyx>

Lord Zhengyi’s eye twitched but he still managed to control himself.

Ebony brought them to see the personal profiles of the girls which all had very personal information posted upon it as well as a detailed (clothed) image of them. Many clips of the ‘trophies’ making or during the night were already available with a cut out of the ‘stars cum faces’ being on the side of all recordings containing them. There were even recordings of Pixie's attempted escape and Dai’s (who was called Semen Bag everywhere except on her personal profile) breakthrough.

“As you can see we’ve already made sure the world knows these girls are safe with a possible new revenue stream since they’ll be getting a cut of all bought recordings, images and other content they make. Any clips produced with them in it will also get a cut off while the details will be left to our new elder in charge of managing the ‘talent’. Of course…” <Ebony>

A viscous grin upon her face as she scrolled just under the welcome banner once more where there was a live recordings section which only had one thing active.

“We’ll also offer our stars the ability to livestream bwahahaha~!”

What Lord Zhengyi saw made him completely freeze as his face changed to one of pure unadulterated horror. There being a live recording active alone wasn’t what truly terrified him as impressive as it may be. No, it was the millions of views on a clear recording of their current scene. There was even a helpful chat filled with pseudo-names that made people's opinions on his actions earlier quite clear.

His malicious acts had been revealed for literally the whole world to see.

This wasn’t something he would be able to hide and these women weren’t nobodies as each had powerful backgrounds themselves. While them alone would be enough to greatly damage his sect's future recruiting (especially with how he treated the well known {Wind Pixie} from his sect) but they weren’t the worst. Truly the worst was the fact he had ordered people to literally behead Jingye Dai who was part of one of the two Noble cultivation families in existence. That alone was bad; they were the quickly growing supplier of countless materials needed for cultivators!

He had cut off his arm to get rid of a cracked nail!

As one can imagine that horror quickly turned to absolute rage as he dropped his sword before quickly holding his two hands together with index & middle fingers pointed up. When this gesture finished forming the golden sword glowed a bright golden light while the amethysts embedded all along from the balde to the blade shone with divine radiance. Using his heavily refined Spirit Sense with a Peak Nascent Soul Stage along with his own mastery of the flying sword technique he sent the blade hurtling towards Ebony’s chest.

“We’ll see whether you can still set me up like this when your head is on my mantle Matriarch Shuten Ebony of the {Shuten ‘Little Hannya’ Royal Family}! One of the three royal families of old along with the {Zhu ‘Imperial Phoenix’ Family} & {Stratos ‘Beast King’ Family}. Just because your ilk vanished from our sight doesn’t mean the world forgot about you or your ill-fated ancestors.

Won’t need to for long though as I’ll end your accursed bloodline here!” <Sect Master Zhengyi>

He was confident that the oni would suffer here since this blade was a Heaven Ranked artefact that had been used to slay thousands of demons in the past. Except for those in the hands of the Topplers this [Holy Absolution Sword] was likely one of the top 10 relics in this {Mortal Realm}. Truly he was about to see some blood as oni had no way to stop a Spirit Sense so with only a bit of clever manoeuvring he should pierce the beast sending allowing the ability of the sword to take effect. The blade itself used the Judgement Dao to literally have one suffer due to their sins which an oni should have plenty of!

He made a fatal flaw though… That he was the person with the strongest Spirit Sense in the surrounding area.

The interesting thing about these types of weapons which were marked with a Spirit Sense is that they could only be used against other cultivators who had worse Spirit Sense. This could refer to a mixture of strength, range, concentration, skill and many other small factors. If your ability to manipulate the weapon fell below your opponents…

“I won’t let you.” <Jingye Dai>

They would steal your weapon from you!

“How is this even possible!” <Sect Master Zhengyi>

The proud sect master of one of the greatest sects in the world was forced to watch his weapon come to a steady stop in front of the calm Ebony. She didn’t even seem phased as the weapon came to her and even less so when it stopped right in front of her chest. Instead that same viscous smile appeared on her face as she slowly walked forward only for the sword to spin around her body before orbiting around Jingye Dai’s pillar. In shock he quickly attempted to sense her cultivation to find out she wasn’t even hiding the fact she actually managed to break through to the 3rd Stage of Spirit Elder Realm but that just made things make even less sense.

“When did she break through!? How did she overpower my Spirit Sense!? Why is she siding with those blasted Oni!?” <Sect Master Zhengyi>

He heard so many questions as he slowly stepped back but Ebony merely stopped where he previously stood. Smile on her face with an intimidating aura worth of being called the {Matriarch of the Asura Oni}. Despite not being tall she certainly didn’t tower over Zhengyi yet it certainly felt like she did - maybe if Zhengyi wasn’t constantly experiencing shock over shock he’d remember he had far more to him than a single sword. Yet at this point he could only be said to be defeated.

“Luckily for you it’s my little Violet who loves to bully people, not me.” <Ebony>

With that Onyx dragged Violet back to the trophies before the ritual from before activated once more sending them away…